Did You Know Rasputin Penis Is Believed To Be Floating In A Jar!   

rasputin penis

Have you heard about the “mad monk” Grigori Rasputin, the self-styled holy monk working in the Russian royal court? There is a Boney M song about the man and how he was known as the “Russia’s greatest love machine”! If you haven’t heard, you do not need to worry.

In this article, I have brought to you some of the shocking information about the man along with clearing out the myths and rumors about his penis! Rasputin might be known as a monk but he was actually a charming and a dangerous man with many followers.

His reputation is what brought him into the limelight! Many doubted that he was the lover of the queen while many thought he was a seducer of other royal ladies! If you are curious about him, give this article a read!

Did You Know Rasputin Penis Is Believed To Be Floating In A Jar!   

Who was Grigori Rasputin? If he was a monk then why is his penis so much into news? Why are people discussing about Rasputin’s flaccid member so much? Was he actually someone who was popular for his womanizing tendencies? In the article, I am going to answer it all!

Apart from the controversy surrounding Rasputin penis, I will also highlight what is the origin of the rumors along with how diabolical the controversy was that it continues till this day. It was in the 1920s when the mystical penis was talked about!

A group of Russin immigrants first claimed that they were in possession of his 12 inch penis! These immigrants were living in France and claimed that the severed member of Rasputin had the power to grant fertility as a blessing. The word spread regarding this leading to his daughter Maria taking possession of it!

However, it was later that an American collector in 1994 claimed to have got the severed member from the late woman’s estate sale only to discover that it was a dried-up sea cucumber! What is ultimately the fate of Rasputin penis.

Rasputin Was Known As The Mad Monk!  

The Mad monk of Tobolsk or is it the Grigori Rasputin? The popular Russian monk was brought to the royal court of Russia in 1918 before he was assassinated! The claim was that it was the Russian queen, Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna who asked for the mad monk to treat her hemophiliac son!

Alexei, the son of the Queen, was the purpose for Rasputin. However, it was rumored that he got involved or rather seduced the Queen. This made several enemies for him at the court, leading to an assassination attempt on him! However, we do not have any evidence that these claims are correct.

When talking about his death, it is a confusing account, especially when it comes to what happened in the end! Apparently he had been warned and he still did not pay heed to the warnings!

Death Of Rasputin…  

Apart from the womanizing reputation of the man, he had many enemies, especially when in 1014, tensions were so ripe! There were tensions in and around the royal circles and people were spooked with little or no actions. The mystic monk has already created his place on the court after 11 years!

It was on 30 December 1916 that even after warning he went to meet a group of nobles who then took him to a basement and fed him a cake laced with cyanide. The accounts do not match after this considering some people say he died and then was dumped into the river.

There are some accounts that say that the poison had no effect on him so people had to fire 4 rounds of shots at him as he ran to leave the building. Some also say that one shot was from point-blank range. Yet he did not die! Apparently people had to resort to drowning!

However, if you go by logic, he was dead before he went into the river! Based on the postmortem, his body was wounded heavily and later due to drowning, the body went on to have a deteriorating condition.

Where Is The Rasputin Penis?  

According to the records, it has been stated that the Rasputin penis is owned by the Museum of Russian Erotica which is in St. Petersburg. Apparently, the claim is that it belongs to Rasputin; however, it is a very far-fetched idea.

The owner of the museum claims that he has paid about $8,000 for the penis so that it can be displayed. The claim is also about the member’s size which is 12 inches however, experts who have gone through it and studied it claim that the meat possibly belongs to a horse or a cow!

This is a legend or a myth that has been entertained all this while to make it more significant for the audience. Apparently, the actual Rasputin penis had a fate that was very inconsequential as compared to being kept in a jar for the world on display.

What Is The Legend Revolving Rasputin Penis?  

The subject of his death and circumstances revolving around it is clearly quite mysterious especially because of the assassination on 30 December 1916. It was in the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg that the assassination was attempted!

Apparently his urge to live was so hard that he was fighting for his dear life. However, he died immediately after drowning. In a memoir by Yusupov which has been quoted by the Smithsonian Magazine, it has been stated that “This devil who was dying of poison, who had a bullet in his heart, must have been raised from the dead…” his refusal to die was a serious concern and was highlighted oftentimes.

His body was actually retrieved from the river after he was submerged! His death was quite gruesome and violent; however, according to the coroner’s report his penis was completely intact. So be very aware of all probabilities and advertisements surrounding Rasputin penis!

In the public records, clearly nothing happened to Rasputin’s penis hence, every claim of displaying the “mad monk” genitalia is a fraud practice. The rumors regarding his penis started after he died and to this day have continued!

Finishing Off…  

After you read about the fate of Rasputin penis, do you think there is an once of truth in it all? You have to remember that he was found in the River Neva which is freezing so to keep a penis intact after all this time so as to put it in a jar and display in a museum is nearly impossible.

What do you think is the reason Rasputin was murdered and how it impacted his future perception and growth?

Comment on the fraudulent activity by the Museum owners to increase the value of their property!

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