Learn About Starz Subscription Cancel And More Here!


Are you thinking about starz subscription cancel? Even with all the available movies and series, you are considering canceling the subscription because of the increasing expenses on streaming services and platforms and reading the article to learn more.

The Starz streaming service hosts content such as films and television series from other production houses and original content that is produced in-house. Popular series such as Outlander, The White Queen, Hightown, and Power have been initially created by Starz.

The Starz channel is worth its value because it provides a diverse collection of content at reasonable prices. The genres are various, and it does not have any advertisements. The service offers a free trial to the new subscribers at the beginning of their subscription.

In the industry, these services are provided at one of the lowest prices compared to other services in the market. Starz channel can also be added to Amazon Prime Video, which will help you access it through smart TVs.

Learn About Starz Subscription Cancel And More Here!

To run a Starz subscription on different streaming devices, you need an active internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 2.5 Mbps. However, according to Starz developers, to have the best experience from the streaming, you need to have at least 6 Mbps bandwidth.

You also get the opportunity to download the content from a stable internet connection. You can download the device by clicking on the arrow icon below the movies or the series displayed on the streaming platform.

Once downloaded, you will find the content on the download icon, which is present on the side. The icon is in the shape of an inbox which is clicked. In the progress bar, you will find the “My List” tab to watch the downloaded content.

The downloaded content gets auto-deleted after 2 weeks. You might also experience some difficulty if the title goes out of license, then the downloaded content gets deleted. There are certain restrictions for viewers who are located outside the US.

What Is Starz?

What Is Starz

The network was launched 20 years ago, and now 29 million households have subscribed to the service. Starz is a cable and satellite streaming service network owned by Lionsgate. It offers a variety of content in the form of classic series, original content, and blockbuster movies.

The application is streamed through devices like tablets, smart TVs, and mobile phones. The devices supporting the Starz channels are Apple iPad, iPhones, Android devices, Amazon Fire TVs, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Samsung Smart TVs.

The president of Starz, Jeffrey Hirsch, informs that the Starz streaming service is committed to inclusion, diversity, and diversity through streaming-specific content. Underrepresented and minority groups such as women, african american people, orphans, and aged individuals are represented through the content.

How To Subscribe To Starz?

How To Subscribe To Starz

According to the official website, you can directly subscribe to the streaming service for $5 monthly for three months. The monthly subscription charge is $8.99; however, with the three-month deal, you will save money.

You can directly subscribe to the Starz streaming service from FuboTV, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, which offers a free trial. Getting a free trial through Hulu and Amazon Prime Video gives you a 30-day free trial, while from FuboTV, you will get a 7 days trial.


The streaming service of Starz has a collection of almost 2500 movies and 1650 TV shows with an added 50 hours of DVR. You can download unlimited from this collection with a stable internet connection.

  • Customization: You can customize features by creating a personal profile with specialized content based on your preferences.
  • Simultaneous Streaming: You can get four concurrent streams with the basic subscription plan. The devices are connected seamlessly. Hence, you can easily switch from one device to another in smart TVs and Smartphones.

How Does The Starz Subscription Cancel?

How Does The Starz Subscription Cancel

With the increasing streaming services costs, you might be planning to cancel starz subscription. To get starz subscription cancel, you must log in to Starz’s official website.

You have an account on Starz, where you have to sign in and then select the gear icon, which is displayed on the right-hand corner of the page. Selection “subscriptions” from the menu of the icon. Then you have to select “cancel my subscription.” You have successfully canceled the starz subscription.

1. For iOS

Thinking about how to cancel starz subscription? If you have an iOS device, you must go to the settings app. There is an icon with your name and picture, which you need to click. You can tap the option “subscriptions.” You then have to find the option “Starz” and click on it.

You will find another option, “Cancel Subscription,” then click “Confirm.” You have successfully canceled your subscription to Starz.

2. For Android

Select “Settings” and tap “Your Plan,” leading to Google Play subscriptions. You will find the option “Starz,” which you have to select by clicking on it. Then you have to click on “Cancel Subscription.”

3. For Fire TV

Thinking about how to cancel starz on amazon? As a user of Starz subscriptions, you have to go to Amazon Store subscriptions. You will find the Starz subscription where you must tap “Actions.”

Want to cancel starz subscription amazon? Once you have selected “Actions,” you will choose “Turn off Auto-Renewal.” You will receive a confirmation option which you have to select.

4. For Sling

To cancel Starz on Sling, you must log into your Sling account. You have to select the option “Change Subscriptions,” where you will find a dropdown list.

You have to select the dropdown list where you need to check the current package. You then have to uncheck the option “Starz.” There is also an option for review at the bottom of the display, which you must tap. Click on “Submit Order” to officially Starz subscription cancel.

5. For Sprint

For a Sprint account, select the “My preferences” option once you log into the account. You then have to choose the “Limits and Permissions.” You will then find the link to block apps, third-party charges, and others.

The link is highlighted as “Block Apps, Digital Media Download & Third-Party Charges,” which you must tap. Choose “Starz” once the connection is open, then follow the instructions to cancel the subscription.


Please read the article to learn about Starz subscription cancel so you can effectively follow the steps on different devices.

Comment down below about why you want to cancel the subscription.

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