From Special Undergarments To Aliens: 7 Things Mormons Believe In!

mormonism vs christianity

A religion that is analogous to Christianity and yet tries hard to create its own identity is Mormonism. People worldwide are involved in discussing Mormonism Vs Christianity to prove which one is correct. But why? Do we need to compare and highlight the shortcomings of religion?

The emotions of people from different religions are hurt, especially regarding questions against their faith! What we are going to do is highlight the beliefs of the Mormons that create their own identity compared to the Christians!

Please read the article to learn more about what is unique about the Mormons and how it sets them apart regarding their identity from the Christians!

From Special Undergarments To Aliens: 7 Things Mormons Believe In!

Special Undergarments To Aliens Things Mormons Believe
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One of the unique things about the religion is that “Mormon” is a nickname given to the actual church members! They are originally known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the term Mormon came from the prophet who compiled the Book of Mormons, kind of like their bible! Oops!

Believing in upliftment, Mormonism considers family life to be their greatest achievement. There are also concerns with the practices of drug abuse, alcohol, divorce, etc., in the modern day considered vices in the faith. The debate between Mormons vs Christians is unending!

Read the article to learn how the faiths of Mormons are often misrepresented! The people are highlighted for all the wrong reasons. Even though I agree that there are some seriously questionable beliefs of the faith that they practice, some are beneficial overall.

7 Things Mormons Believe In!

Things Mormons Believe In
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All the seven things discussed in this article will be detailed and explained regarding the perception of the Mormons. Some questionable practices exist, such as women being expected to wear conservative clothes or divorce not being accepted as normal!

We will also highlight practices such as Mormons being well-educated and knowledgeable to work at well-established positions in professional lives.

For example, several Mormons know more than 3 to 4 languages, confirming their fluency and eloquence in interactive skills! So, the question remains, what do Mormons believe? Read along to find out!

1. Sex Is Prohibited Before Marriage!

Sex Is Prohibited Before Marriage

Did you know Mormons are not allowed to have sex before marriage? The faith is quite strong in their beliefs that engaging in premarital sex is not good! Under any circumstances, members of the Mormon faith are strictly prohibited from being sexually active outside marriage!

Any sexual activities such as touching, kissing, heavy petting, and pornography are judged. As a member of the Mormon church, an individual is essentially asked to abstain from sexual activities before marriage!

Abortion is something that Mormonism does not believe in! They think that the concept of life is sacred, and from the moment it starts, the idea of terminating the pregnancy is equivalent to taking a life gifted by God!

2. The Twilight Saga Is Based On Mormon Beliefs!

The Twilight Saga Is Based On Mormon Beliefs
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Have you watched the vampire movie Twilight or read the books of the series Twilight? It might come as a shock that the story of the books and the films of Twilight is based on the belief of Mormonism regarding celestial marriage.

The author of the book Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, is a Mormon, so it is a natural inspiration based on which the idea of the story developed! It is quite a popular franchise, leading to a huge fan following for films and books.

From her religion, Stephanie Meyer was inspired, and she created the story of a teenager who fell in love with a vampire, married him while being a human, and went on to the afterlife by turning into a vampire, the dead supporting the belief of being bound together in marriage.

3. Polygamy Is For the Afterlife!

Polygamy Is For the Afterlife
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The idea of Polygamy has been entertained by the Mormon community for a long time in the past! It was even legal until the 1890s but was abolished after that! The Latter-Day Saints believed in the principle of plural marriage in heaven!

Even though the Mormonism church views divorce as Evil! Divorce or death is accepted as one of the reasons why Mormon men could marry another woman! The practice of marriage has been identified as celestial according to Mormonism.

According to Mormonism, Polygamy might not be acceptable in the modern world, but fundamentalist Mormons in the U.S. still believe and practice Polygamy! It can be identified as the outdated stereotypical perception of the religion.

The Mormons believe in “spirit life,” where every person is alive in their spirit life before they are born on Earth! So, they all agree on having large families, and they are free to have as many children as they want! This perspective is also a supporting factor in polygamy practices of marriage.

4. Special Underwear Protects Them Against Evil!

Special Underwear Protects Them Against Evil
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Certain clothing pieces are worn by Mormons that set them apart from others. One such clothing item is the “temple garment,” or the undergarment, designed to protect the Mormon members from evil and temptation.

A lot of them also believe in spiritual protection through their underwear! The clothing is more important than just a symbolic representation.

5. The Aliens Do Exist!

The Aliens Do Exist

It sounds ostentatious, but the Mormon members believe in extraterrestrial life! However, their justification is mostly based on their religious beliefs and practices. They inform that according to their faith, there are several planets created by God!

In the grand design of things, there are several other intelligent lives on other planets, which all have their version of faith and founder!

6. God Was A Man First!

God Was A Man First
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According to the Mormon faith, God was a man first! To become God, he went through the process of exaltation to Godhood. It is also believed in Mormonism that any human can become God if they go through the phase of exaltation to Godhood.

The reason that Mormons give when it comes to this belief is that humanity is the roadmap that creates the path to Godliness! Similarly, if church members aspire to be God, they must perform certain practices according to their faith.

7. Alcohol Is Not Allowed To Mormons!

Alcohol Is Not Allowed To Mormons

Mormons believe in a healthy lifestyle, and one such practice that they follow to maintain their health is not to drink alcohol or smoke! As a religion, they are working towards a healthy life by only eating vegetables and fruits. They take very little meat in their diet!

The average life expectancy in the U.S. has been calculated as 78 years old, while among Mormons, the life expectancy has been 84 for men and 86 for women! One of the major reasons for higher life expectancy among Mormons is due to their healthy lifestyle.

It is a known fact that there are negative impacts of both alcohol and caffeine-based drinks! Most core Mormon practitioners avoid both these types of drinks and try to keep to their herbal tea.

Keep Getting Surprised…

When discussing the uniqueness of characteristics between Mormonism and Christianity, it is important to remember the significance of each religion and its impact! A faith that is quite strict in its approach can be questioned based on some of its beliefs and practices.

It is one of the third largest growing religions in the world, but there are also concerns about its effectiveness in the modern world!

Comment down below about your perception of Mormonism practices and beliefs.

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