Defensive Stocks – Definition, Risks, Future Prospects, Benefits, Features, And Limitations 

defensive stocks

Defensive stocks justify their name to stock market traders like you and me? The primary purpose is to defend the stocks and the investment portfolio against the loss. In most cases, they do not offer any kind of growth potential.   

Even during the economic crisis, they perform consistently to maneuver the stock market’s conditions in your favor. Unfortunately, these types of stocks do not offer tremendous growth potential. Nevertheless, even during economic decline, defensive stocks perform well.   

Whenever you opt for the defensive stocks, ensure which stocks are opting for. It can help you to achieve your goals effectively. 

What Are Defensive Stocks?     

Defensive stocks offer consistent returns from your investments during economic and market downturns. In addition, these stocks provide consistent returns even during an economic downturn. 

Typically, people start to buy defensive stocks in most cases, even when the economy is not doing well. Unfortunately, there are no hard & fast rules for defining defensive stocks. However, there are specific general guidelines that you must look for. 

You need to look at certain factors while using defensive stocks. Some of these parameters are as follows:- 

  • Success history of the company’s stocks. 
  • Whether the company has delivered consistent dividends or not for ten long years. 
  • The beta coefficient helps to measure the movement of the stock shares in the correct direction. 

Which Industry Types Have Defensive Stocks? 

Specific industries can provide you with defensive stocks in this article; you will get to know the types of industries which can offer you defensive stocks. Some of the industry types which provide the defensive stocks are as follows:- 

1. Utilities  


Companies in the water, gas, and waste management sectors will offer you some of the necessary services to offer you some economic downturn. It is one of the crucial factors of the these stocks which you need to know at your end. These are the best stocks that you must know at your end. 

2. Consumer Staples    

Consumer Staples 

Consumer staple companies like household goods, tobacco products, toiletries, and beverages won’t get eliminated. However, it is one of the smart options for companies to prioritize some affordable brands. These types of stocks can work well in the market. 

3. Healthcare 


In an uncertain company, goods, and services, you have to continue to purchase at a rapid rate. Stocks of insurance companies, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals are some of the best industry types where you will get these stocks. 

4. Telecom     


Telecommunication sectors offer the it as the telecom sector, cable phone, and internet providers will never stop you from needing. You need to consider these stocks as the best defense stocks for 2022. At the time of the hard times, they may cut down the business revenue to make it more stable. 

5. Discount Retailers 

Discount Retailers

These companies offer some large economies of scale while it pivots the consumers to deliver the value to their users. You need to know these factors while you want to use this stock at your end. 

Features Of Defensive Stocks 

They are several lucrative features of these stocks that you must know at your end. Some of the core features of these stocks are as follows:- 

  • These stocks belong to the uniform, monotonous business. It offers secured returns at the time of investment. Stocks of FMCG, Utilities and Healthcare are some core types of this stock. 
  • It is less volatile. 
  • It comprises a beta that is lower than 1. 
  • It protects your level of investments at the time of recession. 
  • They do not generate high returns from your investments. 
  • It offers you a regular dividend. 

Benefits Of Defensive Stocks 

While you make your investments in it, you must know its benefits properly before making an informed decision. So let’s find out some of the essential facts regarding it.    

  • These stocks are less volatile and highly stable stocks. 
  • The risk of investments in this stock is relatively less than in other stores in the stock market. So these are not the most expensive stocks you have to think about. 
  • At the economic decline, it will outperform all the available stocks in the market. 
  • It can provide the balance to various stocks during an economic downturn. 

Limitations Of Defensive Stocks  

Certain limitations of this stock can help you properly achieve your objectives. But, on the other hand, it can allow things to work well in your way.   

  • The chances of growth in the case of this stock are pretty low. 
  • It will underperform at the time of the economic downturn. 
  • Sometimes it can be overvalued. Nevertheless, it is why this stock can result in economic decline. 

When Must You Invest Your Money In Defensive Stocks?    

When Must You Invest Your Money In Defensive Stocks? 

The timing of investment matters a lot in the case of these stocks. It is why this can work well in your way at the correct point in time. 

  • If you are a type of risk-averse investor. 
  • When you prefer the regular income dividend. 
  • At the time when the markets are volatile. ‘
  • If you do not have expert knowledge about the market conditions. 

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. What Are The Best Defensive Stocks To Buy? 

Some of the best defensive stocks which you must buy at your end are as follows:- 
Locked Martin. 
Procter & Gamble. 

2. What Are Defensive Stocks In India?

There are multiple defensive stocks in India. In this article, you will get a complete idea about the different kinds of defensive stocks for which you can go in India.    
Avenue Supermarts
Hindusthan Unilever 
Dabur Ltd 

3. What Is A Defensive Play In Stocks? 

Defensive stocks have some of the dominant positions in the stock market. It’s a massive market with a durable competitive advantage. They are the companies whose products and services affect everyday life most of the time.   

4. How Do You Know A Stock Is Defensive? 

Beta measures the volatility rate of the stocks while you make your decision to retain or leave the stock. In most cases, defensive stocks come with low beta as, in most cases, it gets affected by market swings. Therefore, you need to get through this fact while making your selection and the choices. 

5. What Are The Examples Of Defensive Stocks? 

Electric, water, and gas are examples of defensive stocks that most people need to know during the multiple phases of the business cycle. But, first, you need to ideate some of the core factors that can help you make things work in the right direction. 

Final Take Away 

Hence, these are some of the core factors you must consider while selecting these stocks. Ensure that you select these stocks at the time of crisis, apart from it. It will provide you with the desired value that you expect from it. 

Feel free to share your views, ideas, and opinions, which can help you make things work in your way. 

Do not make your selection wrong, as you invest your hard-earned money in defensive stocks. How to invest in stocks is an art of time calculation and opportunity tracking. 

Effective planning can make things work well in your favor. It can make things work in your way at the correct time. Ensure that you do not make your selection on emotional parameters but rather on logical grounds.

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