The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Scarves & Its Uses

Types of scarves

“Dignity is an affectation, cute but eccentric, like learning French or collecting scarves.” I find this quote of Dave Eggers truly relevant when I think of highlighting my outfit with the suitable types of scarves. That’s because scarves are genuinely the most inspiring, gender-neutral clothing item one can own but can never own too many. 

You may use a specific type of scarf for fashion or your comfort, but it will indeed accentuate your look to a certain extent. Of course, there are different kinds of scarves available in the market, but I have identified my favorites from that long list. This article will tell you about some of the most common scarf types and how to use them.

What Are The Different Types Of Scarves?

You must know already that without the right accessory, your look is always going to look incomplete. But, if you drape a neck scarf or wear it on your hair as a bandana, you can add an extra spunk to your look. So, let’s look at the different types of scarves and learn about their use.

1: Cotton Scarves

Cotton scarves are comfortable to wear in summer. They are lightweight, thin, and with a plain fabric, they add a great vibe to your style. Nowadays, women also use a cotton scarf to wrap on their heads like a turban while working on the street because it keeps the hair locks in place. 

2: Silk Scarves

Silk scarves can make you look posh and elegant without wearing anything expensive in particular. You can simply tie a silk scarf around your neck and wear a blazer to complete the look. Now, you are all set to rock a professional gathering. The material in silk scarves is very delicate and soft, which makes them even more comfortable to carry.

3: Chiffon Scarves

Both men and women can rock a chiffon scarf if they wear it with the right outfit. It is mainly made of a lightweight, polyester chiffon fabric that adds an elegant touch to your everyday wear. In addition, you can get chiffon scarves in a wide variety of materials, and prices, so you can never run out of options.

4: Cashmere Scarves

If there is one scarf you can wear as a winter scarf and a summer scarf, it is the cashmere scarf. But, cashmere scarves are truly expensive, and that’s because the fabric used to make this scarf is the best. So, people mostly use it during cold weather to keep themselves warm.

5: Net Scarves

When we say net scarves, don’t cringe automatically because we are not talking of synthetic net. Instead, net scarves are made of tulle fabric, and sequin, lace, or chains can be added on the edge so that you can wear them at a party. The scarf material is a bit shiny and glimmery than the other kinds of scarves.

6: Velvet Scarves

If you want to buy just a winter scarf, a velvet scarf is probably the best option to go for. The soft and creamy texture of the velvet material makes the scarf looks luxurious. Both men and women can wear these because of the fine material.

7: Handknitted Scarves

I think we all wore something in our childhood that our grandmothers had woven for us. Handknitted scarves are the perfect examples of those emotions. Mainly these scarves are knitted before winter. They come in various shapes, sizes, and color options since our elders weave them for us.

8: Bandana Scarves

Bandana scarf is the trendsetter of modern times because women can tie these scarves in their hair with any outfit they want. While most girls struggle with their hair when they go out, I think a bandana scarf can help solve that problem quickly. They also come in various colors and price options.

9: Fleece Scarves

The material of fleece scarves is quite thick, and since they are an easy substitute for wool, you can wear them quickly as winter scarves. They look trendy and cute at the same time, so pair them up with a cute sweater, and you are all set for your date. In addition, the sides of these scarves do not fray easily because of the material they are made of.

10: Tassel Scarves

Tassel is just an accessory you can attach with any scarf and make a dull-looking scarf look nice. If you want to redesign an old scarf, a tassel is the best accessory to add to it. It gives your scarf an exciting look, and it also speaks a lot about your personality.

What Are The Different Uses Of Different Types Of Scarves?

As we have mentioned before, you can wear a scarf on your neck, on your hair, or wrap it around your shoulder. But, there are more to scarves than meets the eye. Let’s take a look;

1: Scarf Masks

If you have a cotton scarf, that is the best scarf material to make a mask. Since we are all stuck in a pandemic situation, you can always make a mask out of a scarf. Just cut a small piece of cloth from the scarf, and attach two elastic strings with it, and it will work wonders for you.

2: Scarf Flats

Are you interested in a fun DIY? Just tie a scarf on your flat footwear, and check how fantastic it looks. Then, just make a bow from the scarf, and add it to your gladiator sandals. You will save a lot of money with it than buying a new show.

3: Scarf Shrug

Don’t think that we are talking about knitting a lot of scarves together to make a shrug. It is an effortless DIY activity that you can use anytime. Just wrap the scarf around your shoulder, and create small holes for the arms, and your shrug is ready.

4: Purse Accessory

You may wonder how to make your boring black hobo bag look funky without buying a new one? Well, just tie a scarf on its corner, and see how chic it looks. But, of course, it’s better to choose a light-colored scarf for this activity to highlight it.

5: Wall Art

You can buy a frame and cut a piece of your scarf according to that structure. Now, hang it on your living room or your bedroom wall, and see how guests appreciate your creativity. They may think you bought it from an exquisite art connoisseur as well.

6: Party Banners

You can join a lot of scarves together to make a party banner because it will add a new edge to your party decor. On top of that, it will be cost-effective too. So, instead of throwing your old scarves, wait for the next time you have a house party, and reuse them.

7: Gift Wraps

Just got invited to a last-minute party? No problem, we have a solution for that. Buy the gift, and wrap it with a scarf to add a personal touch to the item. Then, if you want to know more about it, just learn tricks from Furoshiki Wrapping. 


1: What Are The Neck Scarves Called?

Ans: Bandanas, and neck scarves, are called neckerchiefs, and they are composed of lightweight material. But, the high-quality little square scarves are typically made of silk or cotton. A bandana is around 19-20 square inches in size. Neckerchiefs are bigger, measuring around 26 square inches. Both sizes are designed for ladies and men to wear.

2: What Is A French Scarf Called?

Ans: The classic French wardrobe staple is also known as the Parisian scarf. It is always stylish and a terrific way to add some French flair to an otherwise modest outfit.

3: What Is A Very Large Scarf Called?

Ans: Blanket scarves are a large form of a scarf that may even be used as a blanket. They’re comfy, nice and warm s carves that people especially wear in Winter. You can even use them as homemade ponchos or capes, shawls, and even as blankets too.

Closing Thoughts

We have mentioned different types of scarves here and how you can comprehensively use them. Scarves are not very expensive, so it is affordable for anyone. But, just like a good purse, or show, you can never get tired of too many scarves. So, if you want to know more about them, let us know in the comment box.

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