The Invincible – Why Did Omni Man Kill The Guardians?

why did Omni man kill the guardians

Many superhero series have emerged recently based on different comics. While some of them come with a familiar concept, there are some TV series that is unlike anything we have seen. From The Boys to Invincible, the dark side of heroes is now shown to the viewers. Invincible is a comic-based animated TV series from Amazon Prime Video that revolves around the story of Mark Grayson after he manifests his power.

Mark Grayson is the son of Debbie and Nolan, who is also popular as the strongest hero of the Earth, Omni-Man. However, he is not from earth and belongs to the Viltrumite species from the planet Viltrum. Long ago, he came to Earth to help the civilization, and he is very confident that Mark will awaken the abilities someday.

People who read comic books are already familiar with the story and plot. However, if you are someone who did not read the comics and have not finished watching the TV series, you need to stop reading this article. It will contain spoilers that can ruin your watching experience.

The common question that almost all the viewers got after watching Invincible episode 1 is, “Why did Omni Man kill the Guardians?” We are going to talk about it in this article; make sure to stick to the end.

Why Did Omni Man Kill The Guardians?

Why Did Omni Man Kill The Guardians?

After Mark started to get all the powers, Omni Man started to strain him, get him a costume, name, and others. Also, he suddenly goes on a killing spree and kills all the Guardians of the Globe. Killing them in cold blood makes him lose himself in the whole process. Nobody knows who killed the guardians, and they still cannot fathom that Omni Man did it.

Meanwhile, Cecil and Debbie start to suspect Omni Man after investigating him. Although everything was clear in the 8th episode of the season, many people still do not understand. If you have missed out on anything, you will get your answer here. In short, Omni-Man killed all the Guardians of the Globe as they were between him and his plan to contour earth.

Let’s take a deeper look into the past to find out “why did Omni Man Kill the Guardians?”

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The Dark Past Of Omni-Man

To understand why did Omni Man kill the Guardians of the Globe, you will need to know the dark past of Omni Man. Well, it turns out the greatest superhero of Earth has lied about the past and his species. Vilrumites are not the benevolent people who help to develop civilizations. Omni Man, aka Nolan, finally confesses the truth to his son Mark.

Long ago, the whole population of Viltrumite battled with each other to knock out the weak. They ended up having half population with the strongest warriors. By the time Nolan was borns, Viltrum had become the strongest empire already in the galaxy. They started conquering planets for fun.

When Omni Man was old enough, he joined the cause and conquered a thousand planets. It became a lot harder to expand their empire after that. So, they came up with a different strategy to do this. They sent out trusted, reliable, and strong Virtumite officers to one planet each. Omni Man was assigned to conquer Earth that is why killed all the Guardians of the Globe to weaken the defense system of Earth.

He knew that Guardians of the Globe might become a hurdle to his plan. So, it was his plan all along to kill them and make the Earth defenseless. But, after learning the truth about why did Omni Man kill the guardians, Mark was left in shock. Omni Man even said that although he loves Debbie, she is nothing more than a pet. Both Mark and Debbie got devastated after learning the truth.

What Comes Next In Invincible?

What Comes Next In Invincible?

Mark refused to accept the ideology of his father and started to engage in a battle with his father. However, the battle was pretty much one-sided as Invincible was not able to even a single punch to Omni Man. On the other hand, Omni Man started to kill innocent humans to prove his point to Mark that Human lives are worthless.

Mark was left beaten by Omni Man, and he finally decided to kill Mark and wait for another offspring. However, he remembers some flashback memories with his son and could not kill Mark and leave the planet. Mark was saved by his mother and Cecil, but both ended up grieving.

Now that everyone is aware of the truth, Guardians of the Globe started to become more united to stop Omni Man while Mark recoverers. Now, they will be preparing for the upcoming threads toward Earth. If not Omni Man, other Viltrumite might come to finish the mission. With the appearance of Allen the Alien, the new team of heroes is ready to save Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who Killed Omni-Man?

Ans: Omni-Man was very close to death when he was saved by Allen the Alien on the day of his execution. Later, he also revealed the secret with him.

Q2. Is Omni-Man A Villain?

Ans: One of the most common questions that occur among the Invincible fans is “Is Omni-Man a villain?” Based on the comics and TV series, it is really clear that Omni-Man does have some villainous traits. The infamous speed of Omni man to mark and actions does make him the main antagonist of the series.

Q3. Is Omni-Man Stronger Than Superman?

Ans: Omni-Man is the most powerful being in invincible and comes with a long list of abilities. However, he is not even closer to Superman and his abilities. Superman has far more abilities, and the strength level is much higher than Omni-Man.
While Omni-Man remained in the same power level, Superman was the most powerful being in the whole universe at a point. So, if we ever get to see an Omni Man vs Superman match, consider Omni-Man defeated and even death in the worst-case scenario.

Q4. Is Invincible Stronger Than Omni-Man?

Ans: No, throughout the series, Omni-Man was stronger and one bar above power level. He can fight more than two or three at one time without relenting.


Invincible is one of the most popular animated TV shows that became very famous in a short time. All the fans of the show have enjoyed the storyline. However, there are some fans who do not understand what happened at the end of the show. If you are one of them, this is the right place for you.

This article will help you to know why did Omni Man kill the guardians in detail. You can find your answers and get information about the plot that will clear things up. If this article has helped you get all the answers and insight into the future of Invincible, share it with your friends.

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