Did You Know That You Were In Your Grandmother’s Body?

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It is shocking to know that you were inside your grandmother’s body. Wonder how it is weird that you were inside her along with your mother? She was in the fetus form while you were inside the ovarian follicle!

Read the article to learn how ovarian follicles connect your grandmother, mother, and you in the same string! It is quite significant when developing relationships without worrying about making an effort!

Did You Know That You Were In Your Grandmother’s Body?

Did You Know That You Were In Your Grandmother's Body_

Do you ever wonder why you feel more relatable with your grandmother? If she is still living, do you bond daily on your food preferences, choices in men, or favorite color?

The secret lies in your grandmother’s ovarian follicle! Some relationships are from birth, not just blood!

Ovarian Follicle Of Your Grandmother Is Your Origin!

Ovarian Follicles Of Your Grandmother Is Your Origin!

Well, what I will tell you right now will be more unbelievable than magic! Every female fetus develops all the eggs that she will ever have in her lifetime! Which means your mother was an egg in your grandmother’s ovary! Similarly, you were an egg inside your mother when she was a fetus!

Shocked? Surprised? In reality, when connecting the above prospect that I just described, it means your grandmother already had you inside of her when she was pregnant with your mother! Now you know why you feel so connected with your maternal grandmother. You started your life inside of her!

So basically, when you are pregnant with your child, and if she is a girl, you know that you are carrying your future grandchildren inside you! Not to sound insensitive, but if you are pregnant with a boy, this will not be the case, as boys do not produce sperm until puberty!

The Journey Of A Lifetime: Foetal Oogenesis To Menopause

The Journey Of A Lifetime_ Foetal Oogenesis To Menopause

In fetal life, a female initiates mammalian folliculogenesis! The primordial germ cells (PGCs) migrate to newly formed bipotential gonads from extraembryonic allantois at the gestational week (GW) 8! In the following weeks, the numbers multiply along with the proliferative stem cells.

Later, the primordial follicles grow to 6 to 7 million at GW 20! During the time of birth, only 2 million follicles are left out of most of the follicles. Before puberty, much of the follicles get depleted!

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Ovaries: A Reproductive Organ Or A Time Machine!

Ovaries_ A Reproductive Organ Or A Time Machine!

Women carry time machines in their bodies! Ovary is a time machine, considering it is way ahead of the rest of your body because it has millions of follicles! Fluid-filled sacs, tiny follicles carrying the immature eggs, are already inside the ovary. However, they keep declining at a swift pace!

The rate at which the follicles decline is immediate and non-stop, and by puberty, only 300,000 eggs remain! This is the reason the menopause sets in based on the left follicles.

Once menopause sets in, which differs among women, there is no chance that any follicles will survive that long! In the US, menopause sets in by the age of 51, so there are no follicles left! The eggs used by the human body to get pregnant have traveled for a long time!

Now you know, if you are a woman, you have a time machine in your body. This, however, does put human beings at odds with nature because no other mammals have the issue of menopause except Whales! They are fertile to the end of their life!

Menopause impacts the human body significantly, especially as it integrates with negative health effects due to the withdrawal of hormones! Products such as brittle bones, dementia, stroke, diabetes, and a high probability of cardiovascular disease are observed with the onset of menopause.

Increasing Lifespan

Increasing Lifespan

According to research at the Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity and Equality, launched in 2019 by philanthropist and attorney Nicole Shanahan. In the research, health and longevity related to Ovaries have been intricately studied after receiving $7.4 million in inaugural grants.

Research suggests that the secret of aging is related to Ovaries, especially because ovaries are the body’s organs that ages faster than others! Based on this research, it has been discovered that the ovaries of a middle-aged woman are similar to other tissues of people aged 70 to 80!

Suppose scientists can crack the reason for menopause. In that case, it will not only help in resolving fertility issues but also help in understanding ways in which aging can be slowed along with several other treatments!

Carrying Your Future Generation

Carrying Your Future Generation

The life span of ovaries is quite less compared to other organs in people’s bodies; hence, it is important to learn the secret behind this because it suggests a way to resolve fertility issues in women!

Imagine carrying your future generation in your womb when you get pregnant with your girl child. This is another significant sign of how female bodies are magical in their true sense!

Not only do women have the power to carry a life inside of them and give birth, but they can also carry generations within them. The female fetus goes a long way in contributing to the cycle of birth, so in a way, the secret of life is inside the ovarian follicle!

Grandmother Hypothesis

Grandmother Hypothesis

In 1960, the grandmother hypothesis concept was proposed to address menopause in humans, justifying why they experience it! It states that it is for the evolutionary benefit that menopause sets in older women so that they can take care of the next generation!

The reason it is considered significant for a pregnant woman to be with her parents or parents of couples coming to help them while birthing a child and taking care is that the survival rate increases. The evolutionary measure is to increase the chances of survival!


After learning this shocking fact that you might have been inside your grandmother when she was pregnant, I am sure you are ready to share it with your mother or your grandmother! Please read the article to learn more about ovarian follicles and their impact on women’s bodies!

Did you know ovaries age faster than other organs in the human body? So there is nothing wrong in calling ovaries the time machine, is there?

Comment below on what might happen if we learn why the ovary ages so fast!

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