The 10 Best Business Podcasts To Grow Your Business In 2021

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John Lee Drums once said ‘Make a list of 10 keywords that your podcast should rank for.’ This quote had inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs to start their businesses and be successful in the process. But, do you know where did we hear this quote for the first time? It was spoken on one of the best business podcasts of the era, ‘Entrepreneur On Fire’. 

We just gave you an example of how effective podcasts are. If we can obtain such great lessons from one podcast of 10 minutes, imagine how much we can learn if we follow them regularly. There are many business podcasts on the internet, and if you find out which ones are the best in them, you can acquire great lessons to boost your business growth.

What Are Ther Best Business Podcasts Of 2021?

The best business podcasts are not the ones that are more lengthy or shed light on more serious topics. Instead, we find the top business podcasts judging by how many people love them and by their active listeners. We have included business podcasts that people loved and raved about the most, on this list. So, let’s take a look;

1: Entrepreneur On Fire

If you are an aspiring web entrepreneur, this podcast will be perfect for you. John Lee Drums, a self-made entrepreneur, is the host of this podcast. The daily podcasts on this channel vary from 20-30 minutes. In addition, In addition, Dumas has interviewed more than 3000 successful entrepreneurs and marketing people to understand their entrepreneurship journey.

It is currently one of the best business podcasts in the market because Dumas sheds light on several entrepreneurship struggles from real-life scenarios. The best part is that Dumas uses simple words in the podcast to make it understandable. So, if you are about to start your venture, you’ll gather many insights from this podcast on traffic increase, advertising, selling, etc. 

2: Masters Of Scale

Reid Hoffman is the host of this top business podcast, and he said, ‘Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location.’ So, you can imagine how inspired we are by him because he can literally motivate anyone to quit their jobs and start entrepreneurship journeys. But, we think those of you who already are business owners will benefit the most from this podcast.

When we say it is one of the best business podcasts, we mean it. Do you know why? That’s because Hoffman here talks about leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship, management, business strategy, and whatnot. He uses a storytelling format, which resonates with listeners the most. He also invites business leaders from Netflix, Google, Facebook, PayPal, Uber, etc to share their experience in this podcast.

3: HBR IdeaCast

If you want to know about the best business podcasts 2020, you must have heard about HBR IdeaCast hosted by Curt Nickisch. However, this podcast is still trending in the market, so we can’t help including it on the list. This podcast also invited Bill Clinton once to share his ideas to keep the economy strong, so you can imagine how many valuable lessons you will get from it.

If you can just squeeze 20 minutes from your weekly schedule, this podcast will help you know the economy from the perspective of past and present business leaders. The focus of this show may be business, but Curt also shares views on public interest topics. His recent shows also highlight corporate changes during the pandemic, so you can guess how relevant they are.

4: Brown Ambition

Being an aspiring entrepreneur from the minority community myself, this podcast is really close to my heart. Two financial reporters named Tiffany Aliche and Mandi Woodruff host this show. Both these women share valuable insights on financial freedom, balancing your career, and personal life, and taking control of your time.

It is one of the best business podcasts there is that speaks a lot about how political issues impact people of color. But, no matter what the duo tells in the show, their tone is always very engaging, and compelling. They answer listeners’ questions too, so if some of you have that complaint from other business podcasts, it will be mitigated on this show.

5: The Mind Your Business Podcast

If we talking about the best business podcasts 2021, James Wedmore seems to have stood out from the crowd. Although each episode is 45 minutes long on this show, you won’t ever get bored listening to it. He will shape your business mindset in such a way, which will help you with any forthcoming struggle of entrepreneurship.

I, personally liked the ‘down to business’ podcast very much where he discussed 8-figure companies generating revenue of $10-$99 million per annum. It was an inspiring session, which motivated many people to change their business mindset. The best part of this top business podcast is that whatever he says is very relatable, so that’s quite helpful for digital leaders.

6: The BizChix

Some of you may have heard of famous career coach Natalie Eckdahl. But, you may not she hosts this business podcast exclusively for women entrepreneurs. I think it is one of the best business podcasts directed towards women in 2021. So, if you are a woman of the 21st century trying to leave a mark on the world, we think this podcast will help you a lot.

Each show varies at length every week, so that may be disappointing for some people. Apart from that, there is no drawback to this podcast. You will be amazed at her expertise when it comes to outsourcing professional, and personal tasks. It helps many people acquire a magnetic personality to influence their businesses.

7: The Indicator

It is one of the best podcasts for business because after getting immense success on the ‘Planet Money’ podcast, Stacey Vanek Smith essayed this show as well. You can hear this podcast on multiple platforms. The hosts talk about news headlines in such a quick, and efficient manner that it will leave you in awe.

What is unique about this podcast is that the hosts choose an indicator of current news, and bring in experts to talk openly about it. Some of their common topics are work availability, unemployment, trade policy, political issues impacting the economy, etc. You will also learn a lot about how should a business development manager work to grow the business.

8: The $100 MBA Show

This is one of the best business podcasts for MBA students, which is also an award-winning show. So, if you are an MBA student who has heard a lot of buzz about this show, you must check this out once to know what the hype is all about. The host of this podcast is Omar Zenhom.

Since MBA students are more likely to get into the business mindset faster than students of other streams, we believe this podcast will cover comprehensive topics on your website. If you listen to this podcast even for 10 minutes, you will gain a nice momentum to keep your day going. So, give it a try because so many positive reviews can’t be over anything.

9: How I Built This

It’s a fact that we often get inspiration from people like Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg of what they have achieved despite having so few resources. But, have you ever wondered how they did it? That’s what Guy Raz focuses on in this podcast. He, like a journalist, finds out the unique, and profitable startups, and shares their secret with you.

Each episode varies in length from 45 minutes to 1 hour. We have found many people who find this show appealing. Having a career in journalism itself, he has interviewed people in some of the most conflicting regions of the world. So, listening to him talking about those hardships is indeed inspiring.

10: Don’t Keep Your Day Job

If you want to be an entrepreneur, but lack creative ideas, this is one of the best business podcasts to help you. Cathay Heller is the host of this podcast. She mentions some very inspirational messages for people like you in 4+ minutes of the episode. Since she talks using entrepreneurial lingo, it becomes easy for us to connect with her.

You will hear many guest influencers in this show and will watch Cathy empathizing with each of them in their entrepreneurship journey. It will help you to overcome your struggles because you are not alone in this situation. So, if you have trouble releasing your creative personality, listen to this top business podcast.

The Bottom Line

We have shared some insights with you in this article about the best business podcasts. There is something for everyone. We have included podcasts for everyone here from MBA students to aspiring entrepreneurs, from successful entrepreneurs to business owners. So, find your category, and choose the best podcast that deems suitable to you. If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment box.

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