Driving Is Easy Right? 15 Skills You Must Know For That

driving is easy

‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ 

Wondering why we are acting as moral police and giving you these childhood lessons? Well, that’s because if you want to make sure driving is easy for you, you must practice a lot. Nobody becomes a good driver in a day. They keep on practicing until they become skilled and a pro behind the wheels.

So, is driving is? Well, that depends. We think, if you practice driving more than enough, you can be good at it. Once you become comfortable behind the wheel, you will no longer wonder if driving is easy or not. You will enjoy it like the rest of us. So, let’s find out. 

How To Drive A Car?- Let’s Learn The Skills

Cars and driving are interrelated to people’s everyday lives irrespective of their age, culture, background, etc. So, is driving hard? We don’t think so. We only have a few skills that will help you to consider how driving is easy and fun. Let’s check them out;

1: Know Your Car

You can’t possibly think driving is easy if you don’t familiarize yourself with the car. So before you become amazed by those buttons, make sure you know how they work. Read the manual carefully and find out what each button does inside your car. 

Remember the ABC method (Accelerator, Brake, and Clutch) when using the foot control. Also, familiarize yourself with the gear knob and understand the positions of multiple gears. Finally, learn to shift the car when the engine is off but don’t practice it too much as it may endanger your gearbox.

2: Adjust Your Seating Ergonomics

Many people don’t find this skill as essential as it really is. But, when newbies start driving a car, they may find it more than difficult because they are sitting in the wrong seating ergonomics. If you adjust the seating ergonomics, you can be comfortable, and you’ll really think that driving is easy.

It’s essential to adjust the seat angle so that you can access all the gear levers, pedals, and steering wheel comfortably. You should also be careful while making the adjustments that your back or thighs aren’t strained.

3: Be Familiar With The License

Some people think driving is easy but often get caught in unnecessary trouble. That’s because they are not familiar with their license restrictions. For example, when you have a learner’s license, you must have the ‘L’ sign stuck at the front and back of your car.

You should also have a person who has a proper driver’s license in the passenger seat to make sure you drive the car well. You should also mention the type of vehicle you’ll drive while making the license.

4: Drive Slowly

You are not going to compete in a track race as soon as you learn driving, right? So, always stick to slow speed. You must get comfortable with driving your car at a slow pace if you want to chase velocity later.

Trust me,  driving is easy, but speeding the vehicle for no reason doesn’t ensure that. So hone up your driving skills thoroughly before you try to increase the speed. It is an essential skill if you want to know how to drive a car for beginners.

5: Figure Out Your Input

When you are familiar with the driving basics, you must figure out your input because based on that, the steering wheel, the gear, and the pedals will work. Start slow and give minimal input. Try driving for the first time in open ground or on an empty road to avoid risks.

Keep in mind that sudden inputs on the steering wheel can make you lose control of the car. Therefore, increase your input level slowly because that will help you get accustomed to the vehicle better.

6: Maintain A Safe Distance

Are you familiar with the concept of the tailgate? If you are not, then you must be from India. In India, the roads are always jam-packed with cars, and there is very little distance from one car to another. While in the U.S., people avoid tailgating and maintain a safe distance.

We recommend that you should maintain a safe distance from the car before you. At least keep the span of two cars between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you so that you have an ample amount of space to avoid a possible collision.

7: Use Your Indicators And Horns Properly

While driving, you can only use your indicator and your horn to communicate with the driver before you. So, you have to use them smartly and tactically to convey your message correctly to the other driver. 

Many people tend to honk the horn repeatedly when they are stuck in traffic to indicate to the driver before moving faster. We think it’s completely wrong. Similarly, when changing lanes, people often forget to use their indicators when the road is empty. You should also never do that.

8: Drive On Known Roads

You must know that driving is easy for only those people who drive on familiar roads. We are not saying that you should never drive on a highway. But, it takes time and patience. So, when you are a beginner, make sure you stick to the paths you know.

On highways, the average speed of a car is higher, so if you drive very slowly there, it may cause an accident. So, if you want to move at a leisurely pace, make sure you drive on the roads you are familiar with.

9: Focus!!!

It is essential that when you learn car tricks, you should have a clear head and presence of mind. Similarly, when driving, make sure your eyes are on the road, and your mind is stuck on how you are driving the car.

Don’t think of anything else when you are learning to drive because if you divert your focus, it will cause an accident. Also, make sure that you are well-rested because otherwise your body will give up and you won’t know how driving is so easy for others and not for you.

10: Fix A Dashcam

It may not be a skill to be a better driver, but it is a necessary piece of equipment to make sure you find that driving is easy and safe. A dashcam will record everything that you are witnessing while you are driving the car.

They have recently been launched in the auto industry and are gaining rapid popularity among beginner drivers. When you come across an accident, people will tend to blame you. However, a dashcam will record the footage and can help you in need. 

11: Know The Rules Of The Road

One of the most critical steps of driving a car is to know the rules of the road. First, make sure you are familiar with all the traffic signs; otherwise, you will find driving ten times more complicated than it is.

We know that as a beginner you can’t know all the road rules and all the traffic signals. But, you can’t expect to find how driving is easy if you don’t know these signals. So, learn it well from your instructor before you figure out how to drive a real car.

12: Talk To Your Driving Instructor

Again, this is not a skill, but any good driver will try to acquire as much knowledge as possible from their instructors. If you lack confidence, chances are your driving instructor will be able to help you. 

Suppose you are having any exclusive problem that can also be resolved by your driving instructor. Even if it’s nothing, just talk to them because they will help you calm your nerves and give you the confidence to make sure driving is easy.

13: Practice Outside Your Car

You must practice your driving skills outside the car if you want to find out how driving is easy and enjoyable for us. For example, you may not get a complete sensation of clutch control, but you can practice your gear shifting skills just fine.

Just find out all about the seesaw action that you need to employ in a driving class. Now, apply it while you are practicing outside the car. We promise you will be more comfortable with driving in a few weeks if you follow this rule.

14: Get Your Driving Skills In Check

Once you arm yourself with all the driving knowledge, make sure you get your driving skills in check too. Just refresh your knowledge from time to time to see if you have remembered everything or not.

It will help you sharpen your skills more perfectly. We guarantee you that if you refresh your skills from time to time, you will be a good driver in no time. Otherwise, you may forget the knowledge, and that will be a problem on the road.

15: Drive More Often

As we’ve mentioned before also that you should keep on practicing your driving skills. Now, what better way to do that than driving the car more than often? So we think you should take your car for a quick spin around the block whenever you get the chance.

The more you practice driving with your car, the easier it becomes. So, make sure you practice your driving skills because otherwise, you’ll never know how driving is easy and safe at the same time. 


1: Why Is Driving So Hard?

Ans: Driving is hard for some people because everyone cannot control a heavy machine for long distances in all kinds of weather. When you drive your car, there are other people on the road, too, so you hold a risk of crashing with them if you don’t drive the right way.

2: Does Driving Get Easier?

Ans: Driving is not easy for anyone who has just started it. But, if people practice it consistently, it indeed becomes easier for them. Also, if you work on your driving skills regularly, you’ll find it getting more manageable in a few days.

3: Can Driving Be Fun?

Ans: Of course, driving can be fun. You just have to learn how to control your car at slow and fast speeds. After that, you can take your vehicle for as many quick spins as you want or take it for a long drive. You’ll see how much fun driving is. 

Putting It All Together

Do you think driving is easy? We think after all the skills that we have mentioned here, you will find it much easier. So just start applying these skills and be a professional driver in days. If you have any further questions regarding driving, you can let us know in the comment box. 

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