5 Ways To Seal That Promotion In 2022


Getting a promotion is a deeply empowering achievement that can benefit you personally and professionally.

From a higher paycheck to more team influence, there are many reasons why getting promoted should be a priority for all employees.

But of course, getting a promotion is neither easy nor assured. There are many factors that affect why an employee gets promoted or doesn’t.

This year, though, as we make our way through our third year in the New Normal, here are five effective ways that you can seal a promotion sooner rather than later:

Top 5 Ways For Sealing Promotion in 2022

Key Take-aways:

  • Develop your personality
  • Balance your work setup
  • Finetune your soft skills
  • Invest in upskilling
  • Act like a leader

1. Develop your personality

Your work should speak for itself, but your personality will help it shine even better.

In fact, a magnetic personality is widely considered a top trait of a master networkers.

After all, with this kind of personality, you can attract people and influence their decisions. Among office executives, employees with this magnetism are deemed charismatic—which is an important characteristic in more senior positions.

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To develop your personality to be this way, be ready to engage. It may take you out of your comfort zone, but connecting with people (whether through common points of interest or work collaborations) will help establish you as a positive addition to the team.

2. Balance your work setup

Remote work is becoming the norm, with 61% of employees today choosing this over a return to the office.

However, while that is within your right to do so, it may be better to meet halfway. According to reports, in-person workers are more likely to get promotions because they’re easier to notice.

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Consequently, while people who work remotely are 13% more productive, they are not promoted at the same rate as their in-office counterparts.

That said, consider a happy medium like a hybrid setup. In this setting, you can still enjoy the flexibility of remote work but also stand out. Even better, consider volunteering for hybrid work once it’s offered. This will show incentive and willingness to compromise.

3. Finetune your soft skills

This year, office decision-makers are focusing on important soft skills that nurture a mindful work environment. In 2022, some of the top soft skills to develop include agility, communication, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

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This is because these are expected to help improve a worker’s reliability, empathy, and versatility. As such, employees who have these skills pinned down become more attractive to bosses who are looking for ways to help boost morale and maintain productivity post-pandemic.

To improve your own soft skills, practice having an open mind. This can help you better understand how to improve yourself and your actions within the context of what your organization needs. In this way, the soft skills you develop will actually be valuable to your specific circumstance.

4. Invest in upskilling

Upskilling your technical prowess is a sure-fire way to survive the growing digital gap. As a matter of fact, upskilling is considered a leading business investment among CEOs.

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With that said, employees who are proactively upskilling are preferable for higher positions because they require less costly retraining. At the same time, employees who have upskilled are expected to help bring in more revenue with their know-how, which is always attractive to bosses.

To maximize your upskilling, it’s best to find a relevant technical skill that pertains to your forte and focus on that. For instance, this can be data analysis for marketers or SEO for content creators. If you can’t afford to upskill yourself either, don’t hesitate to ask your office for a sponsorship.

Most will say yes, and this will even put you on their radar as one of their better-trained talents.

5. Act like a leader

Office decision-makers aren’t looking for raw talent they have to mold from scratch. Conversely, many are looking for promising employees they don’t have to spoon-feed.

Therefore, in order to prove that you’re leadership material, you should act accordingly.

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This shouldn’t be confused with throwing your weight around, though. On the contrary, this means acting like the leader you’d like to have. Some of the best leadership qualities include being a role model, offering recognition, and motivating others.

Depending on your current role, this can be done in a variety of ways like becoming a mentor or celebrating others.

What’s more, by acting as a leader early on, you’re also making yourself more trustworthy to your fellow employees. Having this acceptance may hugely help your promotion since leaders must have their team’s support.

If you’re hoping to enhance your career this year, sealing a promotion is the best way to do it. While a promotion will guarantee you more responsibilities, it will also (more importantly) help pave the way toward a thriving professional life.

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