Mr Beast’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does Mr Beast Make In 2023?

Mr Beast

Have you heard about Mr Beast and his philanthropic endeavors? He creates incredible videos that cover stories following him on his challenges, adventures, and kind activities. Keep reading this article to learn about Mr Beast net worth.

With the outrageous acts of kindness and challenges, Mr Beast has been quite the sensation on YouTube. He has millions of viewers and a huge fan following across the platform, which ensures a large amount of earnings.

Mr Beast is Jimmy Donaldson, and we will discuss his online persona in this article concerning his net worth and source of income. The man is the second content creator with 1000 million subscribers on YouTube, the online social platform.

Mr Beast Net Worth: How Much Money Does Mr Beast Make In 2023?

Mr Beast Net Worth

Mr Beast is also the name of Donaldson’s online channel on YouTube. He is 24 years old content creator who performs donations, challenges, and expensive students on his Youtube channel.

According to the reports and observations, the more donations are made, the more popular Mr Beast gets. When he hit 100 million subscribers, he did a live session and thanked all his supporters, fans, and viewers for their support.

One of his top-viewed Youtube videos is “$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!” with 277.1 million views. In this video, Mr Beast recreated the popular TV series Squid Game by Netflix.

From the competition created by the Youtuber, one lucky winner took away $456,000 when he won all the challenges in the recreated game. The amount of money he gives away raises the question, what is Mr Beast net worth?

Who Is Mr. Beast?

Mr Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, joined Youtube in 2012 in February when he was just 13. At that point, he focused on the net worth of fellow Youtubers who have made their name in the market. He also posted a lot of video game content and gaming.

He kept on trying on different content to learn what clicked. His focus was to become viral to create content that the audience expected. The first video that Donaldson found fame with is the one where he counted to 100,000 and took 40 hours to complete.

He currently has a team working for him that includes many of his childhood friends who have been hired. The total number of people in his team is approximately 60. Hence, the question remains, how much is Mr Beast net worth? Keep reading to find out.


Born in the city of Greenville, in eastern North Carolina, Mr. Beast was born on 7 May 1998. He attended a private high school and passed out from there in 2016. He is, however, a college dropout, and his mother pushed him to pursue a career dedicatedly.

Donaldson runs more than one Youtube channel, such as a philanthropic channel, MrBeast Shorts and MrBeastGaming. The Youtuber gained 100 million followers on YouTube on 28 July, and he is now the second person to hit this milestone.

The first person to attain 100 million followers was PewDiePie, whose original name was Felix Kjellberg. He is currently in the top spot with the highest followers on the Youtube social media platform. Mr Beast is only 11 million followers behind PewDiePie.

In the donation videos, Mr Beast has, to date, donated 100 cars. He has also handed out 100 PS4s and hosted a private island giveaway. In a single video, Mr Beast has given away $1 million. Recently, he has been in the news because of funding cataract removal for 1000 people.


Initially, when Donaldson uploaded videos on Youtube, he worked under the name MrBeast6000 and was still struggling to create content that would attract more audience to his content. Later, he started learning about content that works effectively according to the Youtube algorithm.

He became worldwide popular in 2018 with his giveaway happy video, where he donated $10,000 to a homeless man. He practices aggressive philanthropy, and in the last few years, he has dedicated his actions to feel-good practices and philanthropic activities.

In 2023, Mr Beast gave away clothing worth $2 million and acquired further popularity in the videos. With so many philanthropic activities, the next question is, what is Mr. Beast’s net worth? What are his income sources, and how does he make money to perform huge giveaways?

What Is The Net Worth Of Mr Beast?

What Is The Net Worth Of Mr Beast

According to Forbes, the net worth of Mr Beast as of 2023 is $500 million, and Mr Beast is working hard to double it. Annually the Youtuber earns $54 million; however, not all of his earning is derived from his MrBeast YouTube channel.

The Youtuber has other channels such as Beast Reacts, Beast Philanthropy, MrBeast Gaming, and MrBeast 2. Donaldson earns around $3 million from the advertisement revenues through these youtube channels.

Mr. Beast says he does not use the money he earns from his videos. Instead, he puts all his money into philanthropic activities and videos. He also has merchandise sales and sponsorships with brands such as Electronic Arts and Microsoft, constituting his net worth.

How Does Mr Beast Make Money?

How Does Mr Beast Make Money

Mr Beast is a popular Youtuber who uses certain aspects to learn how to grow the popularity of his content further. He has worked hard to create a mark in the industry, and his strategies have made him famous.

  • He uses trending topics regarding the gaming community, gameplay, and other game-related issues, such as Call of Duty, Minecraft, and others.
  • Mr Beast has been on Youtube for a long time and has developed a deep understanding of how content works on social media platforms. He capitalizes on elements that viewers focus on and uses descriptions and titles to attract the audience.
  • Outlandish content such as crazy stunts, expressive donations, and attractive real-life situations when they reward vast sums of money.


The famous Youtuber has a company called Featables which sells cookies, sweet snacks, and chocolate bars. The Mr Beast youtuber net worth includes the assets. The brand has a website that advertises quality products, and as per the reports of Axios, the company has made $10 million in the initial few months.

Another investment that Mr Beast has performed is owning a restaurant called Mr Beast Burger. He holds a restaurant that sells hamburger-and-fries and claims to deliver meals worldwide. The restaurant has shared revenues of $100 million with other restaurants in america.

Mr Beast has also invested highly in charity, where the first brand deal that he earned was $10,000. From there, he started focusing on giving back as much as he earned.

The popular YouTuber has given away 4.5 million in meals and 5.5 million in giving away food and fed approximately 300,000 people. He has also donated $3 million to help Ukrainian refugees, which was used to get supplies such as medication, food, shoes, and soap.


Please read the article to learn more about Mr Beast net worth and how he has amassed this fortune.

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