Wonder Why China Has Kept Their 8000 Years Old Pyramids A Secret? 

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Do you know that the Chinese pyramids were about 8000 years old? Can you imagine the 1000-ft pyramid was completely hidden before the 1900s? The way Egyptian pyramids have been given importance; imagine how much attention the Chinese pyramids would get. 

In this article, you will learn some of the significant features of pyramids that have been hidden in China for a long time. There are several pyramids in Xi’an of North-Western China in the Shaanxi Province. You will be shocked to know that approximately 40 known pyramids are across that region! 

I am here to explain why the Chinese pyramids are indistinguishable from the human eye! You will also learn how the pyramids are covered with grass and trees, making it more difficult for people to spot them. Read the article to learn how Chinese pyramids were a huge secret! 

Simultaneously, I will discuss the “terracotta army” discovered in China with you! How is it an integral part of the response received from the Chinese government? The archaeological finds on their land are treated differently, especially when keeping information from the rest of the world. 

Wonder Why China Has Kept Their 8000-Year-Old Pyramids A Secret? 

Wonder Why China Has Kept Their 8000-Year-Old Pyramids A Secret_

The pyramids go back 8000 years, as per the observation. However, most of the pyramids are covered with grass and trees! Is that why nobody saw the pyramids before the pilots? Do you think it is because they do not resemble pyramids as closely as possible? What is the reason China is hiding the pyramids? 

Based on the archaeological evaluation and observations, there is a high probability of much royalty hidden under the dirt! It is not just people in the outside world but also the Chinese people who are not disturbing what is hidden under those pyramids. 

You will be further shocked to learn about the Chinese pyramid, about 20 times bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza! Now the question arises, especially when the size is so big, considering there have not been any traces of a gem poking toward the sky. 

The Chinese pyramids can shock the world, especially with the mystery around them! Wonder why it is kept a secret? 

How Were The Chinese Pyramids Discovered? 

How Were The Chinese Pyramids Discovered_

The US Air Force pilot James Gaussman was trying to focus when flying the leg of his journey from India to China! It was in 1945, and he was flying across China’s plains when something suddenly caught his eye. He said, “It was pure white on all sides“! 

Gaussman described the structure as a jewel-like material which might have been a crystal for all he knows! He said it was big and wanted to land and check it out. However, it was not possible. The pilot needed help to land his plane and observe the object. 

It was very similar to what Colonel Maurice Sheahan, after two years, was traveling across the same area for Trans World Airline as the Far Eastern director. According to The New York Times, it was one of the biggest finds in archaeological history, thus fascinating the world! 

History Of Chinese Pyramids! 

History Of Chinese Pyramids!

Why do they keep asking whether China might be an Egyptian colony? I am evaluating how a Roman Jesuit was in the early 17th century. In 1785, sinologist and French orientalist Joseph de Guignes confirmed that there might be some truth in the matter.

There are significant common elements between Chinese and Egyptian culture because of both practices and beliefs in venerated tradition. We have seen Egyptian and Chinese people use hieroglyphics to hide secrets, wisdom, and awareness!

Therefore, it is a common platform for both these cultures to represent human beings and their practices in ancient times. Simultaneously, there are pyramids in both cultures, so is there something going on? Let’s dive deeper into how the pyramids are one of the greatest mysteries yet one of the greatest finds of the human world! 



The pyramids of China were built with dirt and mud, so they seem more like mounds than Egyptian pyramids brick look. Based on the report created by Science NewsLetter, the region where Chinese pyramids were found needed to be traveled more! 

Archaeologically, it is quite an interesting find with immense historical significance, which has been unexplored for a long time. One thing that is most important in this case is that not a lot of information is available about these because of the Chinese government. 

The tight-lipped government has been very conservative regarding what information is released worldwide. The Western legists have to investigate the site because the Chinese government has been controlled about allowing it. However, there is another concern! 

More than just the Western archaeologists have been stopped from investigating these sites. Even the Chinese government has not been as involved in maintaining archaeological sites as the area looks abandoned, overridden with shrubs and trees. 

Is It A Plan? 

Is It A Plan_

There are very limited photos of Chinese Pyramids in public, but whatever is there, it is clear that the shrubs were planted intentionally! Methodologically, the plants and shrubs are deliberately planted to misguide the external world.

The shrubs also include cypress, which is known as one of the fastest-growing trees! Isn’t it an intentional approach to using shrubs and trees to cover one of the biggest archaeological finds in China? Does it look like a cover-up job? Is there a history of ancient emperors that China is trying to hide? 

Could emperors and their spouses have been under the site? There was concern for afterlife companions, not just their spouses but animals such as horses. Some archaeological finds and sites have been where horse burials have been a thing across Indo-European countries.

Another previously unknown civilization, later named the Kingdom of Shu, was discovered in the Sanxingdui Ruins! From Bronze statues and gold masks to ivory carvings were found, yet we have yet to learn much about it!

