Half-Bitten Apple: How Steve Jobs Discovered The Apple Logo!

Why Apple logo is half bitten

Do you ever wonder why Apple logo is half bitten? Have you ever heard about the theories that people have worked on over the reasons why the Apple logo is half-bitten? Like Eve’s bite of the apple inspired Apple’s founders?

All these theories will tickle a laugh or two out of you, but do you want to know the real reason for the half-eaten logo of Apple? You must read the article to learn how Steve Jobs discovered the Apple Logo and why the logo is so effective!

Foundation Of Apple!

Foundation Of Apple!

Apple was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs in 1976. Two weeks after the company’s foundation, Ronald Wayne sold his interest for $800. However, Wayne first used Isaac Newton’s reading under an apple tree to illustrate the logo!

Weird. The third co-founder, who was not even a part of the company after the first two weeks, had a hand in integrating Apple as an important part of the logo! Over the years, however, it has changed a lot! Let’s reLet’sout it to know more about evolution.

Technology was becoming a vibe when Apple was founded, and it was the brand’s design, technology, and effectiveness, replacing the troublesome and bulky machines that brought it to the forefront of the market. So, want to know why Apple logo is half eaten?

Half-Bitten Apple_ How Steve Jobs Discovered The Apple Logo!

One of the major reasons Apple as a company and as a brand is so successful is because it unleashed aspiration as a label in the market! How their advertisements and promotions have been designed is a strategy to make people feel how significant it is to own an Apple product!

Owning an Apple product has been turned into a position of power or achievement, leading to people consistently pushing themselves to attain the stature to own an iPhone, a Mac, or an iWatch! The mere Apple phone symbol shows status or can be a symbolization of power!

When we can relate to the innovation and elegance of a brand and its products, don’t you know why Steve Jobs turned the brand logo the way it is? And how was it created? Read more about the evolution of the Apple Logo and its current impact!

Why Was The Brand Named Apple?

Why Was The Brand Named Apple_

Many people theorized that Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs named the brand Apple because they wanted it to appear before Atari in phone books, but this needs to be corrected. Steve Jobs liked the fruit Apple, so he merely named the company after his favorite fruit.

He visited an apple orchard and followed a fruitarian diet, so he suggested the name to Wozniak after he saw the orchard! One of the most successful companies in the world, Apple has created a brand presence that is not just smart branding and promotions but also creating loyalty.

People are ready to spend a lot of money on this brand, and why not? In this cutthroat competitive industry of technology and digitalization, Apple has miraculously become a top dog even after coming face to face with bankruptcy.

How Did The Apple Logo Was Created?

How Did The Apple Logo Was Created_

So, why Apple logo is half bitten? Well, it all started in a small garage in 1976 in California, and today, it is all about customer loyalty and brand awareness. The retail stores of the brand are as exclusive as they go, with the integration of customer support and service to the next level.

With every product purchase, there comes a new experience that keeps the existing users enthralled while encouraging new users to join the Apple family. The Apple logo is an iconic marketing and branding strategy, and its evolution over the years tells an interesting story.

When it all started, the Apple logo was nowhere close to what it looks like today. The third co-founder, Ronald Wayne, chose an image of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree in 1976!

So, why Apple logo is bitten? Read along a bit more to know the reasons! Within a year, Jobs announced that the logo was too old-fashioned, and this is where the bitten apple came through!

Rob Janoff, a graphic designer, was hired by Steve Jobs and was asked to combine the name Apple with creating a logo that has a modern look to it! The bite mark on the apple was more of a geeky take on words as in computer terms, “byte” means ” unit in memory!

Another reason for the bite mark was so that people understand the logo of an apple to that of a cherry. The design was simple with a 2D apple with a bite taken out of it with rainbow color filling it along with the name apple in that bite!

Evolution Of the Apple Logo

In 1984, the logo decreased in size and the name Apple was removed. Steve Jobs was forced out of the company one year after this change. In 1997, Steve Jobs returned as the executives of Apple did not know what to do with the fast-paced bankruptcy staring them in the eye.

In 1998, the logo was changed because of the revamp that Jobs integrated, as he removed the rainbow color and made the half-bitten Apple logo completely black. It went well with the sleek silver computer models. So, now we know why Apple logo is half bitten?

A minimalist approach was taken by Apple as a brand as the colors used in the logo of the different models are silver or gray, black and white. It gives a metallic look and a premium and luxurious representation of the devices used!

One of the most easily recognizable logos in the world alongside Google’s G, Nike’s swoosh, or McDonald’s golden arches!

Why Is The Apple Logo So Effective?

Why Is The Apple Logo So Effective_

Why does the Apple logo work so effectively? Is there any connection between the name of the brand and the visualization that people get when they hear the word “Apple”? The logo design was a smart move on the part of management, especially when they were trying to integrate a representation of the brand.

The logo is so compatible with the name and the brand that it gets reinforced in people’s minds. Of-course, one of the major reasons the Apple logo is so effective is the branding of the company, connecting power, emotion, and status among the users.

Over the years, the logo has developed into a sleek, modern, and stylish design that is simple in its look but integrates a level of cool among the customers. It does work, of-course! There are a lot of customers who buy Apple products due to its market appeal and sophistication.


Now that you know why Apple logo is half bitten, what are your thoughts about the impact of the brand logo in the market? Of-course, the whole purpose of the brand logo and name is to effectively help customers visualize the brand as soon as they hear the word or see it!

Do you believe that the brand Apple inspires people towards power and integrates a sense of achievement when they buy the product?

Comment below about your perspective on why the brand logo was designed the way it is now!

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