Finally!!! Scientists Release Statement Why The Titanic Crashed Into Iceberg!

Titanic size comparison

Did you know the Titanic size comparison will measure up-to 0.6 Airplane length? Was it an Iceberg or lack of management that led to the sinking of the Titanic? Read more to learn about many unknown but interesting facts about the Titanic.

Many don’t know, but the Titanic was traveling too fast! The Skipper of Titanic, Captain E.J. Smith, was blamed from the beginning for keeping the ship’s speed at 2 knots, which is quite high for such a big ship.

Getting goosebumps yet? Imagine thousands of people merrymaking inside the ship, Shippletely unaware of the darkness that will engulf them in a few moments! Let’s learn a little more about why the Titanic crashed that night!

How Big Was The Titanic?

How Big Was The Titanic_

If you compare Titanic with a bus, it will encompass at least 2.3 buses! The Titanic was 92 ft long, so when comparing its size with everyday objects, you will be shocked to realize the ship’s humongous size!

Can you imagine 2 of Noah’s Arcs will encompass one Titanic and yet so many lives lost? Want to learn more about Titanic size comparison? Curious, aren’t you able to understand what exactly went wrong?

Keep reading because, just like you, I am equally interested in uncovering the truth behind what happened.

Moreover, then imagine how it sunk? Isn’t it a little difficult even to encompass a ship that a mere iceberg sank big? Or was it more than just that? Were there several reasons that led to the death of so many people?

Finally!!! Scientists Release Statement Why The Titanic Crashed Into Iceberg!

Finally!!! Scientists Release Statement Why The Titanic Crashed Into Iceberg!

The first impact will always be the Iceberg, but is there all there is to it? Final reports after the investigation of the sinking of the Titanic hint at much more than just the crash with the Icegerg!

A series of events that came together to make the impossible possible made the Titanic sink 3 hours after it crashed into the Iceberg. Being one of the opulent and largest ships of all time, people expected it never to sink! How ironic.

The wreckage has been investigated many times since the incident, and the following damages have been identified. It will shock you about how the Ship sank to its ruins as the crew members were too casual.

Several reasons led to an incident on such a large level, negatively impacting many people and nations worldwide. Let’s dive into them!

Design Flaw And Bad Materials Used In Ship!

Design Flaw And Bad Materials Used In Ship!

One of the major reasons for the biggest ship to crumble down so soon was the design flaw when doing a Titanic size comparison! In an investigation of the historic wreck that is Titanic in 1985 by an American-French expedition, it was discovered that the Titanic broke into pieces on the Ocean surface.

This proves that the material with which the ship was made could have been of better quality because it was of good quality; the crash would, of course, damage the ship, not break it open. In this case, the hull of the Titanic was the weak part, which crashed into pieces when it hit the Iceberg.

The way the ship was advertised, if it was actually that strong, it should have sunk intact. Instead, the two scientists, Jennifer Hooper McCarty and Tim Foecke blamed the 3 million rivets that held the hull’s steel plates together.

When checking the material that was brought from the wreckage of the Titanic, they found a large amount of “slag,” a smelting residue known to split metal! There have been severe issues with the construction of the ship.

Ship Warning Was Ignored!

Ship Warning Was Ignored!

There was a key warning regarding an iceberg, reported as another ship called the Californian sighted dance ice near the boat! Ship warning was relayed almost within an hour before the Titanic hit the Iceberg, and yet it was not taken seriously!

The message lacked the warning sign in the front, “MSG” (Master’s Service Gram) which would have led to the Captain’s direct acknowledgment, thus registering the warning; however, it didn’t happen.

The message was received by the radio operator of Titanic, Jack Philips, who needed to consider it more urgent to pass it along to the Captain; thus, a warning was missed.

The Speed Of The Ship needs to be Correct!

The Speed Of The Ship needs to be Correct!

For such a huge ship when doing Titanic size comparison, the speed should be controlled, especially for the first few hours, but the speed was 22 knots! While traveling across the iceberg-heavy water in the North Atlantic, the crew needed to be more careful.

At times, many have raised the aspect of Smith, the ship’s Skipper, Shipbe competing against the record of the Olympics, the Titanic’s white Star sister ship. An engineer named Robert Essenhigh speculated in 2004, about a fire caught in one of the ship’s coal bunkers! Due to the management of that fire, the sailing went on at full speed!

Why Are People Still So Curious About The Titanic?

Why Are People Still So Curious About The Titanic_

People are still curious about the unsinkable that has already sunk! The Titanic is covered under a shroud of mystery, a series of issues and drama. And tragedies always attract people!

How Many People Died On The Titanic?

How Many People Died On The Titanic_

With such a devastating event, the first thing that comes to mind is the death count! The failure of such an initiative led to many omissions, aliases, and misspellings regarding the death list!

For example, it is said that the musicians were not counted, nor were some of the crew members or contractual workers. However, like many things in life, human beings tend to adapt, adjust, and generalize!

A similar thing happened when counting the deaths of the Titanic! They believe that approximately 2200 passengers and 1,500 crew members lost their lives when the Ship! After the incident, the U.S. committee investigated the sinking and reported the number of perished close to 1517.

While the British committee, which was the counterpart of the American, calculated it to be 1503. News reported that the highest number of casualties detected among the ship’s crew was around 700 fatalities.

Even in the third class of the ship, there were high casualties as there were 710 people in that class, out of which only 174 survived!

History As It Happened…

You are making a Titanic size comparison to daily things, a mammoth compared to many huge things! Be it an aircraft or a monument like the Statue of Liberty. Now you have learned about the significance of its size, and yet it went down on its first night!

The mystery surrounding Titanic will never disappear, especially with the world constantly reminded through the epic “Titanic”!

Comment below regarding your perspective on the probable reason for the Titanic to sink!

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