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Cyber Threat has indeed set a strong foothold in the reign of Internet usage. The ultimate objective of Cyber threats is to steal valuable information.

Cyber Criminals intrude smoothly using all the Technological sophistry and make your security vulnerable. So users badly need some countermeasures to stop this intrusion. The clarion call for resistance is indeed the need of the hour.

In order to safeguard your information, US lawmakers have framed stringent laws and regulations. Interested in knowing more about these laws?

The best thing to do here is to talk to an internet privacy lawyer. In this article, we want to form an idea on the Internet Privacy Laws and the protection of personal information.

Internet Piracy Laws

As already mentioned, the protection of online privacy has indeed turned out to be a great concern for you. Well, online privacy has really grown significantly over the years.

And astonishingly, there is no law that regulates online privacy. Though there is the absence of a unified legal system, there are certain state and federal laws that apply. Let’s mention some of them right here:

1.  The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act [1986], stops any kind of unauthorized access to any system without prior permission.

This also takes into account defrauding and transmitting harmful items like Computer passwords. This very law has been amended 6 times to date. 

2. Children Online Privacy Protection Act [1998] demands certain websites and online service distributors to obtain verifiable parental consent. It also requires websites to post online  Privacy policies and create an ecosystem for maintaining reasonable security measures.

3. Financial Services Modernisation Act[1999], regulates the collection and disclosure of personal information. 

4. Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act [2003] demands that financial organizations and creditors maintain written identity theft prevention programs.

Though there are patches of laws prevailing in the United States, there is no unified infrastructure for the prevention of information.

Other than these laws and regulations Organisations in the US could frame robust information security programs to mitigate cyber security threats.

Well, if you want to go in-depth you need to consult an Internet Privacy Lawyer, and we are sure you will get clarity on these issues.

How Are Your Personal Information Is Protected

Any Internet Privacy Lawyer will say there are certain generic ways through which you are able to protect your personal information. So let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Creation Of A Strong Password

This requires no magic wand to implement this. While you are using the password, ensure that it goes beyond the words.

You could choose a combination of lower and upper case letters and symbols to create an extremely strong password.

2. Don’t Share On Social Media

Sharing too much personal data on Social Media? Beware, don’t share your intimate details.

If you are doing it persistently, then it can threaten your personal information. You need to be aware of who is seeing your post.

Moreover, you need to be extra cautious while posting information like hometown, birthday, and other personal details.

3. Using Free Wi-fi? Be Cautious

Most public networks have few security measures in place. That denotes, that they are not secure.

You are using some network that anyone can easily access. So the security is under some threat or question.

What you could best do under the circumstance is use VPNs. This will personalize your data protection and security. So be mindful of this.

4. Check If The Site Is Secure

Entering Personal Information into the website? Simply have a look at the top of your browser.

If there is a lock symbol and the URL begins with https, it denotes, that your information is safe. Otherwise, there is some problem. So make sure that you are secured.

5. Additional Protection

Do use Anti-virus software, firewall, and Anti-Spyware software. And for additional protection,  you could consider Cyber Insurance, which can your safety and security online.

Ensure you use these aforementioned ways to protect personal information safely and securely. But first, the Laws and Regulations and creating awareness are a must for you now.


Protection of Information is one of the main requisites to getting yourself safe and secure.

That there are no unified laws in the US against safeguarding online privacy, is a hard fact to digest.

Efforts need to be shown from all corners so that protection of identifying and information online is ensured under any circumstances.

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