The Boy King Was KILLED Because He Was Better Than Other Egyptian Pharoahs!!!

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Buried in the most expensive coffin in the world, do you wonder how King Tut died? Have you heard about King Tutankhamun, the boy pharaoh whose burial ground was discovered in 1922? Could you read the article to learn more about it?

Known as one of the most successful pharaohs, King Tut reigns Egypt at its height of success, prosperity, and peace! Like his paternal grandparents, King Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, King Tut brought back stability after the death of his heretic father!

Read the article to identify further the reasons that might be behind the death of King Tut! Other factors will also be discussed concerning his success as a king, along with the reason behind his death.

About King Tutankhamun

About King Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun was the son of the Egyptian King Akhenaten, who was quite controversial because he shifted the capital of Egypt to Amarna from Thebes! Another controversy is decreeing that the people of Egypt will only worship one god, Aten!

It was during the 13-year reign of King Akhenaten that Egypt became considerably weak! But it was King Tutankhamun who brought stability back to the nation by returning to traditions, restoring old Gods along with temples, and removing changes brought by King Akhenaten.

The kings who came later removed the history of King Tut and his father from records; hence, it was much later that people became aware of them, especially with the discovery of their tombs in the early 20th century. However, their strategy did not work because King Tut became one of the most famous pharaohs!

The Boy King Was KILLED Because He Was Better Than Other Egyptian Pharaohs!!!

The Boy King Was KILLED Because He Was Better Than Other Egyptian Pharaohs!!!

Historians initially believed King Tut was sick and could not recover from the fracture on his knee! However, later, it was informed that based on the excavation reports, there might be a possibility that he was stronger than what Historians expected.

There might be a possibility of a plot to remove King Tut from power as the kings who came after him tried their best to remove all historical evidence of King Tut and his father.

It might be that the King was a battle-hardened warrior riding the chariot too fast, just like any other teenage boy at that age! The funerary artifacts that have been there in his tomb show him all his glory, and maybe that is the truth.

Severe malaria after getting a fracture in the knee and then the infection leading to the King’s death? Or is it true that the graceful boy king had multiple disorders?

Discovery Of King Tut’s Tomb!

Discovery Of King Tut’s Tomb!

Howard Carter, a British archeologist and Egyptologist discovered the tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings along with his workers on 4 November 1922. The famous boy king’s tomb required detective work, especially regarding archaeological excavation.

The little boy king got leadership at 8 in c1336 B.C. His father built the new royal city, King Tut was born in it; and accordingly, he tried to put many things right that his father made wrong! However, the weird thing is being such a good and popular king, why was his mummification process so hasty?

To learn more about the theories related to King Tut’s death, you need to read the blog and the details associated with the physical injuries to which he succumbed!

Howard Carter

Howard Carter

The Egyptologist Howard Carter was born on 9 May 1874 in England. From a young age, he was interested in Egyptian history and culture! Howard Carter was already working with Egyptian antiquities for over three decades when he found the tomb.

After he found it, he excavated the tomb and accordingly organized the contents present in the grave. The contents excavated were gold jewelry, clothing, weapons, statues, and chariots that were then sent to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. These things were given with the thought that he would need all these in his afterlife!

Death Of King Tut!

Death Of King Tut!

King Tutankhamun died around 1324 B.C. at the age of 18 or 19! But the death of the famous boy king, along with his life, is filled with mystery with some gaps in his story. The King had a club foot along with Kohler’s disease, where the blood is not supplied to the foot bones.

According to recent research, it has been observed that King Tutankhamun had a cleft palate, which is similar to his father. The DNA of the mummies is being evaluated through a wider program where genetic testing is performed!

Probable Reason For Tutankhamun’s Death!

Probable Reason For Tutankhamun’s Death!

There are several theories related to King Tut’s death; one of them is surrounding a small fragment that was found inside the mummy’s skull. Historians suspected that the boy king was murdered by receiving a blow to the back of his head.

Later, it was observed that during the mummification process, the injury might have taken place. Thus, it was proved that he was not murdered. The researchers or scientists initially informed that the boy king was sickly with low immunity, which led to his quick death.

Historians doubt that the injury at the kneecap, a fracture that did not show any sign of healing, is at the root of King Tut’s death. The theory developed from this injury is that the type of injury has been identified as a high-velocity fall impact!

Even though there has not been any confirmation regarding this theory, historians suspect that he was riding a chariot when he suffered a fall! How can we forget the theory of a form of malaria which was found in his mummy? His death might also be related to the condition of malaria.

King Tut Was Sickly Or Murdered…

In his lifetime, he has been well known, but at a very young age, he was ridden with responsibilities. However, later historians observed chariots inside his tomb, so there could be a chance of him falling off the chariot and hurting him.

His death can be related to a lot of aspects; however, there is no clarity on how he might have died!

Comment down regarding how sickly King Tut was suspected at first and how the perspective changed with more discoveries.

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