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Are you searching for some Yaoi Manga? Oh, wait! Let me make that easier for you. Are you searching for some of the best Gay Manga that you can read in 2023? If the answer to this question is a YES, then you have reached the right place.

Yaoi, also known as Boys’ Love or BL in Japan, is a genre mostly written by women, for women, that depicts homosexual relationships between men. Japan typically uses this single category for all forms of these relationships, sexual or not.

These BL manga, or smut manga, might not be the most dramatic or over-the-top out there, but they have very good stories and great characters. Watching their friendship turn into a relationship or just working on their relationships, these BL manga deserve an anime adaptation to show viewers their stories.

If you are interested in reading some of the best gay manga in the year 2023, you do not need to look any further. Keep reading this blog till the end to learn more…

Best Gay Manga To Read In 2023!

While at times, Yaoi comics are some of the most underrated genres in the industry, there is no denying the fact that these pieces of art are truly amazing when it comes to storytelling. Thus, if these are the things that interest you, you might want to read this article till the end.

In this blog I will be focusing on the best and the most rated gay manga that you need to take a look at in 2023 if that is what interests you.

Here are the top twelve gay manga that you should read this year:

1. I Hear The Sunspot

I Hear The Sunspot

I Hear The Sunspot is the first manga on the list. A manga that features a romantic relationship deserves to be animated. Due to his hearing impairment, Kouhei lives a somewhat challenging existence and generally stays away from people.

Next up is Taichi, a boisterous and loud man who is nice with everyone but sometimes misunderstood due to his volume. When the two of them first meet, they strike up a friendship that gradually develops into something more as Kouhei learns to open up to someone who accepts his condition and Taichi encourages Kouhei to pursue more happiness in his life.

Fans may readily relate to aspects of both characters’ personalities and interests because they both have a tonne of layers. The plot is compelling, and although the relationship is being constructed so slowly that it may end up looking more like a bromance, it is still exciting to watch.

Having a character with a disability is also rather uncommon, and seeing one in a BL manga is even less common. Making this manga into an anime would be a positive step forward for the anime industry and add to the extremely small pool of shows that do feature impairments.

2. Sick

Life for Keito Sudou is ideal. He is well-liked, attractive, charming, and from a wealthy background. He has buddies who don’t cause trouble, no woman to bind him, and college life is going nicely. Nothing more could be given to him. It’s a different story if you ask his classmate Shouta Kishi, who is frequently the focus of Keito’s mocking. Sudou may be teasing him for a cause, though.

Even though this book only has one volume, despite some of the standard BL manga tropes, it’s still a really decent manga. If given more time and more scenes to make it healthy, an anime series may make this story even better.

3. This Wonderful Season With You

This Wonderful Season With You

The stereotypical nerd, Junpei Enoki, fulfills every description. Despite being smaller, more intelligent, and physically less capable than other men his age, he has a decent heart and isn’t hesitant to express his opinions. Here comes Ryousuke Shirataki, a jock like everyone else whose baseball career was cut short by an injury. Indecisive about what to do next, Shirataki joins the Electronic Engineering Club, where he eventually meets Enoki. Despite the fact that they couldn’t be further apart, as their friendship grows, it might develop into something more.

Readers will gasp in delight at how adorable these two are together since it’s a classic opposites-attract love story. A cute little rom-com anime based on this comic would be amusing to watch and provide more variation to the pool of BL anime.

4. Only The Flower Knows

Only The Flower Knows

A charming manga that will make readers feel many different things. Youichi Arikawa and Shouta Misaki, two university students, first cross paths on campus before meeting at a railway station. Since Misaki wasn’t using the right lenses to improve his vision, Arikawa is unaware of his appearance but is aware of his tremendous sympathy for him.

The only thing he has is a glass flower pendant that Misaki dropped in addition to a hazy image. When they eventually cross paths a third time, Arikawa confidently confesses his love, sparking the start of a charming romance.

This manga is fantastic and well worth reading if you’re looking for something pure and pleasant. Though it may cause some readers to wonder if it’s actually a BL, the romance between Arikawa and Misaki progresses at a good clip. Since most BL relationships move very quickly, it would be interesting to observe a relationship develop more slowly.

5. Joy


Joy is the next title on the list of the best gay manga that you should read. A manga author and his relationship with his helper are the subject of this tale. A two-volume manga series called Joy first debuted in 2016. Etsuko is the author and illustrator.

Two characters dominate the series. Go Okazaki, a shoujo manga artist, is one, and Yusuke, his assistant, is the other. Now Okazaki wants to create a fantastic Shoujo manga that her female fans will enjoy reading.

He also receives a request for a Boys’ Love manga to aid him in his task. This is going to be a difficult chore, but fortunately Okazaki found out that his aide is gay just before he was given the orders.

Therefore, Okazaki will play “pretend” with his helper as his boyfriend in order to make the series as genuine as possible.

This pretending game, nevertheless, might become less prevalent in the future. You can also see how difficult it is for manga authors to give their fans high-quality content by looking at a manga like Joy.

6. Sorenari Ni Shinken Nan Desu

Sorenari Ni Shinken Nan Desu

So you want some manga with tragic love stories, huh? What could possibly cause you to cry? Then I suppose you shouldn’t read the manga we will discuss next.

