Do You Wonder Are Drunk Words Sober Thoughts? 

are drunk words sober thoughts

This is a question that you might have when a close friend insults you when they are drunk or when your partner while being drunk says that your words hurt him. Of course, your thoughts are impacted, leading you to think! You wonder, are drunk words sober thoughts?

It is a known fact that the inhibitions of an individual lowers significantly when they drink alcohol! So, what do you think words coming out of a drunk individual hold any importance or value? In this article, I will highlight this aspect and try to find facts!

We as humans often say, “Blame it on the alcohol,” so that we are not directly held accountable for our words or actions! So is it just an excuse, or is alcohol a truth serum? Let us go into the short-term and long-term effects on the body and brain after alcohol abuse! 

Do You Wonder Drunk Words Sober Thoughts?

Do You Wonder Drunk Words Sober Thoughts_

When evaluating the impact of alcohol on a sober mind, you need to consider it based on experiences, historical evidence, and neurological perception. It is important that an individual has their personality, and there is less of a chance that they will speak the truth when drunk.

If an individual is honest, they will speak the truth in any possible conditions. However, they can’t talk about the fact that they are drunk! When evaluating the overall approach of an intoxicated individual, you cannot confidently say that what they are saying is all true.

When drinking, of course, individuals have good times because drinking is a fun and entertaining experience. No one sits and drinks with people they do not enjoy or like, so at times, the exchange of words can be a little emotional and connected, giving lives an honest vibe.

Therefore, speaking from the heart might come naturally when you drink. However, there is no evidence that it is mandatory or something that must happen.

What Does Experience Say About Drunk Words Being Sober Thoughts?

What Does Experience Say About Drunk Words Being Sober Thoughts_

Based on the experiences of people, there is no change in drunk people even when they tend to slurring their words or losing their balance while walking. It is important to remember that experiences play an important role in the pop-psychological sense.

Therefore, it is significant when evaluating the personality traits based on Freudian terms that there is no change in a drunk individual, which might bring out truth or honesty. 

You have to understand the importance of unlocking significant characteristics through impulses. However, it doesn’t seem so in drunk people! Therefore, there is no proof that when a person is intoxicated, they speak honestly.

History Also Agrees!

When evaluating a drunk individual and whether they speak the truth, I will approach it from a historical point of view. From the historical perspective, one example I can draw is the conquest of Alexander the Great, where drinking contests among the soldiers were quite common.

It is through the evaluation of these contests that it has been observed that there is no intention of speaking the truth while drunk. “Sober heart” is what they said regarding the alcohol poisoning, but in no context was it proved that drunk words brought out true thoughts!

Neuroscience Says No, Too!

According to Neuroscience, the personality of an individual does not have any shift after drinking alcohol! Even though it might feel like one, the reports of sober observers of the drunk people at the University of Missouri, according to the team of scientists, there is no such change or shift.

What Is Alcohol?

What Is Alcohol_

Alcohol is a drink that has the drug ethanol in it! A liquid substance has a psychoactive substance, Ethanol, which can make individuals feel drunk. If you need to know what Ethanol is, it is created after yeast breaks down sugar in different foods!

When you try to ferment food items, such as grains and fruits, using yeast, the sugar content reacts with the yeast. Ethanol comes out of this reaction, and it is used in the making of alcohol; hence, when it is consumed, it affects your body in different ways.

You might feel like it stimulates you when you first consume it, but the more you drink it, the more your body will slow down. So, alcohol is a depressant that slows down your body, such as speaking, heart rate, consciousness, and breathing. 

For example, you will see some people, after getting drunk, start slurring their words. This is due to the consciousness slowing down; alcohol acts as a depressant for your body and consciousness! So, to learn further, you have to know about the short and long-term effects of Alcohol use.

Short-Term Impacts Of Alcohol!

Short-Term Impacts Of Alcohol!

When you are drinking regularly, for social events, or suffer from an actual alcohol use disorder, the short-term impacts are something that you experience. One of the major reasons for alcohol having effects on the human body and mind is that the human liver can only metabolize one glass of alcohol in an hour!

How does your blood alcohol level (BAC) increase significantly? When you drink more than one drink of alcohol, you become intoxicated because your liver is unable to process it together. Of course, the height, liver function, weight, gender, health, and size of an individual matters when it comes to short-term impacts!

Even the personal experiences of an individual matters when drinking alcohol! A lot of individuals might be able to handle their alcohol in their initial experiences of drinking. At the same time, many are unable to manage it, even in their repeated attempts at drinking.

There are several short-term impacts of alcohol use and abuse, such as blacking out, mood swings, having trouble concentrating, vomiting, core body temperature decreased significantly and increased blood pressure. 

Long-Term Impacts Of Alcohol!

Long-Term Impacts Of Alcohol!

Now, we come back to the long-term impacts of abusing alcohol because it is not quite healthy for your body and mind. Chronic health issues happen if you consume a large quantity of alcohol over a long period. It will ruin relationships, be it in your personal and professional lives!

At times, drinking alcohol gives you the courage to say things that you might not say otherwise. Mostly, being drunk might hamper your personal life because you have no control over what you are saying! Chronicle abuse will lead to chronic behavior of unhealthy approach towards life, be it in behavior or attitude.

In this drunk behavior, an individual might say something they wouldn’t otherwise. Considering the way drunk people might affect your perception and the abuse might lead to addiction to alcohol. People might experience cardiomyopathy, stroke, irregular heartbeat, loss of attention span, loss of brain matter, inflammation of the liver, and others!

