End Of Borris Johnson’s Reign In The UK

Borris Johnson

End of the Reign of Borris Johnson in the UK after the 50 ministers aids including the three cabinet ministers, resigned from their end. Today, the UK government will witness some of the crucial infringement actions after the resignation of this great leader of the UK. 

Every leader has to end his professional journey at once, so today is when Borris Johnson and his cabinet ministers have to resign from their tenure. The resignation news of the British Prime Minister came late at midnight. 

Reason For The Downfall Of Borris Johnson

There are several reasons for the downfall of this great leader of the UK. It was not just mere luck; some hardcore reasons are responsible for his resignation. Let’s boil down the points for his resignation.  

  • The Chris Pincher Affair broke the reputation of  Mr Johnson.
  • Party gate incident where he had broken the lockdown rules of the country during COVID -19.
  • Inflation in the country has risen sharply under his reign, which is a 9.1% hike inflation rate. 
  • Owen Paterson Row and the car accident incident led to the protest against the UK leader. 
  • Lack Of focus and Ideas to rule the country adequately added to his negativity toward leading the nation. 

At tommorows dawn, the UK will witness the end of one president and the rise of another person as the president of the UK.

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