Nolan’s Interstellar: The Scientific Phenomenon Of White Hole!

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What could look like a white hole? We do not know how a black hole looks up close as everything is sucked right in if it goes too close to the gravitational force! Read the article to learn about how strong the gravitational pull of a black hole is!

It is important because only after developing a certain sense of the conceptualization of a black hole can you learn and figure out what a white hole is! Initially, White Holes as an entity were only expected as a general theoretical concept, but recently, some theorists have informed that it might not be the case.

It is being said that these holes do exist, and things come of it, while in black holes, nothing as such happens. The way the white and the black holes work is quite similar but in reverse order!

In the article, I will discuss the concept of a white hole, how it works, and how much the movie Interstellar got it right.

Is Any Of It Real: White Hole Or Black Hole?

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According to Physicists, a White Hole is best described as the reverse of a black hole, where time goes backward. So, in a black hole, there is a sphere, which is an event horizon for no return! This means that anything goes is going to travel through time!

The gravitational effects of a black hole are so high that anything that crosses the event horizon of the black hole cannot return! Similarly, anything close to the event horizon cannot cross, so there is no admission.

So basically, you will never be able to reach the event horizon of a white hole! The region will not allow any spacecraft to come closer. The inside of the hole is completely cut out from the outer world so that no disturbance will influence the knowledge of it.

The differences between the black and white holes are quite real. So, let’s discuss the white hole vs black hole to understand better. Hence, I will write this article with inspiration from Interstellar and a little hope that time travel is real. Keep reading to find out…

Nolan’s Interstellar: The Scientific Phenomenon Of White Hole!

The Scientific Phenomenon Of White Hole
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Simulation plays an important role in the movie Interstellar. Moreover, the fictional Black holes in the movie were designed under the guidance and supervision of an astrophysicist, Kip Thorne.

The scientist was confident that he would keep the facts correct even if they were fiction-based. So, when you try to learn about the phenomena of white holes, there are times when the visual representation in the movie has been more impactful than years of theoretical data.

The way the storyline developed, clearly they were trying to integrate physics and fiction, but is there any truth to it? Was there any reference concerning the simulation and how close their concept felt to the idea of a white hole and a black hole?

What Are White Holes: Neglected Long Enough?

What Are White Holes Neglected Long Enough
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To talk about these, you need to talk about the Black holes because they are quite similar in functionality. The theoretical opposite of a black hole is a white hole, so the same calculation goes for both the white and the black hole’s existence.

So, what is a white hole? What is not yet confirmed is the sighting of one white hole; however, it is not completely theoretical anymore as physicists are working on it while theorists inform that the white hole will look opposite but similar to that of a white hole.

A black hole is not visible! No physicist can locate it because it does not emit any radiation or light. There is no visual mass around it. However, it is just like a pull of gravity. The scientist explains the phenomena concerning how the gravitational effects of the black hole impact other stellar bodies.

This is how astronauts can spot the black hole by observing the gravitational pull, but what about the white holes? It is supposed to be light oozing out of the circle, anti-gravitational ejecting everything out, the opposite of a black hole.

Does White Hole Exist?

Does White Hole Exist
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The question remains! Is there a white hole, just a black hole existing in our galaxy? It is a well-discussed aspect and belief that a black hole is at the center of every galaxy in the universe, having an intense gravitational field around it.

The prospect of a white hole existing in the galaxy raises eyebrows! So, is there any evidence of the white hole in the universe? We are today because of the Big Bang, so there is a theoretical perspective on the opposite end of a black hole.

If there is one, the white hole ejects a lot of energy; hence, many theorists doubt that the white hole is an exit of the black hole in some other universe.

So, hypothetically speaking, if you throw a bottle of gin from the black hole in one universe while it comes out from the white hole in another galaxy!

Did Nolan’s Interstellar Get It Right?

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The plot of the movie Interstellar is based on a dystopian setting where the crop is rotting away, and the people living on Earth need to find another planet to inhabit. NASA pilot Cooper, portrayed by Mathew McCanaughney, is tasked with a team of researchers to find an inhabitable planet.

An amazing NASA physicist, Professor Brand, portrayed by Michael Caine, works hard on saving humanity by using the wormhole to send the population of Earth to another planet! There are three planets shortlisted that are being evaluated by Cooper and his team.

In this movie, the wormhole concept is further evaluated from a physicist’s point of view; traveling through time is not a complete no-no, as there is logic justifying the travel! The black hole Cooper and his team pass through supports the time travel theory.

It is a continuous flow from the past to the future as in realistic theory; the concept has been supported that weird things can happen closer to white and black holes, especially in their event region.

Einstein’s Perception About The White Hole!

Einstein's Perception About The White Hole
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This theory has also been supported by Einstein, who said that the longer the range of the universe, the longer the range of universal gravitation. It was Albert Einstein’s field equations that started all this!

In 1915, the equations changed the future of physics forever as he described the force of gravity and the realistic probability of a paradigm-shattering message relatable to time and space. Einstein confirmed that time and space can be folded across planets and Earth!

This is where the space-time curves and their relation to a single ball of mass raised questions for the physicist regarding the dense points, event horizon, and the concept of cause and effect.


Now that we know the probability of the white hole being a reality, don’t you wonder about the multiverse concept? The physicists have never denied the existence of more than one universe. Hence, there can be a probability that time travel is also possible!

This possibility can only be entertained when a black hole is connected to another white hole, basically like a counterpart! The two holes might be the opposite of the same path, from which all light is absorbed while the other only oozes light!

Comment below on the possibility of the white hole being Cooper in Interstellar, right?

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