Did You Know That This Is The Largest Ball In Quidditch?

which ball in quidditch is the largest

Do you know which ball in Quidditch is the largest? If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, be it the books or the movies, answering this question should not be difficult. Please read the article to learn about the different balls in the game and their features.

I will be answering questions regarding the game of Quidditch in the Harry Potter books and movies that you might have! In the article, we will also highlight the significance of the largest ball and its purpose.

There is information related to the different positions of Quidditch players and how the balls are used to win a game! The game’s unique elements will also be identified that you might not know or come as a shock to you.

Did You Know That This Is The Largest Ball In Quidditch?

Did You Know That This Is The Largest Ball In Quidditch_

Even if you are a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter franchise, getting confused by the Quidditch match or games is not completely weird! It is completely understandable if you do not know the answer to which ball in Quidditch is the largest!

I will be answering about the ball, the significance of the game, the ball, and its history when you watch Harry Potter, where Quidditch plays an important role in the storyline or plot development.

Movies such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets all have Quidditch in them!

To know which ball is the largest in the game of Quidditch, you must read the first book in the series or watch the first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! In this film, Oliver Wood, the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, taught Harry Potter the basics of the game.

After observing Harry, Professor McGonagall took him to Wood and informed him that Harry is a natural seeker, an important position in the Quidditch game. So want to know which ball in Quidditch was the largest? Let’s read more about the ball and how it is interpreted in the game.

History Of Quidditch!

History Of Quidditch!

The game of Quidditch is highly dangerous; players are sometimes seriously injured, leading to severe damage! There is also unpredictability, even though no magic is used in the game. The two-balls, bludgers, and golden snitch are enchanted!

The game is thrilling for both players and spectators sitting in the stadium. However, the scoring system is unfair! Players are always flying on broomsticks while they are playing the game.

The scoring team gets 10 points for every goal scored, while the team that can capture the golden snitch will win the game. It is because once a team catches a golden snitch, it wins 150 points.

In the game, the bludgers, also known as bloomers, chased the players as the balls were bewitched. If you remember, in the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Dobby tampered with one of the bludgers to only chase Harry Potter during the game leading to Potter breaking his hand!

The Largest Ball In Quidditch: The Quaffle

The Largest Ball In Quidditch_ The Quaffle

The Quaffle Is the largest ball in Quidditch! Another unique aspect of the ball is it is the only non-enchanted ball compared to other balls in the game! The ball is 12 inches with four indented sports, making it easier to hold for the players.

The chasers are focused on the quaffle and score goals by putting the Quaffle through the three rings on the field. There is a goalkeeper who tries their level best to protect the rings and not allow the Quaffle to pass through the rings!

Significance Of The Largest Ball!

The ball is significant in the game because it is the ball that is used to score goals by the chasers in the Quidditch game! In the game, there are 3 chasers in each of the teams.

The chasers try to score points by throwing the Quaffle through the 3 goals, which are ring-shaped. Just like the chasers are working hard to achieve goals, a keeper from the opposite team protects the rings!

There is a high probability that if no seekers from any teams can catch the golden snitch, the goals scored with the quaffles will ultimately decide the game’s fate.

Other players can also handle the Quaffle to remove it or divert the chasers. The keeper must throw the Quaffle in the game again once a goal is scored!

Other Important Balls In Quidditch!

Other Important Balls In Quidditch!

There are other Quidditch balls in the game. However, they are enchanted, so they move on their own volition. Like quaffles, the players cannot control the fun or how the balls move! The two other significant balls in the game of Quidditch are Golden Snitch and Bludger!



In the game of Quidditch, there are 3 types of balls, the bludger being one type of ball. However, there are 2 bludgers in the game, so the players play with 4 balls. The balls are of 10-inch length and are made of dark iron.

It is because when a player knocks the bludger, it should not break into shards! The balls are enchanted and are designed in a way that they chase the players to knock them off their broomsticks.

It is the beaters; each team has 2 who are tasked with smacking the bludgers away from other players, such as the chasers and the seekers. The beater has a bat with which they smack the bludger and target them to the opposite team.

The ball is not designed to hurt the players but to knock them off their broomsticks. However, The issue is that the Quidditch games are sometimes rigged where the bludger is tampered with to hurt or attack someone specific.

Golden Snitch

Golden Snitch

This ball is the game’s highlight because it carries the unfair advantage of 150 points! Any seeker who can catch the golden snitch successfully earns their team a victory!

Due to this reason, the snitch is the most valuable ball in the game, with the size of a large walnut! The ball is completely covered with gold with silver wings! The enchantment of the ball is to fly fast and with agility.

Its tiny size and speed make it difficult to find and spot. It is due to this reason that seekers in each team are one hell of an experienced player, so they learn the speed and the skills to spot and catch it.

