The Next Lunar Mission, Chandrayaan 4 Will Bring Soil Samples From The Moon!

The Next Lunar Mission,

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) experienced significant success with their project Chandrayaan 3, and what’s more, they are already preparing for their next lunar project, Chandrayaan 4! India is currently one of those nations riding high on the success of Chandrayaan 3! The world is looking up to the nation and how it has created its place on the map of lunar achievements and acquisitions. Further, the Space Research Organization of India is already planning its next project!

Chandrayaan 4 will have the mission of bringing back soil samples from the Moon! This aim will put India at the frontrunner of space exploration. Director of Space Applications Centre (SAC/ ISRO) Nilesh Desai outlines the mission of Chandrayaan 4 and how it will influence the future of India in space.

During the celebration of the Tropical Meteorology at the India Institute in Pune, President Desai outlined the plans for the lunar mission, including preparing the project Chandrayaan 4. This project focuses on bringing back a sample from the Moon.

The landing of Chandrayaan 4 will be quite similar to that of Chandrayaan 3. However, the central module of the Chandrayaan 4 will be returning. In the mission, the plan is to have the central module dock and the orbiting module.

Once done, it will separate from the orbiting module when closing the Earth’s atmosphere accordingly, doing the re-entry. The job is to collect the sample of rock and soil from the Moon and bring it back safely to Earth! We can further learn more about the Moon by analyzing these samples.

This is a significant and ambitious challenge, especially when the plan is to develop the project within 5 to 7 years. Considering many steps are necessary and more complicated than the mission of Chandrayaan 3, scientists at ISRO are working hard!

One of the major challenges is the weight because Chandrayaan 3 only had a rover weighing 30 kg. However, according to the plans, Chandrayaan 4 will land a 350 kg rover on the Moon and on the rim, which has never been explored before.

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