Do You Know Which Two Countries Cannot Purchase Coca-Cola?

which two countries cannot purchase coca-cola

Which two countries cannot purchase Coca-Cola officially? Coca-Cola as a brand does not operate officially in two countries. It is shocking, considering you would think, how can you not get Coca-Cola? It is everywhere!

No, it is not! And there are specific reasons why it is not available anywhere and everywhere! Please read this article to learn what are the reasons why Coca-Cola is not available for people who live in certain countries or visit them.

The refreshing drink is frizzy and is quite popular across the globe. For different events, people order and buy Coca-Cola; hence, it can be a little sad when you get to know that it is not available in certain countries. Read more to understand why!

Do You Know Which Two Countries Cannot Purchase Coca-Cola?

Countries Cannot Purchase Coca-Cola

It is a widespread notion that there are only two countries where you cannot purchase Coca-Cola in the world, namely North Korea and Cuba. However, according to the company’s official website, many countries still need to be included in the list.

The list includes the name of the countries where Coca-Cola is available, which is missing countries such as Vatican City, Somalia, East Timor, South Sudan, San Marino, Kosovo, and Sudan. Hence, there might be some issues related to US embargoed countries.

I will focus on the only places you can’t buy Coca-Cola, namely Cuba, North Korea, and Russia and discuss the reasons. From these reasons, we can further identify other issues due to which you might not find Coca-Cola in some other countries.

Coca-Cola: The Background

Coca-Cola: The Background

According to the official Coca-Cola company website, informs that it was established in 1886. It was a perfected syrup brought by Dr. John Pembeton from Jacob’s Pharmacy and poured into a glass in downtown Atlanta.

The brand has become sustainable over the years, but the unique aspect is that it has been sustainable even during its early days. It is through interesting, designed commercials and advertisements that Coke came to the forefront.

It did put its efforts into different ranges of skills such as water sustainability, community, climate protection, workplace rights, sustainable agriculture, women empowerment, and sustainable packaging.

The bottle was unique and celebrated in music, advertising, and art after it started collaborating with other brands in 1915. The bottles are 100% plant-based sources hence, being climate-friendly.



Cuba and the US had serious issues before 2015; however, it has resolved its problems and restored diplomatic relations. Yet, there are tough sanctions that we are levying on the commercial embargo on Cuba.

The sanctions withholding the Coca-Cola company from operating in Cuba led back to the Cuban Revolution in 1959 when some US administrations tightened the embargo. It has stopped any commercial prohibitions taking place in Cuba.

It has made US companies and corporations illegal to function in Cuba. The nation has become isolated over the years concerning trade relations. So, to answer your question, which two countries cannot purchase Coca-Cola? Cuba is one of them.

Even though it is stated that officially Coca-Cola does not have a permit to sell its products in the country, the red and white cans are easily available in the capital city, Havana. Even though the products are not directly from the USA, they are manufactured in Mexico.

North Korea

North Korea

The East Asian Kim dynasty was levied sanctions by the United States, and ever since, North Korea has continued to be isolated from the US as it invaded South Korea. The US has maintained a tight grip on the sanctions levied.

It has isolated the country, making it difficult for them to establish diplomatic relations. The US even declared in 1988 that North Korea sponsors terrorism. Hence, the relationship between the two nations has been very tense.

The difference in allowances and values has ensured that both nations are quite against each other. The ballistic missile and nuclear weapon programs created by North Korea have made it a country against peace programs.

Based on these issues, the US and the alliances have put the sanction that has a trade embargo where multinational products such as Coca-Cola products are not sold in the country.

North Korea has its version of Coca-Cola, as informed by Koryo Tours, a North Korean tour agent who lives in China. The passengers like the drink’s flavor as it tastes and looks identical to Coca-Cola beverages.

Why Did Coca-Cola Suspend Its Operations In Russia?

Why Did Coca-Cola Suspend Its Operations In Russia?

According to the statistics from August 2022, there are three nations where Coca-Cola does not function: North Korea, Russia, and Cuba. Recently, Coca-Cola pulled out from Russia along with McDonald’s after Russia declared war on Ukraine.

The war has led the Coca-Cola company to halt its business in May 2022 in Russia. It is still available in many places with a sudden increase in price by 20%; officially, the product is off the shelf in Russia.

Considering Coca-Cola is a US-based corporation, it functioned effectively in Russia despite all the persisting issues between Russia and the USA. The company has been operating in Russia since 1979, selling its products; however, it was in 1987 that there were factories in Russia bottling the products.

The Coca-Cola company started with 200 employees in Russia; however, after a certain point, it gained profit leading to the expansion of the business to 7000 employees in Russia. However, all these aspects of the company shut down once the war between Russia and Ukraine commenced.

Producer Ochakovo in Russia has already launched products imitating American soft drinks, including Coca-Cola. Hence, there needs to be more clarity concerning the Coca-Cola company in Russia functioning effectively.

Do Other Embargoed Countries Have Coca-Cola?

Do Other Embargoed Countries Have Coca-Cola?

Other US-embargoed countries cannot sell Coca-Cola, such as Syria and Iran. The Coca-Cola Company cannot operate in these two countries for different reasons.

In Iran, the legality of the product is not an issue. However, the product is not directly sold. Instead, it functions indirectly through an Irish subsidiary. There is also a local brand such as Zamzam Cola, which tastes and looks similar to cola and is sold in the country.

In Syria, Coca-Cola cannot legally sell its products; however, after 2004, they started selling the products along with Sprite, Fanta, and Coca-Cola Light.

Now You Know!

So, imagine if suddenly you are still looking for Coca-Cola in the country. Wouldn’t that be a shock? It is similar for the Russians now because, in many areas of the country, the drink is not accessible anymore. In this article, I have informed you about which two countries cannot purchase Coca-Cola!

In Cuba and North Korea, you cannot even find a drink that makes it difficult for the natives to miss out on a chance to try something so iconic and delicious!

Comment below to tell us what is another of your favorite drinks apart from Coca-Cola!

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