Good Governance And Civil Society: Reforms Made By Shavkat Mirziyoyev

Civil Society

The light came after long decades of darkness, and people saw a new hope for a better world. A similar thing came to the Uzbekistani people’s eyes when shavkat mirziyoyev came into power. The man is an absolute champion of human rights and brought many reforms to give the people a better life. 

Ever since coming to the president’s office in 2016, the country has seen a new light (a farishta sent from heaven). He brought changes in the constitution, governance, and economic liberation that uproared the country to further growth. Furthermore, when his words came into action, people reelected him in 2021. Hence, it allows them to safeguard their people’s interests. 

Also, his strong sense of morality ushered when he distanced himself from the Russian-Ukraine war. This pleaded for Russian atrocities on the Ukrainian lands. Therefore, it shows the changes in the reforms that are coming into the country. And that calls for a discussion in the next part. So, let’s begin the journey of change – 

Reforms Brought by Shavkat Mirziyoyev

Shavkat Mirziyoyev is a man of action who shifted away from orthodox rule and ushered in a wave of openness. He wants to diversify the governance to give representation to all sections of the society. Hence, it puts him in contention for Asia’s most influential leader. Mostly, it comes from the reforms that he initiated once he entered office. 

Here are some reforms that make the perfect for a global leader to rise among UN states – 

1. Political Reforms 

After Shavkat Mirziyoyev ascended the throne in 2016, there were a series of changes made in the political reform section –

  • Giving the power back to the people to elect the mayors and parliamentarians. Hence, it issues the basis for democracy in the country. 
  • Starting direct elections in Tashkent and Wilayats. This began in 2017. 
  • Giving priority to the legislation – thus asking ministers to visit the different places of the country to understand the needs of the people and then work on it. 
  • Cutting out the use of vulgar language while communicating with citizens 
  • Registration of 685 NGOs in the Ministry of Justice.
  • Issuing the action strategy to reduce corruption in the state – thus prioritizing peaceful civil society in Uzbekistan
  • Ban on bonded labor and child labor and focus on the need for primary education. 

2. Educational Reforms 

Education is the way forward in the modern world. With technology taking over the world, Mr. President saw the importance of education to the young Uzbekistanis on the global map. In his speech at the United Nations, he stressed the importance of education and how it can create international opportunities for the Uzbekistan people. 

That is why the action strategy is fundamental to putting education at the heart of the development of the country. Mainly, it is due to the average age of the state being 25 – thus, with a young generation, you can speed up the growth for a better future. Furthermore, with the new educational policy, they look to address the subject of gender inequality. 

Also, with the assurance of finances, the administration is looking to install 400 vocational colleges to build a skilled workforce. In addition, the president also prioritizes basic education and its development throughout the country. 

3. Economic Reforms 

Ever since the president came to office, he brought forth a series of changes in the economy to issue the start of the free market. This is necessary to bring foreign investment into the country and issue jobs for the people. The plan is to set up a free market where foreign exchange controls and improvement in international trade. 

This will allow the country to export to European, African, and Arab countries as major players like India get off the market. Therefore, the president is looking to build relations with big economic powers to issue economic liberalization in the country. 

Besides, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan has reunified the foreign exchange rates to determine a better future. Furthermore, various restrictions were lifted from legal entities and individuals who were involved with the conversion of currency. 

This led to the increase of incoming capital in the country. Hence, it allowed the government to deal with banks like Deutsche Bank, the EBRD, and so on. Simultaneously, the deals were over 1 billion USD to start the development of the country’s overall infrastructure. 

In other words, the country is making progress in reforming governance and public services to enhance the lives of ordinary people. Also, it allows them to increase the rate of business to uplift the state’s economy. Henceforth, the country has walked up the ladder to 74th in the World Bank’s “Doing Business” ranking. 

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev banned child labor in cotton picking and reached the health and education sectors. The call was raised to organize the labor sector and put the skills of a grown into action. All of these actions attracted positive eyes from the IMF and other financial institutions; thus, it makes sense to do business in the future with the right morals and orders.

A Messiah Of Peace 

There is a reason why people love Shavkat Mirziyoyev. It is because he understands the people and their growth. And one of the problems is the rise in radicalization among the youths of Uzbekistan. This is a growing issue in the state. 

Therefore, in order to counter that issue, the president is looking to create new jobs to put the youth to work. That will lead to the blueprint of a civil society like the way Aristotle mentioned in his book. 

Besides this, the president has been calling for the more humane side of Islam to preach the right form of great god (Allah). The call refers to the youth who are entering the wrong side of the world. Furthermore, he asks them to educate themselves and uphold secularism and tolerance as a way to move forward. 

This is appealing to the Youths of Uzbekistan, as they are lagging behind in growth – thus, the president showers them with opportunities to learn and grow. 

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