You Might Consider To Remove Your Hymen After Reading This!

septate hymen

Wondering what a septate hymen is? There is a higher probability that you learn about it when you are having intercourse! And yes, it is scary at first! The female reproductive system is a mystery from both men’s and women’s perspectives!

Science, however, is a path that will help you get a better idea of how to deal with situations that you are unfamiliar with. Finding two holes in your vaginal opening is one such strange situation and a little scary too! To learn more about septate hymen, you have to read the blog!

In the blog, I will discuss the symptoms of the condition, its causes, and ways of treatment. Learning about the situation and understanding it will help you clear myths that other people might have about it.

You Might Consider To Remove Your Hymen After Reading This!

I was a young girl when an older cousin first told me about intercourse, and ofcourse I was shocked! At a young age, it was easy to worry about it or, sometimes, make jokes about things like these.

Hymen is a thin membrane that is all around the vaginal opening, and it is in no way blocking the opening of the vagina! At times, sometimes there is some fiction, yet the hymen is more like a cover of the vagina. After birth, it is thick, but over time, it wears down or rips!

Oftentimes, the prerequisite expectation of society is that the hymen is a symbol of virginity! According to the norms of society, if you have penetrative sex, your hymen will break, in popular language, popping the cherry.

Yet, at times, the hymen can also break with heavy pelvic activity such as swimming, cycling, climbing a tree, and others! So no, little and big girls, your hymen is not a measuring tool for your virginity or your sex life. Now, let’s go ahead with a better understanding of the anomaly.

What Is A Septate Hymen?

What Is A Septate Hymen_

Hymen is a tissue or skin which is normal, but when there is an extra band issue divides the vaginal opening! At a young age, you might not understand the significance, but the shape of your vagina impacts how your sexual life is.

But as you grow up, you realize how important your reproductive system is in your personal life! So let me become an older person to bust some myths and clear misperceptions about your hymen.

Before that, the septate hymen is an anomaly where there are extra hymenal tissues, thus blocking the vaginal opening and creating two vaginal openings! This is quite different because the hymen is normally a part of the reproductive system.

Is It Completely Normal To Have A Septate Hymen?

Is It Completely Normal To Have A Septate Hymen_

Septate Hymen is a hymenal anomaly, a condition with which you are born! It is a rare condition; out of 1000 or 10,000 women, probably one woman has this condition. This irregular hymen condition is not something that you know immediately.

It is a condition that you might discover when you are trying to apply a tampon during periods or trying to have intercourse. The additional string of tissue in the vagina connects the top and bottom end, thus, partially obstructing the vagina.

You might feel pain when you are putting in a tampon if you have a septate hymen! During intercourse, you might experience bleeding from the hymen separating the vagina opening because of the condition. So, if you have this condition or anyone you know might suffer from it, you have to learn about the treatment!

What Are The Symptoms Of A Septate Hymen?

What Are The Symptoms Of A Septate Hymen_

There are several symptoms through which you can identify a septate hymen! These symptoms will guide you to have a better understanding of how to deal with the condition. Read along to know about the symptoms if you have a septate hymen:

  • During the time of intercourse, you might feel pain or also encounter bleeding especially! It can signify that the hymen is tearing.
  • You might face difficulty when it comes to using a tampon! During the time of inserting or removing a tampon, sometimes you might experience pain.
  • Having sexual intercourse can be an overall painful experience!

One of the major reasons for a septate hymen is congenital irregularity! There is no specific reason why your particular woman might have a septate hymen. However, we all know that 1 out of 1000 or 10,000 might be born with it!

Treatment Of Septate Hymen And Side Effects!

Treatment Of Septate Hymen And Side Effects!

If you wonder about how Septate Hymen is diagnosed, you must read more about the experience. Read about how you have to go for a visual exam of your vagina if you are constantly facing issues during intercourse!

Considering there is an extra band of skin in the vagina, it creates two distinct entries, maybe one bigger than another. However, it does cause a lot of pain from any insertion, be it a tampon during periods or having intercourse.

Once it is diagnosed that you might have septate hymen after the visual examination of your vagina, you have to decide on what is the next course of action! However, before you think too much about it, I would suggest that no immediate treatment is necessary.

The hymen might expand or rip on its own, especially when you try to push a tampon inside your vagina or have sexual intercourse forcefully! However, if you still see that the issue continues while you experience pain and bleeding, you can go for surgery.

Hymenectomy is a minor surgery where your hymenal tissue is removed under general anesthesia in a surgical center or a hospital. The operation is of very little time, so you can leave just after a few hours, along with resuming sexual activity and normal activities within two to four weeks!

Finishing Off…

Read along to know more about the septate hymen and resolving the issue in the long term! Having successful and easy intercourse is important for your sexual life and personal health, so if you see that not happening, you should decide on what to do!

Surgery might help, especially if the band of tissue does not rip after a certain time! But for that, you need to have a doctor’s consultation along with diagnosing the condition. Comment on what you think about the condition and its impact on people’s sexual lives and health!

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