7 Reasons to Use Microsoft Power Bi

Microsoft Power Bi

Power BI is an analysis tool that allows you to view data, analyze it over the company, and integrate it into your app or software


Power BI partners a set of services and goods for individuals and teams, including business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data visualization.

Microsoft Power BI also distinguishes out because of its simplified publishing and dissemination abilities and connectivity with other Microsoft goods and services. Is it, however, the best option for your company?

Power BI Desktop is a desktop version of Power BI

Power BI Desktop is a self-service analysis of data and reports publishing solution for Windows computers that you can download for free. It can link to over 70 on now and cloud data providers to create dynamic graphics from data.

Power BI Pro is a business intelligence software

Power BI Pro is a monthly fee-based cloud-based product. The most significant distinction between Power BI Workstation and Power BI Pro is the ability to communicate with the other Power BI users and disseminate insights and visual representations to certain other Power BI subscribers around the organization.

Users may do the following tasks using Power BI Pro:

  • Visuals from Power BI may be included in Power BI apps
  • Users using Power BI may collaborate on data, dashboards, and reports
  • Integrate with Microsoft’s other products, like Azure data services
  • Make a workplace
  • Make peer-to-peer sharing possible

Take a look at the latest seven reasons why businesses all around the world select Power BI for self-service and corporate business analytics.

Power BI partners also provide you with the tools you need to conduct a more strategic examination.

1. Connecting your data is simple

Power BI makes it simple to integrate all your data into one place for easier access, organization, and transparency in the reporting efforts. Out-of-the-box, the tool supports up to 70 connections, allowing organizations to import data from various popular cloud-based sources.

2. The Analytics and Business Intelligence

Platforms recognize Microsoft as a leader for the thirteenth year in a row.

3. Visuals that are both custom and open-source

Power BI has a range of pre-built basic data graphics for use in interactive reports, including bar, columns, linear, map, matrices, pie charts, scatter, table, and cascade – each with its own set of modification options for improved presentation and usefulness.

You may, however, add a personal touch to your data by using free custom graphics produced by programmers (or in-house) and published with the Power BI team to display the data in a way that best tells your data narrative.

4. Powerful and effective

The Power Pivot model transformation engine in Power BI (which would be integrated with Excel) is a high-performance columnar database that uses contemporary tabular database technology to condense databases and ensure that they load completely into memory for the fastest performance.

5. Security and governance

You can manage security, user access, and security from a single platform with Power BI, removing the need for separate solutions to guarantee tight regulatory requirements standards are followed.

6. Excel features you’re already familiar with

Advanced Excel users who are comfortable with the DAX equation languages may utilize Power BI’s acquainted Power Pivot capabilities like grouping, prediction, combining, and quick measurements to gain insight into their data and rapidly identify trends.

7. Information in real-time

Dashboards update in real-time as data is received or streamed in, allowing users to solve problems and identify opportunities quickly. Power BI and other business intelligence apps enable you to analyze the data and keep your organization running smoothly.

Power BI partners also provide you with the tools you need to conduct a more strategic examination of that you can streamline your data streams, increase accessibility, and obtain wiser insights.


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