What Was The Russian Sleep Experiment? Find Out The Real Truth!

Russian sleep experiment

The Russian Sleep Experiment is one of the scariest events known to humankind, and it gives an idea about how sleep deprivation can negatively impact humans. According to urban legends, the five subjects were experimented on by exposing them to a sleep-inhibiting stimulant.

The subjects were all war prisoners. The impact of this exposure led to the prisoners self-mutilating, including disembowelment! The inhuman strength observed in the issues led to their development of resistance to sedatives and drugs.

One prisoner was already dead when they opened the sealed chamber after 15 days. The prisoners were promised to be released free if they could stay awake for 30 days while exposed to a gas stimulant. Most of the soldiers suffered from psychosis from the fourth day.

Ultimately, all the prisoners died; the last one had to be shot dead before dying, said, “I’m evil, kept in check by sleep, and resides in every human mind.” The Soviet Union has covered this incident.

What Was The Russian Sleep Experiment? Find Out The Real Truth!

what was Russian Sleep Experiment

So the question is, is the Russian Sleep Experiment real? Inspirations have been taken from the Russian Sleep Experiment movie, such as movies and books. The Russian Sleep Experiment film was written and directed by Timothy James Smith.

The film is based on an experiment funded by the Soviet Union while some Russian researchers are testing an experimental gas on subjects during WWII. The film has got 5.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

The Russian Sleep Experiment book does try to represent the urban myth of the sleep experiment even though there has not been any evidence of the same. The story is a fictional plot. However, it is written based on the Russian sleep experiment 1954 at the start of World War II.

The scary events during world war II have been taken as an inspiration to create another storyline for Dr. Roy Willis. The psychology professor, Dr. Willis, was reattempting the same experiment on the campus of UC Berkeley in 2018. The investigation then becomes the focus point of the book and morphs into something dangerous.

What Is The Russian Sleep Experiment?

Some claim the Russian Sleep Experiment is an event that never happened; however, the story still resonates among many. Isn’t it scary, yet it piques your interest? Let’s know more about this myth and decide whether it can be a reality.

Funded by the Soviet Union, the experiment was organized by Russian researchers, where five human test subjects were selected to be subjected to the experiment. The purpose was to find one of the best weapons to win World War II. The 5 human subjects were war prisoners who were mostly soldiers.

The soldiers were sealed in chambers, and gas was released constantly, which was known to prevent sleep. The point is to get a successful case so their soldiers can use the gas to win the war. However, it completely took another turn as, from the third day, the soldiers started behaving abnormally.

Jeremy Bates has written the Russian Sleep Experiment book published in 2019 by Ghillinnein Books. The book is about the urban legend that has been whispered and shared among people and is considered one of the scariest legends.

Is The Russian Sleep Experiment Real?: An Urban Myth

Is The Russian Sleep Experiment Real?

The Russian Sleep Experiment originated from a website, Creepypasta, where creepy stories are related. There might be a reason that the story does not have any truth to it because the website’s source is based on fabricated information used in creepy stories. Most of these stories are made up. Therefore, there is no confirmation that the urban legend is a reality.

The first time the story started doing the rounds was in 2010 from a Wiki page, while the username who posted the story was Orange Soda. The story includes random photos as Russian Sleep Experiment pictures from the internet, especially horrid images.

The Sleep Experiment does not have grounds for confirmation or evidence that this event happened, especially because the origin of the urban legend is from the website. When evaluating the incident based on scientific information, there is hardly any grounds for believing the story.

Based on the evaluation of the experiment, clearly it is not a possible experiment that can be performed. Sleep deprivation can be difficult and might have a significant negative impact on the human brain and body, such as hallucinations and distractions.

Considering what happened in the chamber, such as the prisoners eating their flesh, it can be difficult as they would need to focus on doing anything. Even after a few days of sleep deprivation, it can be difficult for people to focus or concentrate on something particular.

Concept Of Sleep Deprivation

The Russian Sleep Experiment highlights the significance of sleep and why sleep deprivation can damage the human body and mind. According to Dr. Hsu, nothing severe can happen if a person does not sleep for at least 10 to 11 days.

The world record that has been documented regarding a person staying awake for the longest is 11 days. This record was achieved in 1963 by Randy Gardner, who informed that he experienced cognitive and behavioral changes. However, it was nothing permanent.

  • Once you experience sleep deprivation, you will experience paranoia, memory issues, unexpected mood swings, and hallucinations.
  • You might also experience challenges while focusing. These characteristics, therefore, are related to the features shared by the war prisoners in the Russian sleep experiment.
  • The brain is the first thing that will be impacted when you sleep less, and at the same time, it becomes difficult to perform regular functions when you do not get sleep.

Impact Of Sleep Deprivation

  • There are two types of sleep deprivation, including chronic and acute sleep, where serious issues can severely impact your health, both physical and mental. For acute sleep deprivation, you might be suffering from the 48 hours.
  • Chronic sleep deprivation is more dangerous because it impacts the person’s health to a more permanent level. It is because people might be deprived of sleep for over 48 hours. If you see any symptoms regarding the same, you must visit your doctor.


Please read the article to learn about the reality behind The Russian Sleep Experiment and sleep deprivation.

Comment down below regarding your experience of sleep deprivation if you ever had one.

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