You Won’t Believe Who Really Owns The World’s Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa!

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What do you know about the mega-skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates? Are you curious about the Burj Khalifa owner? Please read the article to learn about the history of the building, its construction, and its popularity.

I have always wanted to visit the generous building, especially when it is known as the tallest skyscraper worldwide. Isn’t it exciting, especially concerning the activities you can perform as a tourist?

The Burj Khalifa Observation Deck is an enigma, so you cannot miss it when you visit Dubai. In this article, I will share some facts that are common knowledge, but only some know about it. Rather, only a few people try to talk about it.

You will develop an understanding of the building along with the related information, creating further awareness concerning the Burj Khalifa tower in the article!

You Won’t Believe Who Owns The World’s Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa!

You Won't Believe Who Owns The World's Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa!

So, you wonder which company made Burj Khalifa? The building has been constructed by a Korean company, Samsung C&T, even though the burj khalifa owner is Emaar Properties. The construction of the building started on 6 January 2006, with BESIX, Arabtec, and Samsung C&T collaborating on this project.

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan came in to help Emaar Properties when they ran into financial issues during the construction of Burj Khalifa. The company renamed the building to honor His Highness and a gesture of thank you for the aid.

The construction of the building finally ended in October 2009, when 2500 workers worked hard on it. The building officially opened on 4 January 2010. There were almost over 6000 guests during the opening of the launch ceremony. This answers the question, Which construction company built the Burj Khalifa?

In the opening ceremony, media outlets worldwide were invited, and there were 10 thousand fireworks during the show. It was one of the most impressive shows worldwide, especially when it set the world record of being the tallest building in the world!

History Of Burj Khalifa!

History Of Burj Khalifa!

The tallest building in the world is located in Downtown Dubai at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This area is located along with Sheikh Zayed Road, which also has other high-rise buildings.

The building has multiple purposes, such as Hotels, Offices, Residential apartments, Restaurants, Communication, and Observation decks. Residences or hotels by Armani are situated in the building on its 39th floor. From 108 to 154, the Burj Khalifa has office spaces!

The three observation decks have been constructed for public sightseeing. A well-established restaurant set, namely At.mosphere, is also on the 122 level. The building has become an integral part of Dubai’s tourism.

Besides being dependent on the Oil trade, Dubai got a kick from this building, especially with the increased tourism. Many people observe that the Empire State Building, which is situated in New York City, has inspired the Burj Khalifa!

Who Is The Owner of Burj Khalifa?

Who Is The Owner of Burj Khalifa_

Who is the owner of Burj Khalifa? Imagine being the owner of the tallest building in the world! Emaar Properties is the owner of the magnificent Burj Khalifa! Emaar Properties was founded in 1997 by the chairman, Mohammed Alabbar.

Apart from this beautiful building, there are other buildings that the Emaar Properties, such as the Dubai Marina District and the Dubai Mall, have owned.

The Dubai Opera, with 2000 seats, is located in Downtown Dubai in The Open District and is one of the recent projects owned by Emaar Properties. Further, the company owns properties in other countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and India.

How Did Name Burj Khalifa Get Its Name?

How Did Name Burj Khalifa Get Its Name_

The tallest building worldwide is called Burj Khalifa, the Khalifa Tower. When the construction began, the name of the building was Dubai Tower, or people called it Burj Dubai.

After its official launch in 2010, the building was named after the president of the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi. During an economic crisis in Dubai, most of the construction projects, including the Dubai Tower, went on hold.

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Maktoum is the president of Abu Dhabi who made it possible for the various construction projects, including Burj Khalifa, to be funded by Abu Dhabi. Due to this, the authorities in Dubai renamed the tower Burj Khalifa.

There is another reason for the name Khalifa to be used, considering it is a significant term used in Islam religion. The meaning of the name means the supreme leader of the Islamic world!

What Is The Height Of Burj Khalifa?

What Is The Height Of Burj Khalifa_

The height of the Burj Khalifa is 2717 feet or 828 meters, including the spire, as it is an architectural element of the building. During the construction, the building and its statistics have been kept a secret so that potential competitors do not try to override it.

Later, after the construction, in all categories, the building ranked the tallest because the building has a small needle of 1.7 meters over the spire, thus making a total height of 829.8 meters. It has been 14 years since the building has held the crown for the world’s tallest building.

There are three observation decks for public sightseeing on the three consecutively levels, 124, 125, and 148. Apart from that, the top most occupied floor in the building is 154, which is at a height of 584m. Currently, 148 floors are the highest observation deck.

The building will maintain its position as the world’s tallest building for the last three years as other buildings, such as Jeddah Tower or Dubai Creek Tower, might surpass it.

What Are The Records Set By Burj Khalifa?

What Are The Records Set By Burj Khalifa_

The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, with 160 stories, has set multiple world records. The first one is, of course, being the tallest building worldwide.

Another significant world record held by Burj khalifa is having the highest number of stories in a building worldwide. The building also has its highest floor occupied in the world! It has the most elevated outdoor observation deck compared to other facilities worldwide.

The building further holds a record for the tallest service elevators worldwide! Now you know multiple noteworthy world records are being held by the Burj Khalifa building. The elevator in this building is one of the only ones that travels the longest distance.

So You Want To Go High…

After knowing that the Emirate’s tourism has significantly been inspired by the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, after this article, you now know that Emaar Properties is the Burj Khalifa owner. It has captured the attention of the world when it comes to prestige and development.

Becoming a world-established record holder highlighted Burj Khalifa! Apart from holding several records, it also became a symbol of Dubai’s growth and international status.

Comment below to tell us what you think about the tallest building worldwide!

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