Harry Potter, however, is one exception to the rule as he proves very early on that he is talented on his broomstick as he flies fluently! Apart from being a good broomstick flier, he was also chosen as a seeker in the first year of Hogwarts while he proved his mettle by catching the snitch!

What Is The Gameplay Of Quidditch?

What Is The Gameplay Of Quidditch_

The game is relatively easy to understand in theory. However, the physicality and the pragmatics of the game are complex. There are two opposing teams in each round, with 7 players on the pitch!

Each team has one seeker, three chasers, two beaters, and one keeper. A total of 14 players were on the field, with spectators in the stadium. At the beginning of the game, the referee releases the 4 balls in the air.

While the two bludgers and the snitch fly off independently, the keeper catches the Quaffle. He then throws the ball back into the field, where the chasers try to score a point by making a goal!

The game has an important rule where players can go as high up as they want but cannot cross the pitch boundary or be disqualified.

The ideal scoring is that the chasers must score goals at least 16 times with the Quaffle to beat the opposite team considering the snitch will cost them 150 points.

An example I would like to draw is the Quidditch World Cup 1994, where the Bulgarian team caught the snitch and scored goals, yet the Irish chasers made sure they scored enough for the 150 points not to matter.

Which Position Does Harry Potter Play In Quidditch?

Which Position Does Harry Potter Play In Quidditch_

I am not talking about the boy who killed You Know Who! Harry Potter has been a companion for many children across generations, and it is obvious that you are curious!

What position does Potter play in the Which Position Harry Potter plays in the Quidditch game? The position of the seeker in the house of Griffindor is Potter’s. He showcased his talent in his first flying lesson in Madam Hooch’s class.

Even though Potter at that time did not know that he was capable and talented, Professor McGonagall realized his potential when he saw him flying from one of the windows of Hogwarts!

One of the truly exceptional and talented players of his time; his skills have been unmatched, leading to his being chosen as a seeker in the first year of Hogwarts! Harry Potter later became the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

How Does Harry Potter Be Related To Quidditch?

How Does Harry Potter Be Related To Quidditch_

The game of Quidditch is important for Potter because it helps him find parts of his identity on his own. We can see that in the various films or books accordingly! In the first film, in the practice game, he realizes he loves flying a broom!

A natural is what is leading to becoming the first youngest house player in the game for the Griffindor team in a century! He gains confidence in the game, overcoming challenges in the dungeons in the first film.

Later, he could also catch the flying key for the door because he had practiced catching the snitch. His flying helped him cope with injury and realize that danger was lurking close in the second film when the bludger was tampered with.

He learned to balance through this game which helped him fly Buckbeak in the third film! He was later able to fly Serious Black from Azkaban Tower and save him! In the Triwizard tournament of the fourth film, he escaped dragons when the task was to snatch a dragon egg.

In the fifth film, Potter helps others as the leader of Dumbledore’s army! When he goes on a rescue mission, his flying and defense skills come in handy even though he has to face another tragic loss in the end!

In the final film, Harry does a lot of running and escaping through his broom-flying skills. He also had to fight Voldemort and his death eaters while flying, which he could confidently do! Therefore, we know Quidditch is integral to Potter’s growth!

Why Is Quidditch An Important Part Of Hogwarts?

Why Is Quidditch An Important Part Of Hogwarts_

The game of Quidditch is quite important regarding the creation of Harry Potter and the legacy of Hogwarts! Children and adults worldwide learned more than just a new, funny, and adventurous game.

J.K. Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter world, has informed us that Quidditch is about a contest between good and evil among humans. Even though the game is not played based on magic, some enchanted elements exist.

It teaches us that apart from friendly competition, the game represents power, evil, manipulation, hostility, and help! Using dark magic symbolizes people’s will to hurt others.

The forces of evil and good have been shown in every game of Quidditch! Especially ways in which some characters try to harm others while some try to support and help others. It is important to learn that the consequences of the events motivate us to perform well in life.

The game of Quidditch teaches us how to stand against all challenges and still demonstrates one’s approach in life with ethical and moral jurisdiction. With his behavior, Potter makes it clear that it is a game for him!

On the other hand, the Slytherin team and Malfoy and his gang often use the game to hurt and injure Harry! The game is a more agonistic representation of good and evil!

Finishing Up!

Now you know which ball in Quidditch is the largest! It is the Quaffle that chasers have successfully used to score goals. The ball is non-enchanting; however, quite important because it offers the only chance to win against the golden snitch.

Apart from the ball, the game of Quidditch is equally important for the players, spectators, readers, and viewers. It holds a lot of value on right and wrong! Harry Potter was positively influenced by the game too.

Comment below about your favorite Quidditch game in all the HP books or movies!

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