Top Food And Wine Pairing Tips For Summer

Food And Wine Pairing Tips

Summer is here, and that means that gatherings galore will be happening globally.

Now, if you’re someone who has custom wine racks packed full of different wines, you might be wondering how you can put them to good use. Well, although red wine is most often regarded as a winter drink, there are a number of summer dishes that pair with red, white, and rosé alike.

Therefore, if you’re planning to host some guests, you might take a look at what wines are hidden away in the cabinet and think about what you can prepare to accompany them. To that avail, detailed below are just some of the top food and wine pairing tips for summer.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Bone-In Ribeye

First up is Cabernet Sauvignon, which pairs perfectly with bone-in ribeye. It goes without saying that bone-in ribeye is a real showstopper, meaning you need a wine of the same caliber. As a result, you simply can’t go wrong with a Cabernet Sauvignon, which is renowned for being a complex wine.

This is predominantly down to its rich body and layers of huckleberry and blackberry. If ribeye isn’t your favorite cut of steak, you might even upgrade to a bone-in filet mignon. If you’re a meat eater, you can’t really go wrong with any cut of steak.

Sauvignon Blanc and Chopped Salad

During the scorching summer heat, is there anything more fitting than a crunchy, vegetable-packed salad? This is only made better if the crispness of the salad is complemented by an equally crisp Sauvignon Blanc. This is down to the fact that Sauvignon Blanc boasts hints of lime and lemon zest, which will mellow out any tart vinegarette.

Similarly, the notes of honeydew and nectarine mean that you won’t be hit with too much sourness from the dish or the wine. Naturally, salad isn’t for everyone, and some appetites require something more substantial. If this sounds like you, you might want to be a little more ambitious and try frying up a batch of calamari with sweet chili sauce.

Merlot and Barbecue Scottish Salmon Fillet

If you have a big, bold bottle of Merlot collecting dust in the cabinet, you might consider cooking up a tasty barbecue Scottish salmon fillet. This is because salmon is quite a fatty fish, and the seasoning in the dish can give off some intense aromas. As a result, the simultaneously rich and subtle red-fruit flavors, bright acidity, and spice complement the dish perfectly.

Chardonnay and Miso-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass

When it comes to pairing food with Chardonnay, seafood is a no-brainer. This is down to the oaky aromas and silky texture of Chardonnay, which ideally complements a miso-glazed Chilean seabass. After all, the flaky, buttery white fish will be perfectly accompanied by the acidity of Chardonnay.

Similarly, the sweet glaze of the dish pairs nicely with the aromas of yellow plum and nectarine in the wine. For a more casual dining approach, you might also consider a simple shrimp cocktail to serve alongside the Chardonnay.

Rosé and Burrata with Prosciutto

Last but not least is a burrata with prosciutto, which pairs beautifully with a crisp, dry rosé; especially if it boasts hints of strawberry, melon, and citrus. This is because of the beautifully bright flavors, as well as the refreshing acidity, which makes it the perfect partner for creamy burrata with prosciutto and grilled bread.

If you’re feeling fruity, you might even throw in a few slices of ripe melon. Similarly, if you’re not a huge cheese fan, you might consider a beef carpaccio instead.

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