7 Things You Should Never Do After Getting Baptized!

things not to do after baptism

You were wondering whether to get Baptism done. What do you think is the significance of the Baptism ritual in Christianity? Along with the importance, you should also know about things not to do after Baptism!

Want to know what happens when you get baptized? In the blog, we discuss the ritual of Baptism and details about ten things you should never do after getting baptized. The ritual is a pathway to a new life where God guides you.

Many of us feel closer to God, and it seems like Baptism can be highlighted as rebirth. But you should also remember that in no way should you act religiously. It should come naturally to you, so read the blog more to understand the dos and don’ts of Baptism.

How To Get Baptized?

Before we get to the point where I tell you about ten things you avoid doing after your Baptism, let’s go through the process! Many people are nervous about the ritual, so you need to have a clear idea and perception.

In the process, the individual who gets their Baptism will be completely immersed in water. The process is led as an example of how Jesus underwent the process and then went out of the water. The term “baptize” is a Greek word that means “to immerse or dip under water”!

It is through the book of Acts that we get to know that even Christ was baptized. Before he ascended to the Father, he informed all his disciples about the Great Commission and gave instructions.

7 Things You Should Never Do After Getting Baptized!

So, some things should not be done after Baptism because it weakens your bond with God! As many Christians will tell you, the relationship with God and the purpose behind your life is better defined with Baptism.

But of course, your relationship with the Almighty is completely your decision; therefore, read about some things you might stop doing if you understand Baptism and its importance. Temptation is also a part of people’s perception.

Certain things are crucial for your faith if you are a devout Christian. Having Baptism is a part of that faith! It is also necessary to realize that certain practices in our daily lives might not be a positive step in our lives.

Baptism teaches us the same thing, especially with certain negative and unhealthy practices and beliefs! Read along about the ten things that you should never do once you have got your Baptism.

1. Cursing And Abusing People

After Baptism, you should not abuse or curse people. Using curses or abuse is a negative approach. It is being entertained mostly by people who are quite aggressive or violent, so the important part is to control your emotions effectively.

It is also important to remember that it is quite insulting to curse and abuse! It also hurts people when they hear bad words from other people. Commitment is, therefore, important because Baptism is a sacred event.

2. Having Unhealthy Relationships

Maintaining healthy relationships is an important path that keeps your soul pure and holy! So, if you have a relationship with people with evil intentions, entertain negative communications, and commence ill thoughts about others, you must cut them off.

Being immersed in water, you have been given a new life. Hence, it is your responsibility not to say, do, or encourage any unclean activities that go against ethical and moral obligations. Surround yourself with people who believe in healthy relationships, support each other, and have faith.

3. Being Hypocritical

Hypocrisy is analogous to passing judgment about others, especially about others. People who believe in baptized prayers should always stay clean when it comes to judging others. They should not be severe towards others as being deceitful; instead, they should be supportive!

4. Passing Judgment On Others

Do not try to judge others based on what you think, feel, or see! After being baptized, you become someone who should be happy with your position and stature. Judgment is also a symbol of jealousy, so never judge someone to demean them.

Baptism is a ritual that humbles people, so they have that experience with an open mind and pure soul. Do not judge others after you go through the experience.

5. Not offering Gratitude

Gratitude is an important part of Christian life, so when you go through water baptism, you should be grateful for the whole experience. Furthermore, it is important to be happy and content with the meaning and purpose of your life.

You should be thankful for the experience you have received from Baptism and stay grateful to God. It is also important not to neglect people and the practice, especially when giving thanks to elders, family, friends, and the Almighty.

6. Gossiping

Another action you should never do, especially when you have undergone a baptized experience, is gossiping. It would be best to consider the significance of silence and how it influences your overall life.

By gossiping, you endanger communication between you and your neighbor, who can be anyone! False testimony or information being passed around is a big negative life action, especially after being baptized.

7. Being Aggressive And Violent

Violence and aggressiveness are a huge NO for any human on earth! And yet, some people use violence to get their way or use it to manipulate others. You should never be violent at any level of provocation.

Considering Baptism connects your flesh to that of Christ, you have to respect the union and the bond. Knowing the rules to follow after Baptism is important to be careful about what to do and what not to do!

Apart from the different things you must not do regarding Baptism, I want to highlight that these crucial things might impact your perspective on getting Baptism. It is normal for you to fear getting baptized because it is an important ritual, not a casual one.

However, I suggest you read the “Reasons why you are afraid of getting baptized” article to understand better how the fear can be managed.

Finishing Off…

We should remember specific things not to do after Baptism. We all have our own beliefs, not necessarily the same faith or conditions, but ultimately, if you are a Christian and have gone through Baptism, try to follow these rules.

The dos and don’t help you feel more in sync with God and your purpose in life. Having Baptism means you are ready for your spiritual progress.

Comment below on what you think of people without baptism experience or thinking about God!

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