Makima’s Death: Read More About The Complexity In Chainsaw Man!

Makima’s Death_ Read More About The Complexity In Chainsaw Man!

As readers, the death of Makima might be quite confusing, especially when it comes to the way she recovers from injuries that will kill any normal human being! Read more to learn about her powers and how she can cope with the regular attacks of violence in her life.

During the attack in the Katana Man arc, Makima is shot, and she falls, clearly dead! Yet after a few moments, she gets up without any harm, even with all the blood on her. She looks completely unharmed, and then she attacks her attackers.

It is just the beginning of several lethal attacks, one out of many from which Makima walks away perfectly fine! She is completely unscathed, and that is what is shocking, especially when the shooting is that severe and dangerous.

Now, we know Makima is not completely human, and her actions have an ulterior motive when fighting her opponents. The true identity of Makima is finally revealed as she is the Control Devil! Her survival story becomes clearer when there is a lack of injury, even after being attacked.

Her true identity brings to the forefront the significance of her consolidated power, along with how the Prime Minister of Japan has a contract with her! This also confirms that she belongs to a powerful position and people are involved in a powerful arrangement with her.

She orchestrates events to control the Chainsaw Man, along with trying to take away its power by creating ‘Utopia’! You can learn about the significance of her position in the way she manipulates her opponents, along with attacking others when they are violent towards her.

In her contract, there are loopholes that she uses to manipulate others for their advantage! When reading about her death, it is clear that Makima is a powerful entity who can influence others.

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