British Empire’s Wrongdoings Are Highlighted As King Charles Addresses People Of Nairobi!

British Empire’s Wrongdoings Are Highlighted As King Charles Addresses People Of Nairobi!

Kenya struggled significantly under British Empire rule for independence while King Charles, on his state visit to Kenya, highlighted this struggle as “wrongdoings”! He stated that he feels huge regret and sorrow at the history; however, he did not formally apologize for the torture.

Kenya has struggled hard with all the past abuses experienced at the hands of the British Empire. A lot of activists were expecting King Charles to apologize for the abuses that the crown implied on them.

The King also informed that he was hoping that he could meet some of the people and communities whose lives had been deeply impacted by the British Empire. The colonial abuse was not directly highlighted, but he did mention the grievous impact that the British Empire had on Kenya.

This wish was especially stated as Kenya is very close to completing its 60th anniversary of independence. The colonial era by Britain has been responsible for the traumas and the pain experienced by the people of Kenya, and clearly, it is “uncomfortable truths” for the people of both Britain and Kenya!

Especially when King Charles now resembles the crown, the speech overall became quite uncomfortable. The “brutal and atrocious” actions that have been taken by the British Empire have been a significant reason for the Kenyan struggle.

The atrocious actions taken by the British Empire have been damaging concerning the physical and mental growth of the people of Kenya! It was an expectation that there would be retribution or complete reparations when it came to the accountability of Brittain.

But the speech of King Charles was incomplete without any symbolic royal apology. Apart from accepting the pain, there was no concern about being answerable or accountable for the oppression Britain had implemented on Africa as a whole!

Yes, the wrongdoings were addressed and strongly recognized however, no such apology has been issued when it came to highlighting the grievances of Kenya!

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