You Won’t Believe What Wearing Earphones Can Do To Your Ear!

wearing headphones increases bacteria in your ear by how much?

Shocking! I know we have bacteria in our ears! Many of us did not know this before, right? Let me shock you a little more! Did you know wearing headphones increases bacteria in your ear by how much?

I will answer that in this article so you get an answer regarding the safety measures. After all, the ears comprise an important part of our communication and response system, along with the eyes, mouth, and hands.

You might have a chance of impairing your hearing with a harmful ear infection. So read this article to know how to keep your ear free of infection.

You Won’t Believe What Wearing Earphones Can Do To Your Ear!

What Wearing Earphones Can Do To Your Ear

If you wear headphones for an hour at a go, the bacteria in your ear increases by 700 times! Guys? It is cause for concern. The increasing bacteria will harm your ear, leading to serious issues such as hearing loss, infection, and numbness.

So, when you question, can headphones increase the bacteria in your ears? Yes, they do! They cover up the airway from which the natural air reaches the inside of your ear and creates dampness and moisture.

It is the first step toward an ear infection! So bacteria and moisture can aggravate any situation in your ear. Let’s read more about it for further enlightenment.

Causes Of Ear Infections

Causes Of Ear Infections

There can be many causes of ear infections, including earwax build-up! Earwax is an integral part of the ear as it protects the ear against dust, foreign particles, viruses, and bacteria. The wax flow in the ear happens so that everything is coated.

However, when the moisture is retained, it negatively impacts the ear leading to an infection. Further, if there are scrapes on the ear canal from the use of headphones, that can also lead to infection and pain.

So, want to know wearing headphones increases bacteria in your ear by how much? Try to insert the headphones gently so that it does not impact the soft and delicate portion of your ears.

Symptoms That Headphones Are Impacting Your Ears!

Symptoms That Headphones Are Impacting Your Ears!

Headphones are used almost by everyone in today’s world for professional and personal purposes! I may not be able to function properly if I do not have my headphones with me, but after knowing this negative effect, I have seriously given thought to my consistent headphone use.

Did you know there is a chance of bacteria growing in your ear with tremendous headphone usage? Are you questioning, can earbuds cause ear infections? I am listing down some symptoms that can be observed or experienced when you use earphones excessively.

Hearing Loss

It is the first symptom you can experience when regularly using headphones, where you can completely lose the ability to hear. The hair cells are damaged by higher decibel sounds where your auditory nerve is damaged.

Numb Ear

Numbness of the ear is another common symptom from headphones, especially when listening to very loud music or sound above the recommended level. Sound can damage the sensory nerve in the ear at a certain level.

It can also result from a disorder of the inner ear that the increasing bacteria in the ear have caused. The headphones tend to block the ear, which means an imbalance in the growth of the bacteria contributes to the issue.

Exposed To Radiation

There is a low radiation level with wired headphones, which is not harmful. However, the radiation from Bluetooth can be detrimental to your ears when you use it longer. So, are you thinking about can headphones cause ear infection?

The radio frequency (RF) wave from the electromagnetic field radiation created by Bluetooth devices does impact the nerves in the ears.

Effects On Brain

You might get regular migraines and throbbing headaches if you always use headphones. The electromagnetic waves emitted from earphones and headphones can lead to insomnia or sleeplessness.

Sleep Apnea is one of the serious impacts of the excessive use of headphones and earphones. There might not be direct damage, but it impacts the person’s overall performance.

Pain In Ear

Thinking, why do earbuds hurt my ears? Excessive use of headphones or earphones can cause pain in the ear’s pinna, the delicate cartilage, because of the pressure exerted.

If the use is outrageous, there is also a higher chance of skin abrasion; hence, it is important to be aware of how long you are using earphones or headphones.

How To Prevent Ear Infections From The Use Of Headphones?

How To Prevent Ear Infections

If using headphones is something that you find necessary or a requirement for your professional role, you must take some precautionary measures so that you do not contract any infection. These preventive measures are not out of the box or special; they just need some common sense and regular practice.

Clean Your Ears

Even though ears or eyes have the automation response to dirt or external particles through self-cleaning, you still should be careful. It would be best always to clean your ears, inside and outside because earwax issues can occur.

It is the earwax, when not cleaned, can hold in moisture and accumulate bacteria leading to infection. Q-tips are not such a good idea, especially when you risk hurting yourself in the process.

Clean Your Earbuds Or Headphones

Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your earphones or headphones can prevent most of the infections inside your ear. It is common knowledge that earwax can be found inside the grooves of headphones in a week or two!

You should worry about, Headphones can increase the bacteria in your ears! That is why you need to clean your earbuds frequently or headphones so that you do not contract any external bacteria or the headphones do not jam the ears leading to an increase in the bacteria.

Allow Your Ears To Breathe

Even if it is a professional requirement, try to keep the headphones or earphone activities limited to a certain period so that your ears can breathe. Bacteria are present in certain body parts, so we must maintain a balance.

When you wear earbuds or headphones, you block your ear passage, creating a place to retain moisture. It leads to the ear being prone to infection. Hence, even when you use headphones or earphones, it shouldn’t be for an extended period!

Do Not Share Headphones

It is quite risky when you pull that move on a crush of sharing the earphone while sharing music. You can easily share your in-ear bacteria and vice-versa, leading to ear infections.

However, at times you must use headphones or earphones used by others, such as in school or office labs, music stations, or computer devices; therefore, you must clear the device. This way, at least, you will be safe from transmissible infections and bacteria.

If you are questioning, can airpods cause inner ear problems? Yes they do! They do impact your brain and other activities in your body.

Using headphones regularly, especially with a loud sound, also impacts your brain due to electromagnetic waves. In the long term, headphones’ high decibel noise levels influence the brain by withdrawing insulation from the nerve fibers.

What Do You Know?

So, did you realize wearing headphones increases bacteria in your ear by how much? It is a heavy-duty impact, especially in the long run.

It is indirectly connected to ear infection, considering the noise levels are carried to the brain via the ear. The condition in the ear does affect the brain! Dizziness can occur when you are regularly using headphones. Hence take a break, people!

Comment down below on whether you have suffered from an ear infection ever!

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