The Chinese government knows the interest and significance and has decided to keep it all a secret. Paranoid anyone? 

Types Of Burials! 

Types Of Burials!

As per the records, there have been massive burials of animals, spouses, and other things! For example, you will be shocked to know that are 600 horses buried inside the tomb of Duke Jing of Qi (547-490 BCE).

The horse’s “sacred beasts” were unearthed in 1974; they were some next-level discoveries! In 1974, two farmers were digging the earth just outside Xi’an when they found a next-level discovery. The discovery shook the world as they saw the popular terracotta army of Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor

Imagine what? The farmers hit the jackpot with sheer luck or fate, as the legends have been proven right! Can you imagine finding a mini city where carriages, palaces, and treasures are buried deep inside the earth?

There was so much more buried because, during ancient times, it was considered that these were the things needed in the afterlife. In 2012, in an interview with Live Science, Arch, geologist Kristin Romey said that archers have been digging for centuries, and there is so much still there! 

Why do you think that China keeps everything so secret? Imagine finding an archaeological find and allowing the West to go through it. It isn’t something natural. Instead, they would like to keep these exclusive things to themselves and accordingly release limited information. 

The Tomb Of Duke Jing of Qi (547-490 BCE)! 

The Tomb Of Duke Jing of Qi (547-490 BCE)!

Did you know that they still have not found the emperor in his tomb? Or is it that the archaeologists or the Government officials are too scared to move closer to the emperor because of the risky ways the tomb has been designed? 

The legend states that there have been around 100 tunnels that are artificial and filled with rivers that have mercury! According to the reports, to reach the emperor, you must move closer to the emperor’s tomb and cross the mercury-filled tunnels. 

When you see the archaeological finds, you will see a ghostly army protecting the emperors! Have you considered that someone did not want us to find the emperor? According to the legend, many people who knew the location of the emperor’s tomb or knew about it during construction were killed! 

It was a plan where the tomb was supposed to be kept a secret! You are not supposed to visit the place, so imagine what the pyramid is about. To understand the concept, you must know that the emperor’s tomb was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Unearthing The Secrets Of Pyramids 

Unearthing The Secrets Of Pyramids

The Han Yang Ling Mausoleum is one of the pyramid sites open for tourism! The Chinese government might have opened this site for tourism. However, there are a lot of things that still need to be wrapped up. Do you ever want to visit the Chinese pyramids? 

I am sure it will be quite difficult, especially since the government is trying its best to keep things out of the public eye! However, unearthing all the secrets will likely take time, especially because the Chinese government is not too excited about using technology to excavate the pyramids. 

When using technology, according to the Chinese government, they might damage the archaeological sites and artifacts. Furthermore, there might be a possibility of leaking information to the external world! How can we even explain that a massive white pyramid in China is spotted, but the Chinese government still shows no interest in showing itself off? 

You also need to catch the way they are treating hundreds of questions about the pyramids, especially when it is related to the ancient history of China! It suggests that what we read in history books might differ from the facts’ true commitment to Instefacts. It is more about rewriting history. 

Why Are They A Mystery? 

Why Are They A Mystery_

It was the dawn of the 20th century that shed light on the pyramids as technology raised many questions about them! One of the pieces of information that the archaeologists disclose is that it is a figure that points towards the north star, not the true north.

It is the pole star, Polaris, towards which the pyramids point. You will be surprised to know that a researcher has informed us that there might be a possibility that it was the Chinese astronomers and architects who got it all wrong. 

But ask yourself this? Could the people who found all the ancient information regarding time and space not use the compass effectively? Did China, who was the inventor of the compass, get their calculations wrong? 

It may seem like a rudimentary question, but ultimately, it does matter because it corresponds with the Paleomagnetic data. There is some other information that points to the fact that the Chinese were very smart and were aware of how the stars and the time worked. Do you think they committed such a small mistake? 

They considered time to be a concept that appeared in the future. Maybe because of that, the pyramids did not point to any star in the north! It was focused on which star would be approaching the north pole, the Polaris, so yes, the Pyramids in China still are a mystery. 

Finishing Off… 

Now that you know about the “terracotta army,” what is the best opportunity to learn more about the Chinese pyramids? Are you wondering about the clay warriors of the Chinese emperor and how there is so much we do not know about them? In this article, I have shared the archaeological details with you. Do you wonder if it is all artificial? 

Do you also sometimes think that the Chinese government has tried a lot to cover up information related to this site? You might wonder how archaeologists have been attempting their best to unravel some of the mysteries of the tomb!

There are approximately 40 ‘pyramids’ where the members of the royal families, including kings, emperors, and queens, are housed! The landscape of Xian is constantly changing as it is based along the Wei River. However, some structures do not follow the same rule, so some information is still shrouded in mystery! 

Comment on what you think is why the Chinese government is trying hard to hide the pyramids!

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