How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last And Why? [ Detailed Explanation]

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last

One of the most common concerns individuals have when shopping for a new automobile is the fear that their fully charged car battery would not last as long as they need it to.

The good news is that Tesla automobiles have gone a long way since the original Tesla Roadster, which couldn’t even retain a charge.

So, as you can see the electric vehicles are becoming more feasible for regular usage, and their batteries are lasting longer. In this article, we’ll go through everything you possibly need to know about your Tesla car battery.

We will cover how long does a Tesla battery last when fully charged including how long do Teslas last and how much a battery replacement will cost.

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last When Fully Charged?

How long does the Tesla battery last? It is a question all aspiring Tesla buyers have in mind. Well, the battery in each Tesla car will last at least 250 miles after you charge them once.

The range is mostly determined by how you drive and the size of your battery. The Tesla Model S has a range of slightly over 402 miles per full charge.

Tesla changes the available mile range based on current driving circumstances, exactly like a gasoline engine. It may indicate you have 250 miles on a fully charged battery, but if you are constantly pounding on the gas pedal and driving fast, it might be significantly less.

After a completely full charge, Tesla’s Model S, Model 3, and SUV Model Y, and Model X have varied ranges.

The EPA estimations are used to determine the mileage range for each model. So, how long does a Tesla battery last when fully charged is not fixed.

For example, if your journey is 50 miles one way, you can go back and forth four times after charging the Tesla battery once for your Model 3 Standard Range.

To put it another way, on that one charge, you can drive from New York City to Washington D.C. Therefore, if you are wondering how long do Tesla batteries last, we will say, long enough to complete a day’s journey.

Model Range
Model 3 Standard Range Plus 250 miles
Model 3 Performance 299 miles
Model X Performance 305 miles
Model Y Performance 315 miles
Model Y Long Range Plus 316 miles
Model 3 Long Range 322 miles
Model S Performance 348 miles
Model X Long Range Plus 351 miles
Model S Long Range Plus 402 miles

Why Is The Lasting Range Different For Different Car Models?

If you are wondering how long does a fully charged Tesla battery lasts, well, the range is different for every Tesla model. So, the Tesla battery life is a debatable topic, which is why we must understand why the lasting range is different for every car model. So, the lasting range is different for every car model because it depends upon a lot of factors. The factors are;

Model Of The Car

It depends a lot upon the model of the car on how long does a Tesla battery lasts. Tesla’s Model 3 is intended to be a more inexpensive choice, it has a smaller internal battery. If you want to purchase a Tesla for your regular commute or just do errands, this is a wonderful option.

In terms of practicality and price, it can be compared to the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt, but the Tesla provides a more streamlined, visually pleasing vehicle with a better mileage range. Long-Range Models, like the Model S, have unrivaled performance, accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in as low as 3.7 seconds.

So, if you’re searching for an electric car that can outperform its gasoline-powered competitors, a Long-Range Model is a wonderful option.

The Performance Model is identical to the Long Range but has additional features such as improved interior design, a carbon fiber spoiler, and improved power steering. The Performance Model accelerates even faster, reaching 60 mph in 2.3 seconds.

Size Of The Battery

The size of the battery has an impact on the car’s mileage range. So, how long does a Tesla battery last will depend on the battery’s size, right? For example, the Model 3 has the lowest battery and can go up to 250 miles after you charge them once. But, the Model S Long Range has a longer battery life and can travel up to 402 miles after a once full charge.

The size of the battery also influences the cost of the automobile. As a result, the Model 3 Standard Range has the shortest battery, making it the most affordable choice at around $30,000. The Model S Long Range will cost you a fortune around $70,000 USD.

Most EV batteries have either a large battery capacity that can keep a charge for an extended period of time or a small battery capacity that can be charged rapidly. The great news is that you’ll have both with a Tesla vehicle.

Your Driving Style

It is crucial to remember that, like with classic gasoline-powered vehicles, your car’s battery will drain more rapidly and will not last the full spectrum if you drive fast on a regular basis. Therefore, how long does a Tesla battery last also depends on how, and where you drive the car.

In addition, when driving in less-than-ideal circumstances, such as snow or rain, your battery will produce more power. Driving against wind or in cold conditions will significantly reduce your range, so be mindful of these factors ahead of time.

Driving at a safe pace, keeping the tires completely inflated, breaking carefully, and reducing unnecessary weight within the car reduces your chances of encountering range difficulties.

The way you manage and look after your Tesla, like any other automobile, will help the Tesla battery life last longer. But, no matter how well you maintain your vehicle, your Tesla battery will eventually need to be replaced. However, the good thing is that you don’t need to replace Tesla batteries very often.

How Long Do Tesla Batteries Last?

Tesla car batteries are meant to last 300,000-500,000 miles, and there is speculation that Tesla is working on building a battery that can last one million miles. However, current-generation batteries are not yet capable of lasting a million miles and may require replacement over the car’s lifetime.

When asked how long does a Tesla battery last, Elon Musk said that a replacement battery for a Model 3 car costs $5,000 to $7,000 USD. It means a Tesla battery may still be capable of performing after 500,000 miles, although at a lower mileage range per charge.

Recharging electric car batteries puts a burden on the battery’s life and capacity to retain a charge, especially if the battery runs out of power and is fully refilled on a regular basis.

You can also rely on the performance of your battery to be consistent throughout time. That indicates that after these miles, the battery’s quality and power density are just 10% lower than they were at their maximum.

How Long Do Teslas Last? What Is The Warranty Period?

The battery warranty is determined by the model of your vehicle. The battery has a warranty of 8 years or 120,000 to 150,000 miles. If you do not exceed 120,000 or 150,000 miles per year, all Tesla car models’ batteries are guaranteed for at least 8 years.

So, you may drive your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y for 15,000 miles each year, or roughly 41 miles per day, until reaching 120,000 miles before your 8-year warranty expires. The Tesla Model X and S have a yearly mileage allowance of 52 miles per day or 18,750 miles.

What Battery Options Do I Have When Buying Tesla?

As we have already covered how long does a Tesla battery last, we want to give you a head start on the battery options you may look into when it comes down to replacing it.

Each automobile is outfitted with a unique set of lithium-ion batteries depending on the desired functionality of the vehicle, such as energy storage, speed, and charge time. A Model S and Model X with a 100kWh battery pack are available, allowing the Tesla Model X and S to go longer on a single charge.

The time it takes to recharge your Tesla battery is determined by the charger you choose. The Tesla Model S, for example, includes an 11.5 kW Onboard Charger. The Onboard Charger charges a battery at 11.5 kW per hour, which means that a 60 kWh battery will take around 6 hours to fully charge.

Putting It All Together

Tesla vehicles have gotten more dependable in terms of mileage range and battery life. However, charging your Tesla is less expensive than paying for gas. When compared to standard automobiles, a Tesla will save you money in the long term, even if your battery does need to be replaced down the road.

An even better method to save money is to power your automobile using solar panels. For more questions on how long does A Tesla battery last, post them in the comment box below.

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