South Korea Reports Russia Is Being Supported By North Korea Through Weapons!

South Korea Reports Russia Is Being Supported By North Korea Through Weapons!

The visibility of the partnership between Russia and North Korea was quite apparent recently. South Korea reported it by stating that North Korea supplied arms to Russia, thus supporting their war against Ukraine.

The top spy agency of South Korea has stated that North Korea is supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin. The intelligence officials said that there was a closed-door briefing where it was clearly stated that North Korea was trying to have a better relationship with Russia!

This contributed to increasing contentious relationships with the United States. These reports are increasingly becoming evidence, especially after the diplomatic relationship between North Korea and Russia developed. In September 2023, Russian President Putin and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un met!

This further triggered the rumors of the probable relationship that the two nations had. Currently, the war between Ukraine and Russia has led to concerns, especially for Russia, who need munitions to keep up the attack on Ukraine.

Russian technologies are being shared in exchange for munitions, especially when it is strengthening the nuclear-armed military Kim. Even the U.S. supports South Korea’s claim; however, Moscow and Pyongyang have completely deferred the suit.

They are not supporting South Korea and the U.S. regarding the claims that North Korea is transferring arms to Russia to keep them in their war against Ukraine. The lawmaker Yoo Sang-bum, who works in the South Korean National Intelligence Services, believes that North Korea is shipping arms.

It was in early August when Russia’s fights and capabilities to continue the war increased significantly, especially after North Korea started sending arms through transportation. The battle is supported by North Korea, which needs to be highlighted on an international level.

There are several shells in the supplies of Russia that have been found that might belong to North Korea. They need to be accountable for such an act!

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