An Exhibition Organized On The 101 Year Anniversary Of Tutankhamun’s Tomb Discovery!  

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On 21 November 2023, an immersive exhibition was organized by the Grand Egyptian Museum on the 101 anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb! The exhibition will be one of a kind as the unique story of King Tut will be for all the visitors to see.

The Golden King Tutankhamun’s tomb was difficult to find, but the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered it in 1922. The mysteries of the Egyptian boy king, Tutankhamun, have always captivated people’s interest across generations.

With the exhibition, the Grand Egyptian Museum will create beautiful experiences for all visitors, narrating the boy king’s tale and how he has influenced and inspired many archaeologists over the ages.

The GEM is one of the most acclaimed museums, and hosting “Tutankhamun – The Immersive Exhibition” will create a name for itself in the art and history society. They are performing this exhibition in collaboration with Madrid Artes Digitales.

Last year, on 21 November 2022, Egypt created and organized a series of guided tours inclusive of art exhibitions, archaeological exhibitions, and other events. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the tour’s highlight was the tomb of the Golden Pharaoh.

The boy king’s burial chamber, located in Thebes, Egypt, has been filled with mysteries, and not all of them have been discovered. The wonderful thing is that the tomb has been intact even after 3000 years, giving birth to several controversies.

People have become more curious about the Boy King regarding his death, how it impacted his perception, and his absence from the history pages. The way he was buried, there have been issues with how Tutankhamun’s successors have treated him and his legacy. The exhibition organized by the Grand Egyptian Museum will help shed some light on the mysteries and make people aware of Tutankhamun’s history. As visitors are getting ready to visit, the museum is preparing for it!

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