Furthermore, there are other long-term impacts of alcohol on physical and mental health as follows:

  • Liver fibrosis or chronic liver disease
  • Throat cancer, esophageal, colorectal, liver, breast, larynx or mouth cancer
  • Alcohol hepatitis or inflammation of the liver
  • Trouble learning new things
  • Loss of attention span
  • High blood pressure

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Body?

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Body_

There are several negative body effects when an individual constantly abuses alcohol! This contributes to your life energy along with your mortality. Many body parts, along with bodily systems, get serious impacts after the chronic abuse of alcohol continues!

You have to be aware of the effects of Alcohol abuse so that you can become aware of the precautions you must take! Let me describe below how alcohol abuse impacts you on an overall level of physical and mental health!

Digestive System

Alcohol consumption regularly develops a lining in the stomach of a person, which will affect the digestive system. Your stomach might produce excessive stomach acids compared to normal body requirements, leading to ulcers.

Our digestive system is responsible for breaking down, absorbing, transporting, storing, and excreting foods and liquids along with nutrients. However, alcohol has the power to negatively impact the digestion process, leading to a deficiency in nutrients.

Your body also struggles to maintain the blood sugar level and quotient in the body if you constantly consume alcohol and become addicted to it. 

Central Nervous System

The central nervous system significantly suffers from alcohol abuse because people suffer from a deficiency of common nutrients such as Vitamin B and thiamine. With the shortage of these nutrients in your body, you might develop a condition of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.

This condition has several symptoms, such as trouble learning or remembering! Poor coordination and confusion are other common symptoms of this syndrome. The liver disease from alcohol abuse also harms the brain.

You will be experiencing sleep issues if you chronically abuse alcohol, along with depression, incoordination, impaired concentration, and changes in personality and mood. If there is an extreme level of alcohol abuse, your brain, at one point, will stop developing new brain cells.

Reproductive Health System

Excessive consumption of alcohol will lead to developing reproductive health issues because it can directly impact your reproductive organs. There are significant signs, such as menstruation being irregular in women and erectile dysfunction among men!

Overall, regular and heavy drinking for a long-term period has a high probability of negatively impacting your fertility. Also, if a woman is pregnant, they should not drink alcohol because the likelihood of miscarriage increases. 

There might be other outcomes, such as children whose mother has abused alcohol during pregnancy, has suffered from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), or might be born stillbirth.

Cardiovascular Health System

The heart is an important organ of our body; they say a glass of wine benefits the body! However, if a glass turns into four, leading to a chronic drinking habit, it can be severely harmful to the person’s heart. Along with the heart condition, the individual might also suffer from high blood pressure.

If you are someone who has been developing a habit of drinking often, you should become careful because your heart might face difficulties in pumping blood across the body. If your heart is facing problems pumping blood, there are several conditions, such as stroke, blood clots, and heart attack. 

There is also a condition where a heart muscle is stretched out or sagged out, known as cardiomyopathy. Excessive alcohol drinking might result in cardiomyopathy! There is also a condition of anemia, which is increased with chronic alcohol abuse.


Harmful substances are produced by the pancreas, especially when you regularly abuse alcohol! These substances lead to an inflamed pancreas, and you might suffer from digestive issues after the inflammation. An inflamed pancreas also results in the condition of pancreatitis!


When you chronically drink alcohol, you might develop an imbalance in your body, especially in the calcium quotient in your body. It might also impact vitamin D production by disrupting it. Considering calcium is significant to the human body, alcohol abuse will negatively impact your body.

Your bones get strong with calcium, while vitamin D is necessary for the body as it helps in absorbing calcium. Hence, chronic consumption of alcohol might contribute to your suffering from osteoporosis. 


This is the body organ that gets affected by excessive alcohol abuse! It is because the liver metabolizes alcohol, which enters the body. Hence, it experiences a huge negative impact. The liver can become scarred and inflamed if you regularly abuse alcohol!

With the regular abuse of alcohol, there are several health conditions, such as fibrosis, liver disease, fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver cancer, alcoholic hepatitis, and liver disease, which might be the outcome. 

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Mind?

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Mind_

Do you wonder about the effects of alcohol regarding long-term harm? I have already shared with you the short-term impact on your brain from alcohol abuse from Ethanol; however, it is the long-term effect that is a cause for concern. 

Your brain cells might not function properly as Ethanol is induced from alcohol consumption, leading to the loosening of your inhibitions. Reduced inhibitions might lead to you speaking up whatever pops in your head first. However, you need to remember that they might not all be in complete honesty.

There is no guarantee that the popped-up thoughts are as honest as they come! Indeed, People often repress a lot of their thoughts, which might have several reasons behind them. They might think that others will feel bad about it, or sometimes the thoughts are too negative to share.

However, with alcohol consumption, the brain experiences a temporary blackout! At times, you might also experience memory loss if you drink too much alcohol!

Finishing Off…

We all know drunkenness is a part of personality, especially because it is not a passive process. When reading about alcohol addiction, do you consider drunk words sober thoughts? When you drink, you let go of the dormant desires, especially because of the active chemical process!

However, it does not become compulsory for a drunk individual to always speak the truth! Or rather speaking out the truth because they could not control themselves. After you read the article, what do you think about drunk people losing their intuition because of alcohol?

Do you wonder if it is a drug that can genuinely impact your mental state along with the psychological influence? Comment on what you think about drunk people speaking the truth without any control over it.

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