Shinken Sorenari ni A two-volume manga series called Nan desu first appeared in 2008. Asou Kai is the author and illustrator. In the story, Oosawa, the father of an only daughter, is described as having numerous boyfriends.

He used to frequent a store operated by Yoshioka on a regular basis. Yoshioka is therefore aware of Oosawa’s nature. However, Yoshioka appears out of nowhere and assists him when his accountability is questioned when her daughter is in jeopardy.

What were Yoshioma’s motivations for doing what he did, and why?

With its story and characters, this manga has the power to bring you to tears. What makes it so exceptional is the lovely chemistry between the cast members.

7. The Two Lions

The Two Lions

In a manga, former classmates reconnect. First-year college student Junpei Shishido is pleasant and friendly to everyone he encounters. He meets Leo Onizuka, a recluse who keeps to himself and seems familiar, one day.

Junpei learns that he and Leo attended the same high school and that Leo was rumored to be a gang leader after Leo dismisses him. Despite these rumors, Junpei sets out to be his buddy, and Leo gradually starts to open up to him.

It’s a typical narrative about how opposites attract, but it’s still enjoyable to read. Leo is more than just a grumpy-faced guy; he sincerely wants to be friends with everyone.

Unfortunately, he is feared by a lot of people. Junpei is delighted to become acquainted with him and becomes aware that their relationship is developing beyond simple friendship.

8. My Love Mix-Up

My Love Mix-Up

My Love Mix-Up is a comical love triangle in this list. Aoki, a male student, develops a crush on Hashimoto, a girl student. He is devastated to discover his classmate Ida’s name on the rubber after borrowing it.

Ida accidentally notices the rubber on Aoki’s desk and concludes that Aoki is attracted to him. Following that, a series of amusing misunderstandings take place as feelings between Aoki and Ida develop.

Although they are widespread, few love triangles are as humorous as this one. The three students’ love triangle is settled quite fast rather than frustratingly dragging on for a lengthy period.

It would be interesting to watch a love triangle narrative that went in a different direction. The romance story has comedic and slice-of-life aspects that are sure to keep viewers interested.

9. I Cannot Reach You

I Cannot Reach You

A charming manga with a simmering passion. Although most of their peers don’t comprehend it, Kakeru and Yamato have been great friends for a very long time. They are polar opposites from one another.

Yamato is reserved and nearly emotionless while speaking to others, while Kakeru is friendlier and more outgoing. Kakeru believes his best buddy is going to find a girlfriend when he overhears a girl talking to Yamato. Kakeru, though, is aware that the concept troubles him somewhat and seeks to understand why.

Although the plot kind of resembles the well-known best friends-to-lovers cliché, it builds gradually. When asked who he has a crush on, Yamato readily acknowledges that he likes Kakeru.

Kakeru questions whether risking their longtime friendship by getting into a relationship is worth it as he struggles with his emotions and worries. This would make for an enjoyable anime to watch and provide viewers with yet another charming romance.

10. Glass Syndrome

Glass Syndrome

This one is a manga that leans slightly more towards the dramatic side. Nijou, a high school student in the manga Glass Syndrome, is described as appearing to be flawless in all he does. He is the class president, an excellent athlete, and well-liked in the classroom.

His teacher asks him to check on Toomi, a classmate who has recently missed a lot of classes. It turns out that Toomi has a secret that accounts for his absence, but if it is revealed, it may very possibly endanger his life. When Nijou learns of his secret, he must decide whether or not to tell Toomi.

The emotional baggage between Nijou and Toomi in this manga is significant, albeit for completely different reasons. Toomi is incredibly insecure and worries that people will reject him if he isn’t flawless, so he continually works to maintain his façade.

On the other hand, Toomi is emotionally spent from managing his family’s financial situation. The two of them can only be themselves around one another.

11. Crimson Spell

Crimson Spell

You should read this at least once in your life if you enjoy historical and fantastical manga. Using the family sword brings a curse onto young Prince Vald. He seeks out Halvir, a strong sorcerer who will assist him in ending the curse in exchange for the sword, hoping to lift the curse.

They decided to put a stop to it together. Vald, who doesn’t know much about the curse, is unaware that he transforms into a vicious demon at night and loses all memory of the previous day. Only Halvir appears to be capable of preventing the demon from posing a serious threat to society.

It’s surprising that there hasn’t been an anime adaptation of the long-popular BL manga Crimson Spell yet. This manga becoming an anime would be a terrific addition and might open more doors in this genre because there aren’t many fantasy BL anime that are also sword and sorcery.

12. Tonari No Metaller-San

Tonari No Metaller-San

Sometimes it takes a string of unfavorable occurrences for love to blossom. Kentou Sasaki, a graduate student, moves into a flat once the dorm costs rise, but sadly, the cooker and bathroom are broken.

After a terrible snowstorm, Soushi Ikematsu, a neighbor, saves Kentou from freezing to death. Soushi serves him a warm dinner despite his aloofness and menacing appearance, and the two begin dining together. As time passes, Kentou begins to fall in love with him, but he doesn’t reveal his feelings to anyone because he is unsure of Soushi’s sexual orientation.

Wrapping It Up!

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In case you were searching for the best Gay Manga that you need to read, I hope that this article has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to let me know. All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page, Then leave your queries and comments in the box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you!

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