Why Does Stretching Feel Good For Sore Muscles?

why does stretching feel good

Ever wondered why athletes stretch quite often before or during the match? Is it only because it feels good, or is there more to it? Well, many people have the same question on their mind that ‘why does stretching feel so good?’ Stretching is very important to keep your muscles toned and your body healthy. 

We tend to stretch very often as it feels very good. It is because stretching helps to get rid of sore muscles. There are plenty of other reasons why stretching feels good. Many yogas are based on stretches as it helps keep the muscles and body parts active.  

Stretching helps to improve your flexibility, but it is also beneficial for many other body functions. It is still unknown to many people that stretching helps to improve muscle functions. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from stretching. 

Why Stretching Feels Good And Beneficial

benefits of stretching

Here are some of the benefits of stretching that you didn’t know about. You can stretch daily to improve these body functions and stay much more healthy. 

1. Improve Circulation 

Stretching is known to be very useful and beneficial for circulation. Not only for humans but other animals as well. Capillaries tend to shrink when bringing glucose, oxygen, and others. Stretching the muscles will preserve it and help the muscles get everything when capillaries are not able to provide it. 

2. Decreases Pain 

Tight joints and tight muscles can cause pain mainly after sitting in one position for a long time. The majority of people spend most of their everyday sitting, which causes pain to the leg and other parts of the body. You can also avail some CBD wholesale, which would help a lot to get rid of the stiff muscles and relieve the pain.

Why does stretching feel good? This is one of the reasons that help to make you feel good. The tightness of muscles results in compensations in many other areas. Without stretching your muscles, you can get severe pain and injury from it. 

3. Stimulate Relaxation 

There are many nerve cells in our muscles that are connected to our brain’s relaxation centers. So, they send signals to those centers, and we feel relaxed. Now, stretching causes these cells to send signals and receive lots of relaxation. So even stretching for only one minute can help you to get relaxed a lot. 

4. Releases Endorphins 

The pituitary gland in our body releases endorphins when we perform any physical activities. Stretching is one of them that helps to release endorphins that help to relieve any pain or discomfort. If you are wondering why do we stretch, then this is one of the reasons. It helps us to get a pleasant and comfortable feeling and get rid of any discomfort.

Also, the brain releases endorphins while stretching that helps to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain. It works similar to opiates and provides a pleasant feeling. This is why we feel very good while stretching our muscles and tendons. 

5. Prevent Injuries 

Before any intense workout session, athletes stretch their body as mentioned earlier. It helps to prepare your body and improve performance. Most importantly, it reduces the risk of getting injuries due to muscle stiffness or tightness. If the muscles are stiff while doing intense body activities, it can cause severe muscle pain or injuries. So, stretching is one of the best ways to prevent any muscle injuries and pain.

6. Boosts Recovery 

Apart from stretching before any workout, post-workout stretching is also beneficial to get rid of muscle soreness. If you have specific injuries, then stretching can help to reduce the recovery time. Doctors or instructors can prescribe it as a rehabilitation program. Different types of stretches are also performed in therapy sessions to treat back, neck, shoulder, knee, and other pains. 

7. Keep Muscles Healthy 

Keep Muscles Healthy 

Stretching is one of the best ways to keep the muscles healthy. What does stretching do to make you feel good? It helps to reduce the stiffness of muscles and keep them flexible. If you do not stretch your muscles much, it can cause the muscles to get short and stiff. As a result, the muscles do not extend as much as they should at the time of physical activity. 

8. Mistakes That You Need To Avoid 

Although stretching provides many benefits to the body, there are some things that you need to avoid while stretching. If you’re not careful while stretching, then it can cause many serious injuries and conditions. Here are some of the most important ones given below in detail. 

9. Overdoing  

While stretching is a good thing for our health, make sure not to overdo it. It is only helpful when you do it moderately; crossing the line can create many consequences. Stretching too much can cause your muscles to get loose or weak. Eventually, it leads to tearing the muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. Do not push limits while stretching your body. 

10. Imbalance 

Stretching is a lot similar to other physical activities like weightlifting, yoga, HIIT, etc. Like all of these physical activities, stretching also affects the muscles. So, just like weightlifting with one hand is not suitable for your muscles, getting imbalanced during stretching can impact your muscles. 

If you feel pain in only one side of the body, do not only stretch the right side. You have to stretch both sides to get rid of that pain and keep the muscles equal. Even if the other side is excellent, stretch it to avoid any injury during stretching. You are already aware of What does stretching does, which helps you to understand why imbalance is not an option. 

11. Rush 

Do not rush while stretching your body or skip stretching because you are in a rush. In both cases, it can seriously injure you and make you fall sick. Instead, take your time to stretch your body, as it is essential to keep you safe from injuries. 


You can learn why it feels good to stretch and why it is necessary in some cases. Additionally, you can also take a look at what are the mistakes that you need to avoid during stretching. It is one of the best habits to keep you healthy if you know how it works.

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