WhatsApp New Features To Be Launched In 2023

WhatsApp New Features To Be Launched In 2023

2023 is going to be a big year for WhatsApp and the company is already working on several WhatsApp new features. They are testing some of the latest features on beta users and are ready to roll them out for universal users. 

Rumors have been going around about WhatsApp adding a screen lock or desktop lock and some other features like companion mode, view once text, PiP for video chatting on iOS, and more. 

So, if you are waiting for WhatsApp’s new features, the list I have compiled in this article will keep you informed. So, without any delay, let’s start–

WhatsApp New Features Updating In 2023 

WhatsApp will have 2 billion global users. A common messaging and chatting app among many people, WhatsApp has seen many changes. 

After using this app for more than 7 years, I can say WhatsApp new features and updates are easy to get habituated to. As we have mentioned before, the upcoming WhatsApp new features are being tested by the beta users. Here is a list of some features we will probably see this year –

WhatsApp Search For Messages By Date

All iPhone users can now use WhatsApp to search for messages using date. 

So, you send something important to your friend, and the text disappears among other chats. No worries, WhatsApp now allows iPhone users to find important chats from the long chat history. But, if you want to get this feature on your device, you need to update your WhatsApp to the latest 23.1.75 app version. Once you are done, follow the steps below –

  • Go to the chat window. 
  • Click on the profile. 
  • Tap on the Search option. 
  • This will prompt the search box to appear. 
  • There will be a calender icon you can use to choose the date and find the message you want to find. 

WhatsApp New Features Rumored For 2023

WhatsApp has kept several features in the pipeline. Most of these features are expected to come to launch this year. Here are some of those features –

Features Android iPHone Windows Mac
Companion Mode
Picture-In-Picture For Video Calls On iOS
View Once Text
Call Tab On WhatsApp Desktop
Voice Notes On Status
Screen Lock For WhatsApp Desktop
WhatsApp Business Directory
Sending Compression Free Images
Dedicated Video Mode

Companion Mode 

Unlike Facebook and Instagram and similar other social media applications, you cannot log into WhatsApp on different devices. However, that is about to change once the companion mode feature hits WhatsApp. Some features of new WhatsApp updates often worry people. Is the companion mode going to be one of them?

With this feature, users will be able to link their WhatsApp account from their primary phone to another secondary device. They will not be logged out of their primary device when signing on to another device with the same account. If you use both Android and iOS, you can simultaneously use the same WhatsApp account on both of your phones. 

However, this feature is yet to roll out. It is open for beta testing on android. However, the stable version of this feature is not out yet. 

View Once Text 

This feature will help you keep all the information confidential according to your needs. This feature will allow you to send texts that disappear once the recipient sees them. You can consider it as a View Once Photo feature of WhatsApp.

Picture In Picture For Video Calls On iPhone

Picture In Picture For Video Calls on iPhone

You can enjoy WhatsApp video calls in Picture-in-Picture mode on android. But this feature was still not available to iOS users. 2023 WhatsApp new features will include these features for iOS users. This feature allows you to browse through other apps while minimizing your video call. 

Voice On Status

Until now, WhatsApp only allowed users to upload texts, photos, and videos on status. However, once the new WhatsApp features roll out, you can upload 30 seconds voice notes to WhatsApp status. There will be a microphone icon helping you to upload your void note on the status. 

Call Tab On WhatsApp Desktop

is Good news for desktop users. Now you have a go-to solution for video calls using WhatsApp desktop. However, this feature will only be available to desktops that support voice calling as a native function.

More WhatsApp new features like WhatsApp business directory, & screen lock for WhatsApp desktop are also coming. Users can also expect Dedicated video mode and send compression-free images. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope that you have found the answer to your questions. However, here are some common queries people often want to be answered. 

Q1. Can We See Deleted WhatsApp Calls?

Ans. You can retrieve deleted data from WhatsApp if you have synced your WhatsApp with a Google account. However, it is impossible to retrieve WhatsApp calls. When The call is deleted, it gets deleted permanently. 

Q2. How Can I Hide Online On WhatsApp?

Ans. You can hide your online status on WhatsApp by going to “Settings” > “Account” > “Privacy” and turning off the “Last Seen” option. This will prevent others from seeing when you were last online on the app.

Q3. Can WhatsApp Be Active On Two Phones?

Ans. No, a WhatsApp account can only be active on one phone at a time. If you try to log into your account on another phone, it will automatically log you out on the previous device. But, once the rumored Companion Mode WhatsApp feature rolls out, you will be able to log in to WhatsApp on multiple phones. 

Final Words 

WhatsApp tries to improve its features and security with each of the new updates. However, WhatsApp rival reports pain to new users often. But, once you start using the app, you get to know how helpful and resourceful it can be. 

So, those were the WhatsApp new features you were looking for. If you have any queries about them you can ask them in the comment.

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