How To Get 500 Dollars Fast?10 Practical Ways To Earn Money Fast

how to get 500 dollars fast

A little extra never hurt anybody, especially when it’s some extra cash. Yes, you love your job, and it really pays well, but what if we told you that’s not the only money you will be making this month? Yes, you read that right. So today, I am going to tell you how to get 500 dollars fast. All you need to do? 

Simply scroll down and find out all that you need to know about earning 500 dollars with the help of methods that are legit and fast! 

Exploring My Love For Some Extra Cash: How To Get 500 Dollars Fast?

When I was a kid, I would often need some extra pocket money for several reasons that made a lot of sense back then. And you know what I would do? I would search for things like ‘how to get 500 dollars fast as a kid?’ but did I ever follow through? Not really, because everything I read about seemed so grown-up!

But guess what? I am an adult, and most of these methods make a lot of sense now. So without wasting any further time, scroll down and find out all that you need to know about earning some extra cash fast! 

1. Take Up Ridesharing Gigs

Take Up Ridesharing Gigs

Did you know that ridesharing gigs are one of the easiest side hustle out there, and you will end up making much more than 500 dollars? In fact, you can always become an independent contractor for Uber, Curb, or Lyft. These companies offer complete flexibility, and you can pick up gigs on your own time.

2. Become A Personal Grocery Shopper

Become A Personal Grocery Shopper

Personal shoppers are growing products in their store and they are commom, but personal grocery shoppers are definitely not common! Instacart is one platform where you just need to be more than 18 years to quickly earn some cash – this is totally your answer to ‘how to get 500 dollars fast.’

3. Walk Dogs Or Become A Pet Sitter

Walk Dogs Or Become A Pet Sitter

Dogwalking is a pretty common side-hustle, and so many people out there are already doing it! So why not you? As long as you are not afraid of dogs, you can totally pursue this profession on the side and keep earning quick money – you can also try out pet sitting, which is very similar to babysitting – but why not?

4. Become A Babysitter

Become A Babysitter

Not everyone loves to spend their free time around animals. In that case, you can always become a babysitter. In 2022, as more and more millennials are becoming parents, the chances of having both parents working are far greater than before – so it’s a readymade business opportunity for you. 

5. Rent Your Unused Space

Rent Your Unused Space

Do you have a lot of space that’s unused? Have you ever considered renting out your unused space to companies like Airbnb? These are pretty popular and perhaps one of the best ways to make money since you don’t even have to do anything. 

6. Sell Your Unused DVDs And CDs

Sell Your Unused DVDs And CDs

Have you ever wondered how to get $500 dollars fast on cash app? Yes, you can make a few bets and win by luck. But there are cash apps where you can also sell your unused CDs and DVDs, for a matter of fact. And don’t we all have plenty of those at home?

7. Rent Out Your Vehicle

Rent Out Your Vehicle

This one’s pretty similar to renting out your unused space. If you are primarily working from home and your vehicle just sits there in the garage, you can always consider renting it out. Rent it out and earn some quick cash without doing anything. 

8. Teach English Online

Teach English Online

There are so many people out there who are looking for tutors online simply for the purpose of learning the English language. If you have a good command of the English language, you can always teach people the same online – what are you even waiting for?

9. Offer Some Unique Service

Offer Some Unique Service

It is highly possible that you are blessed with certain skills that are unique. Have you considered using the same for earning some quick cash on the side? If you were wondering how to get 500 dollars fast, this could be it!

10. Start A Thrift Shop

Start A Thrift Shop

Thrift shops are all the rage now, and people can’t seem to have enough of them. I am guessing most of you reading this have plenty of clothes inside your wardrobe. You can easily sell a few and earn some much-needed money on the side. Sounds pretty cool, right? We know!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Can I Make $500 In 4 Days?

You can make $500 in 4 days by following the details mentioned below,
⦿ Deliver food or beverage or anything really,
⦿ Start working as a high-paid proofreader,
⦿ Participate in online surveys,
⦿ Sell your crafts on the Shopify platform, and
⦿ Start your own blog.

2. How Can I Make Money Fast And Instantly?

You can make money pretty fast and instantly by following the details mentioned below,
⦿ Become a driver for ride-sharing apps,
⦿ Making deliveries for Uber Eats or even Amazon,
⦿ Take a few babysitting gigs,
⦿ Help with gardening, and
⦿ Become a dog walker.

3. How To Get 500 Dollars Fast On Cash App

Cash App is a legit app that allows users to earn some quick cash without working very hard in the first place. For instance, you can take surveys for 750 dollars – all you will be required to do to win 750 dollars is simply complete ten offers, and you will be all set to go! 

4. How Could A 12-Year-Old Make Money?

There are three basic things that a 12-year-old can do to make money such as,
⦿ Doing all kinds of household chores, 
⦿ Taking part in yard work, and 
⦿ Babysitting or dog walking.

And It’s A Wrap!

Gone are the days of wondering how to get $500 dollars fast as a kid? Because today you can make 500 dollars practically at all ages – it’s kinda easy if you know the right tools. Moreover, there are so many apps available online which can easily change how you look at money. And that’s not all – there’s so much more you can do. 

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and opinions on the same in the comments below.

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