Here’s Why The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Does Not Fall!

did the leaning tower of pisa fall

Have you ever been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Is it on your bucket list? Do you ever wonder, did the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall? Want to know more about the background of the monument and the reasons behind it being in a constant state of toppling over?

Read the article to know more about the construction, the reason behind the leaning, and the restoration. I bet you are curious about the learning state of the Leaning Tower of Pisa because I am!

Bear with me! Monuments like these raise questions about miracles and supernatural elements. But right now, I will describe it based on the technical aspects and features it is learning!

Here’s Why The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Does Not Fall!

Why The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Does Not Fall

As you can see, it is an important revelation, especially when discussing a heavy monument on a 4-degree tilt or lean! The reason why this lean happened was because of an unstable foundation.

Still, it is standing! What did we learn from it? If you stand strong enough, you won’t fall! Haha, a poor joke! Wink!

On a serious note, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has been strong for over 800 years, so it is better to assume it will not fall. The monument has braved wars, storms, and earthquakes yet stands even with the inclination.

However, it is important to learn about the reason behind the inclination and if there is a reason to worry!

The First Question Is, Will The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Fall?

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

There is little chance that the Leaning Tower of Pisa will fall, considering it is always under monitoring. Apart from the first step in management, the construction issue and the tower’s behavior have become clearer to the authorities.

In the last reconstruction in the 1990s, the tower was prevented from toppling over, and it was during this time the workers developed detailed knowledge about how to manage it further! The authorities ensure that no anomaly in the tower goes unnoticed.

Any development regarding the tower is identified and addressed with many sensors put in place. It helps detect any crisis while a backup plan is in place immediately. So, the question is will the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall?

About Leaning Tower Of Pisa

About Leaning Tower Of Pisa

The concept of gravity is significant, especially in the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, with a mass of 14500 metric tons. The tower has unique geometry, which Galileo Galilei has taken advantage of regarding dropping objects below to conduct experiments.

Currently, the inclination is at 4 degrees, with the vertical line for the center of gravity falling on the inside of the tower. Here are some Leaning Tower of Pisa photos!



It is where the fun stuff begins! The chances of collapsing the tower were always there, even when the first brick was set! The tower’s construction started in 1173, and at that point, the plan was to create an eight storied building.

It was observed that at the construction of the third story, the building started settling deeper into the soft soil. The foundation was made of clay, sand, and mud pulled in the heavy construction. The tilt was towards the north!


So the laborers decided to make the pillars, columns, and arches on the north side a little taller to compensate for the height. In the fourth story, the construction was halted due to political unrest! The foundation has been unfinished for almost 100 years. However, the learning of the building continued!

The building started leaning towards the south now that the weight was more on the northern side. The soil under the foundation constantly subsided but unevenly. The construction was started again in 1272, and the engineers tried to adjust the fifth story so that the learning stopped.

The work stopped again in 1278, but the stories still needed to be completed. It was in the 14th century that the rate of incline was the sharpest. From 1360 to 1370, the workers tried to establish the balance by constructing the bell chamber angling towards the north side of the eighth story.

By the 16th century, the lean was already 3 degrees off vertical! The official monitoring started in 1911 when it was observed that the rate of incline of the top of the tower was 1.2 millimeters annually. It was bad news!

Engineers started getting aware and looking for solutions, especially when worried about the landmark weakening. It was accelerating with the inclination! The first implemented solution was putting a cement grouting mixture in the network of angled holes around the structure, making it worse!

Danger Of Collapsing

The danger of toppling over was the highest in 1990, and according to computer algorithms, the leaning of 5.44 degrees increased. It was alarming for the authorities. They closed the monument for further repairs.


It took over 10 years to restore the building, as in 2001 when the restoration was completely closed when the lean went off by 40 centimeters. There were multiple phases during which the restoration took place.

The soft soil also needs monitoring, but theoretically, the issue has been resolved!

Why Is The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Tilts?

Why Is The Leaning Tower of Pisa Tilts?

One construction try worsened the matter when the angled holes were drilled across the foundation in a network. They put cement, making it worse, considering future preservation groups, engineers, and masons must be careful.

Bracing and reinforcement in the future can be a serious issue making it further difficult. The incline increased to 5.5 degrees making matter difficult. To make matters worse, another similar tower collapsed suddenly in the northern part of Italy in Pavia in 1989.

Is There A Chance Of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Falling?

Is There A Chance Of The Leaning Tower of Pisa Falling?

There is only a genuine probability of the tower falling over if a strong earthquake directly hits Tuscany or the Pisa. Natural disasters cannot always be predicted; however, in the past 800 years, major earthquakes have been detected in Tuscany.

So the chances of such a thing happening are quite slim! However, it never hurts to stay alert, so the recent reconstruction has integrated the stabilization in place so that the authorities can cope with anything that might happen.

Clearing the doubts about did the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall? No, it never did! Chances are it never will!

What Do We Know?

Did the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall? I would love to see the monument from up and close, and many of you have already seen it, but it is a little scary when you know a building or a monument that big and heavy has a probability of toppling over.

The soil on which the building is made is soft, and the water retention is high. That is the reason why there is this risk of toppling over. However, with constant monitoring, there will be fewer chances of something happening suddenly.

Comment below about what you think about the Leaning Tower of the Pisa!

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