9 Bizarre Facts About North Korea That No One Knows About!  

North Korea vs South Korea

Do you know anything about North Korea vs South Korea? Read the article to learn about the oppressive tyranny that goes on in North Korea! At times, it is curious how North Korea is so severely against everything that symbolizes South Korea.

In this article, I will discuss how some of the practices in North Korea are so extreme that they cross the bizarre and go straight into unethical and sometimes oppressive!

9 Bizarre Facts About North Korea That No One Knows About!  

9 Bizarre Facts About North Korea That No One Knows About!

Are you curious about North Korea, just like me? This is one Country we know so little about! The Country is so secretive all the time, and how they treat modern changes piques my interest. Read more about the nine listed bizarre facts of North Korea and judge for yourself!

1. Blue Jeans Are Not Allowed!  

Blue Jeans Are Not Allowed!

In North Korea, you cannot wear blue jeans! Blue jeans are illegal in North Korea as per the policy of the government. While the citizens are informed that blue jeans are a symbol of American imperialism.

Across North Korea, people and the authorities believe that blue jeans are a sign of imperialism! So if you are visiting North Korea, leave all the blue jeans behind, and forget even wearing your favorite pair of levis!

2. There Are Limited Numbers Of Haircut For Women!  

There Are Limited Numbers Of Haircut For Women!

Women in North Korea cannot cut their hair due to their own choice! According to the government, unmarried women must always have smaller haircuts. They are not allowed to have longer hair so they must keep it small. While for married women, there are a limited number of haircuts allowed.

Married women are allowed to cut their hair! The mere consideration of the government that the women will only follow fifteen government-approved hairstyles in North Korea is shocking! Well, now you realize how the women in North Korea receive privilege? Or are they? Is it bizarre or clear tyranny?

3. Being A Traffic Cop Is A Dream Job For Korean Women!  

Being A Traffic Cop Is A Dream Job For Korean Women!

What do you think is the dream job of women in North Korea? One of the most sought-after jobs in North Korea for women is being a traffic police!

if you are woman in North Korea, you will get a job as a traffic police! If you are tall and are attractive, the position of traffic police is yours, It is bizarre, isn’t it? How women are objectified concerning the position of traffic cop, especially when they have to be tall and beautiful!

There is another weird fact: a complete fan site dedicated to these beautiful and tall women who direct traffic at Pyongyang, the Country’s capital.

4. The Three Generation Punishment Rule!  

The Three Generation Punishment Rule!

In North Korea, three generations of punishment rules apply to every citizen. This is shocking and a literal sense of abuse of human rights! If you have committed a crime or are guilty of something, even if it is not your fault, punishment is due!

As an individual in North Korea, if you are caught for your crime, you are sent to a prison camp. Along with you, other members of you family are sent to the prison camp, the three generations of the family.

In North Korea, the parents and grandparents receives punishment! Along with individuals who have done a crime. One of the most bizarre and scary facts that many people might not know about!

5. A Dictatorship runs the Country!  

A Dictatorship runs the Country!

A dictatorship rules North Korea! It has been over 70 years since the Country was under tyranny, and currently, the nation’s leader is Kim Jong-un! He took over power from the dictatorship in 2011.

The three generation of Kim Family are ruling, a dynastic dictatorship officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!

The way leadership is present in North Korea, it is quite strict, restrictive and unexpected. Kim Jong-un rules along with the Supreme People’s Assembly President, Choe Ryong Hae, and Premier Kim Tok Hun.

6. There Are Limited Websites To Access In North Korea!  

There Are Limited Websites To Access In North Korea!

The internet is strictly restricted in North Korea! If you are a citizen of North Korea, you are not allowed to use the internet or portable internet devices. The Government of North Korea has limited government-controlled websites, 28 to be precise! you can access all of them!

The authorities in North Korea only allow the citizens of North Korea to use and view the limited websites! It is the intranet also known as “Bright” or “Kwangmyong.” that is avaiable!

You need to have funds for accessing the intranet and permission from the government to buy a laptop. I bet you didn’t know this bizarre fact.

7. Human Waste Is Used As Fertilizer!  

Human Waste Is Used As Fertilizer!

Due to political issues between South Korea and North Korea, South Korea stopped sending fertilizers in 2008. This severely impacted the agricultural growth of North Korea, so the government issued a decree based on the policy for the people.

The new law stated that all citizens of North Korea have to collect their poop which measures around 220 pounds annually per individual!

They must hand over to the authorities to help the Country and their agricultural initiatives. Did you know anything about this bizarre fact?

8. You Cannot Listen To K-Pop Music In North Korea!  

You Cannot Listen To K-Pop Music In North Korea!

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, hates K-pop with a passion and has forbidden all things K-pop. The Country as a ruler has informed all citizens of North Korea to stay away from music, film, and fashion.

They try their best to prevent the North Koreans from any influences from the outside world, including South Korea. It is more like a warning as the leader has highlighted K-Pop as a cancer that corrupts young people with their trending practices based on speeches, hairstyles, attire, and other aspects.

Apart from K-pop, you cannot listen to any other music in North Korea. It was in 2015 that a decree issued by Kim Jong-un scrapped CDs and all cassette tapes! People only listen to songs about political ideas promoting the government’s agenda.

Seven people were killed in the last decade for distributing K-Pop videos or watching them! The atmosphere in North Korea is restrictive, and the authorities have banned most of the content from the outside world! What can be more bizarre than this?

9. To Buy A Laptop, You Have To Take Permission!  

To Buy A Laptop, You Have To Take Permission!

When in North Korea, you need permission from the government of North Korea to buy a laptop. Recently, there have been recent thefts in government offices of laptop computers that held sensitive information.

You cannot use memory chips and portable computer devices in North Korea. People knows about this policy from post offices, town offices, train stations, judicial and military authorities.

These restrictions have led the laptop to become a difficult object to access and buy in North Korea. Weird. Did you know this strange fact?

Keep Getting Surprised…  

Now that you know some of the North Korea vs South Korea issues, you learn the different aspects that make North Korea so bizarre. The leadership in North Korea influences the citizens to lead their lives according to their policies.

Comment below on what you think means with all the restrictions when North Korea integrates into their citizen’s life.

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