Why Are There No Cats In Walking Dead Comics Nor TV series?

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Why are there no cats in walking dead? This may not be a general question to everyone but to the Walking Dead fans, it is. I mean, we understand that cats are clever, so they will likely maintain a safe distance from zombies, but is that all? We don’t think so. So, let’s explore the truth behind the walking dead cats.

But, before we start, let us inform you that the walking dead cats’ phenomenon may not be so true after all. You may know that the series finale came to a halt due to the Covid Pandemic, but we hear rumors that the series finale may be a CAT-ASTROPHE!!!

Why Are There No Walking Dead Cats?

Why Are There No Walking Dead Cats?

You may find the reason extremely trivial, but the truth is the truth after all. There are no walking dead cats because the comic illustrator did not like drawing animals. Isn’t it surprising? 

I mean, when we first heard about it, we also found it kind of silly. The illustrator who could draw such an enthralling landscape, humans, and zombies even did not include cats in the series because he apparently didn’t like drawing animals. 

There are also some other assumptions regarding walking dead cats, which may intrigue you more. For example, the authors believed that cats are clever animals, so they won’t come out of the woods and always maintain their distance if they see something spooky.

But, the creator of the comic books, Robert Kirkman himself, mentioned in an interview that the illustrator did not enjoy drawing animals, which is the principal reason why there are no walking dead cats. There are no cat statues also, and we really miss the feline creature.

Are There Dogs In Walking Dead?

Are There Dogs In Walking Dead?

Charlie Adlard, the Walking Dead illustrator who does not like drawing animals, is the sole reason why we see no Walking Dead cats. But, how come there are dogs? If you remember, there’s one episode in season 2 or season 3 where we see Rick’s group stranded on an elevated bridge with two dogs.

The dogs portrayed in this scene are already infected because their furs are matted in blood and filth. The dogs seem as if they are in a rabies-induced rage or were starving so much that Ricks’ group became a meal to them.

However, Robert Kirkman explained that the virus is not transmissible to any other species rather than humans. 

So, the vast majority of people assumed that the zombie plague was so dangerous that people would either leave the place or eat their pets in order to survive the hunger.

Any sane person would not prioritize the hunger demands of a cat, or dog, or any other pet in that kind of a difficult situation. It’s rational to think that people would prioritize the needs of their family members or their children, so that may be another reason why we don’t see the Walking Dead cats.

Some people also think that animals are tough to control, so incorporating them in this TV series would have made the showrunners’ job even more difficult. But, more importantly, bringing animals on the set might have also compromised the safety of the human artists. 

Moreover, the themes of comics also denote that people can bunk domestic animals from a series on several grounds, such as due to ethical, preferential, or practical reasons. 

What About The Finale?

walking dead cats Finale

You may have been wondering that when we will get to this part. After all, you must be excited about the cat-astrophe phenomenon, right? People who have been so upset about the absence of walking dead cats, here’s a piece of good news for you.

The season final episode is probably named ‘The Tower.’ you’ll see here a bunch of people hiding in a hospital, and the whisperers are looking after them. But, cats are the primary residents of this hospital in which all the survivors have taken refuge. Even the cat pee smell is so gross that Judith will leave the place to hand out with Daryl. 

Well, Daryl reminds me that Walking Dead also endows him with a pet dog, but apart from that, there are no walking dead cats or dogs in the series. 

Anyways, coming back to the topic, the cats are apparently the main villain of this season. They show their power move when they lead the whisperers to the hospital. When they see the cats crossing their path, they also change their course. So, it seems the aftermath of the big war will pose cats as the only living residents on the planet. 

Talking about the other characters, there isn’t much happening to the new character, Princess. She only looks for horses for Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Eugene after scaring away their horses. In the process, she leads them to a minefield where they spend some time. However, as the season wraps up, they all will become friends. 


1: Are There Any Cats On TWD?

Ans: You may remember skidmark fear the walking dead. He is the loving pet of Daniel Salazar. But, that is not the leading franchise of TWD, so that may not be a satisfactory explanation for the missing walking dead cats phenomenon. If you are wondering, skidmark the cat is well and alive in this series, too, so that’s good news.

2: Who Plays Skidmark In Fear The Walking Dead?

Ans: Many walking dead cats fans thought that the cat would probably be destroyed after the nuclear war skidmark. That’s because he was right in the middle of the warzone when the blast happened. But, the showrunner, Ian Goldberg, confirmed that skidmark did make it out alive.

3: What Happened To Daniel On Fear?

Ans: Daniel hallucinates that all the people and all the zombies he has killed, including Griselda, come back and tell him that his wife is waiting for him. That’s why when he sets fire in the mansion, making sure he has no escape route, he dies in peace, and that’s the end of him.

Final Thoughts

The characters of the Walking Dead have survived the zombie apocalypse many times over the years. That’s why they will try to keep the livestock animals close to them to create self-sufficient communities. If so many animals can make an appearance in the series, why not include walking dead cats, right? Well, you may be surprised in the finale. So, if you want to know anything else, ask us in the comment section below.

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