Negative Effects Of Human Rights Violation

Human Rights

Human rights refer to a set of basic entitlements that every living person on earth should have.

These basic rights include freedom of speech, the right to live without discrimination, and the right to a fair trial. When a person is denied their basic rights, it leads to serious negative consequences.

In this article let’s understand the negative effects of human rights violations in detail and also apprehend the importance of upholding fundamental rights.

Physical Harm And Injury

When the human rights of a person are violated, one of the most significant effects is physical harm to the victim. Physical violence and torture are common which can also result in severe injuries, disability, or sometimes death. For example, the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers during protests can result in severe injuries or even fatalities.

Human rights violations can also lead to forced displacement, where individuals are forced to vacate their homes and leave behind their families, friends, and communities. In some cases, people may also be subjected to forced labor or slavery, which can result in physical harm and injury.

Emotional Trauma And Mental Health Issues

Physical injuries are something that can be perceived with the eyes and healed, however, another aspect of human rights violation, i.e., emotional trauma is not visible to the eye but can have a long-lasting impact on the mind and also cause health issues.

Victims of human rights violations may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. Children who suffer from human rights violations may exhibit emotional or behavioral problems as well as experience developmental delays.

Individuals who are subjected to arbitrary detention, torture, or forced disappearances often suffer from emotional trauma and mental health issues. These violations not only affect the person mentally but also affect his family, friends, and others around him.

Social And Economic Inequality

Social And Economic Inequality

Violation of human rights results in social and economic inequality against certain groups of people as they are denied basic human rights and resources. This leads to poverty, lack of education, compromised healthcare services, and unemployment issues.

For example, women and girls may be denied access to education or employment opportunities, limiting their potential for economic and social advancement. Discrimination against minorities, such as ethnic or religious groups, can also lead to social and economic inequality.

Political Instability

When the rights of people are violated constantly, it leads to political instability. Individuals lose faith in the government’s ability to uphold their fundamental rights, which frequently triggers protests, civil unrest, and even armed confrontation. Citizens want their rights back and demand that those responsible for all the wrongdoings be held accountable. There are organizations that support human rights, and help people get back their rights.

For example, the 2011 Arab Spring protests were sparked by a wave of human rights violations and political repression. There were mass protests and civil unrest across the Middle East and North Africa.

Global Impact

Human rights violations can have a worldwide impact due to the migration of millions of people and exacerbating poverty and inequality in underdeveloped countries. The migrating people may increase the population in the adjacent countries, putting strain on those countries’ resources and infrastructure.

Taking the conflict in Syria as an example, it has led to the displacement of over six million people, with many seeking refuge in neighboring countries. This has put a strain on the resources and infrastructure of countries like Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.

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