Family Issues: How To Manage Teenagers


As parents, we all know that the teenage years can be troublesome, this is a time when young, impressionable minds have time away from their parents and that means we have little control over what they do.

Teenagers can be very abrasive, thanks to the hormone imbalance, they often feel that the whole world is against them and no one understands.

If you are the parent of a teenager, here are a few tips that might help to foster a positive relationship.

1. After-school activities –

Enroll your son or daughter in the best after school program in Concord West and give them a positive platform to focus their energy with a structured program that is designed for growing kids.

The operator sends vans to the schools to collect students and they are returned home at the end of the session; there are programs to suit all types, with sports a major focus. Healthy snacks are included in the cost, youngsters need to fuel up several times during the day, plus they are hydrated by water stations.

2. Giving responsibility –

Studies show that teenagers respond well to being treated like adults; give your child a little more responsibility (and freedom) and see how they respond. You will be pleasantly surprised at the reaction and this helps both parties to develop a positive relationship.

3. Limiting online time –

Let’s face it, we all need to put limits on how much time our kids spend online; of course, you should lead by example and let your kids see that you switch off your digital devices.

If your son/daughter is online learning stuff, that’s fine, while social media is a daily activity to limit. Of course, there are filters you can apply to limit the type of content your kids can access and these can be set from your Wi-Fi router; indeed, some parents change their kid’s passwords and don’t allow access to the web until their chores have been done.

Enrolling your teenage child in a local after-school activity is one way of limiting their web time, plus they get the physical exercise that growing kids need. Click here for reasons why we need to breathe clean air.

4. Nurture open dialogue –

Ideally, you want your kids to see you as a person they can confide in, without fear of retribution and this needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Try not to avoid talking about certain topics, be honest with your kids about alcohol, drugs, and sexuality, and don’t try to gloss over realities.

5. Communicate daily –

We can get so into work that we fail to see how we are drifting away from our family; make sure you give your kids time and enquire about their day and how things went for them. If you have a good relationship with your teenage kids, they are more likely to confide in you when they have issues.

The teenage years can be rocky and developing a positive relationship with your kids is a critical aspect of good parenting.

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