Flat Earthers: Meet The People That Believe The Earth Is Flat!

Flat earth

Did you know that people in the world, whole communities, believe in the concept of flat Earth? Have you heard about the conspiracy theories offered by them? Do you believe in them? Do you want to know more about Flat Earthers, who believe in flat Earth?

Read the article to learn more about flat Earth, considering the concept is not archaic! People of the 19th and 20th centuries believed in this concept very much. Biblical literalism encourages and motivates some of it!

Mostly, whether the Earth is flat comes from the belief that the Earth is a large disc-shaped world! The opinion further goes on to establish that the moon and the sun are quite small compared to Earth circling it!

Flat Earthers: Meet The People That Believe The Earth Is Flat!

Flat Earthers_ Meet The People That Believe The Earth Is Flat!

Flat Earthers consider Earth a large disc-shaped planet, and at a certain point, it will collapse with its gravity to form a sphere such as stars, moons, and other planets! Even with all the scientific proof and evidence provided by science, they do not believe any of it or do not trust it!

A wide range of natural phenomena cannot be explained by the flat Earth theory either, and there is no clear justification of the solar system for Flat Earthers! At times, it might feel like all inventive forces and made-up excuses to explain the issues identified by science.

And yet, there is evidence that flat earth concepts, such as the flat Earth Bible verses, support it or that the surface of the water body is flat worldwide! Blah blah and blah…and yet we cannot completely debunk the flat earth theory, or can we?

Give this blog a read to learn why Flat Earthers believes in a flat earth concept! I will also highlight their insights so that we can consider their perspectives. But in the end, it is the scientifically proven fact that persists and is the actual truth!

Everything Starts From Distrust!

Everything Starts From Distrust!

People sometimes believe in conspiracy theories more than science, especially when instability surrounds them! For issues where people are confused and uncertain, conspiracy theories help them experience assertiveness and power.

In the last few years, conspiracy theories in the US have considerably increased, including Flat Earth theories. Based on the political and civil unrest in Trump’s presidency and the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis and the instability among people increased physically and mentally!

Flat Earth theory is one such approach that can be highlighted as a conspiracy theory, especially after the route it has taken from its surge in 2015. The conspiracy comes mainly from distrusting the authorities and people who wield power.

Flat Earthers or those who believe that Earth is flat consider there is no gravity! The testimonials of astronauts and inventions of scientists are believed to be false by the Flat Earth communities. Let’s evaluate the topic more to have a broader sense of who exactly are the Flat Earthers!

Who Are Flat Earthers?

Who Are Flat Earthers_

People believing in the conspiracy theories related to flat Earth are known as Flat Earthers! It is a curious theory even after the shape, and the planet’s circumference has been proven consistently by scientists.

In the 1950s, a fringe society formed that insisted that flat Earth is a truth! Modern-day believers believe that Earth is flat disc-shaped and claim that the space pictures of Earth taken from space are hoaxes! They are trying to establish their beliefs through flat Earth proof!

They also believe that governments are manipulating people through authority, power, and information and data manipulation. Several communities advocate the Flat Earth theory and conspiracy concerns.

However, the Flat Earth Society is often highlighted as a government-sponsored organization that tries to oppress the Flat Earth conspiracy theories. The organization was established in 1956, has a huge following, and believes in debunking all scientific explanations of flat earth theory!

Daniel Shenton is the current president of the Flat Earth Society who lives in Hong Kong! Robbie Davidson organizes the yearly Flat Earth International Conferences, which conforms to the Biblical worldview!

Flat Earther Community!

Flat Earther Community!

The debate between Earth’s spherical shape and the planet’s pancake shape has been going on for decades! From ancient times, people have been confused regarding the Earth’s shape! The Greeks, early Hebrews, ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and Sumerians believed in the flat earth concept.

Later, during the early modern and medieval times, some astronomers, scientists, and philosophers such as Copernicus, Magellan, Galileo, Roger Bacon, and Columbus established that the Earth is round. Later, further scientists worked to gain scientific and logical facts!

Samuel Birley Rowbotham founded the modern flat-earth movement in the 1850s. Charles Johnson continued the campaign, and William Carpenter took the movement forward. There is an International Flat Earth Research Society situated in Lancaster, California, which Charles Johnson directs!

The Insight Behind Flat Earth Science!

The Insight Behind Flat Earth Science!

A small number of believers worldwide believe in flat earth theory. At first glance, some factors will completely throw you off when you go into the details!

The flat earth theory helps you calculate the appearance of eclipses accurately! According to the theory, Earth is more of a phonograph record with the North Pole at the center. They believe there is no south pole; instead, the equator is a circle halfway between a wall of ice!

Yes, there is also this belief that there is a rim of a 150-foot-high wall of ice across it, which nobody has crossed! Game of Thrones vibe, anyone? Do you want to enlist in the Night Watch?


They are not just stopping at that! They also believe that there is no gravitation! Considering that, they think that in nature, geography has an “up” and a “down” setting because if the planet were round, the people living in Australia would have been hanging by their feet!

It is also where the conspiracy theory comes in, as the space program is considered a fraud! The community claims that a well-known science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke, has written and directed the Apollo moon project as a Hollywood scenario, and there is no reality to it!

Around The World…

Flat Earth in modern times is not just a tale of legends or myths; some people are involved in the theories and invest their resources to prove them correct. All aside, let’s get our facts accurate, considering there are major flaws in the justifications given by the Flat Earthers!

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With the flat earth theory, the solar system, the shape of continents and oceans, and the distance between them will all be distorted. It is, therefore, important to realize that the flat earth theory was debunked by science long ago, yet people are inventive and make excuses to justify their conspiracy theories!

Comment below about your belief, and the planet’s round or flat shape for you is the reality!

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