Tutankhamun’s Death Was A Result From A Drunk Driving Incident: Explore!

Tutankhamun’s Death Was A Result From A Drunk Driving Incident_ Explore!

The famous boy King Tutankhamun was quite popular in ancient Egypt, and in modern times, it has been a subject of discerning curiosity. Many researchers believe the young Egyptian king lives precariously like today’s teenage boys!

There might be a high probability that his death was an outcome of drinking and driving! Like other teenage boys, King Tut might have a love for speed and regularly indulged in driving fast while on a chariot! At times, he might be drinking wine while driving the chariot, which might have led to an accident.

In recent excavations of King Tutankhamun’s burial site, it has been observed that he had suffered an injury on his leg! Archaeologists are predicting that the damage is from a fall he sustained while on a chariot.

On BBC Science Focus, the Biomedical Egyptologist Sofia Aziz clarified that King Tut was not sick. Instead, he behaved just like any teenage boy! The infamous infected open wound was the reason for his early and untimely death.

The researchers doubt that the injury did come from falling off from the chariot, a speeding chariot at that! In his tomb, dry white wine was found along with six chariots, armor, and a breastplate.

In the autopsy report of the young king, it was a fracture that was caused when he hit his leg on the dashboard of the chariot! History has always been quite established, where King Tut has always been portrayed as a sickly boy.

Maybe with the recent development, it has been reassessed, as that might not be true. King Tutankhamun was instead a battle-hardened warrior whose death resulted from a speeding chariot. Numerous shapes and designs of chariot designs had been found in the burial ground.

There were sticks in the tomb, which also suggested that he was interested in hunting! Hence, instead of a sick boy, it was a teenager who loved speeding while riding a chariot, drinking, and hunting!

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