What Are The Different Types Of Huskies?

types of huskies

If you are a dog lover, then you might be familiar with Huskies. They are known to be very cute and energetic. Most of the people who own huskies often characterize them as the perfect pet or companion. The best thing about huskies is their blue eyes.

Their funny characters will also make you fall in love with them. They are very popular all around the world and owned by a lot of families. If you are thinking about getting a husky, then you need to know how many types of huskies are available.

Various Types Of Husky Dogs 

There are plenty of husky types you can get that come with different character traits and appearances. You need to know all the various details to find out which is the best one for you. So, here are some of the most common and popular types of huskies given below. 

1. Alaskan Malamute 

Alaskan Malamute

This is one of the common and popular types of huskies that is popular for being the Siberian Husky’s big brother. They both look very similar and very big in size. The male Alaskan and Siberian husky can reach in size more than 95 pounds and nearly 26 inches tall. They are known to be very old sled dog breeds and created more than 2000-3000 years ago from wolves. 

The last part of their name came from the tribe that created it, “The Mahlemut” They are mostly used for some of the common tasks, including towing supplies, hunting games, guarding properties, and others. A lot of character traits of these types of huskies resemble the wolves. 

2. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is also very popular as “Original Husky” Although this type of husky dog was once used to be sled dogs, but not anymore. Siberian Huskies are true athletes and come with extraordinary endurance. Now, most of the Siberian huskies are used in the sled race, but they have taken part in World War II as Arctic Search and Rescue Unit of the US. 

Unlike the last one, this type of dog is usually medium-sized. They can be as tall as 20-24 inches and grow around 13-55 pounds in size. To prevent getting distracted, they require extensive mental stimulation and physical exercise. You will often hear a common question: Alaskan husky vs Siberian husky, which one is the best. Get the answer based on this information. 

3. Chinook

Many people might not believe that this is one of the husky breeds. However, it is a sled dog although it does not resemble much with other types of huskies. The character traits of the Chinook are very different from all the other ones. However, you will notice a lot of similarities with the Labrador. 

They are very large in size, nearly 22-26 inches tall, and their weight is around 55-90 pounds. Unlike others on the list, this one is very rare and very popular as the official state dog of Hampshire. They are very friendly and get along with humans and other dogs very fast. 

4. American Klee Klai

When talking about different types of husky dogs, one of the names that come to mind is the American Klee Klai. Just like most other husky breeds, the origin of America Klee Klai is in Alaska. They are tiny in size, weigh near 15-22 pounds, and are around 15-17 inches tall in height. 

They used to be big in size and assist their owner with multiple tasks, but the USA breeding program reduced their size to make them more manageable and a good companion. However, the exercise expenses of American Klee Klai are a bit too high. 

5. American Eskimo Dog 

If you are looking for types of huskies that are smaller in size, then you can choose the American Eskimo Dog. Just like many other categories like Schnauzers, Poodles, Goldendoodles, this one is also available in different sizes. After developing this breed, the breeders kept trying to get the smaller versions. 

As a result, the Toy and Miniature American Eskimo Dog were developed. The size of these dogs is nearly 9-12 inches and 12-15 inches. If you are looking for a husky type that requires low exercise needs, they are the perfect option for you. Compared to Siberian Husky or Alaskan Husky, American Eskimos like to learn new tricks and are very intelligent. 

6. Samoyed 


Samoyed is a lot similar to the popular white husky, but the breed is very different. They are medium-sized dogs that come with 35-55 pounds and are nearly 21 inches tall. The origin of Samoyed dogs is from Siberia and Asia. Like all the other types of huskies, this type of husky is also known for being very happy and friendly. 

As they come with a thick coat, it is hard for them to stay in any hot or humid weather for long. So, they do not get out much in the summer to stay safe. Also, unlike white huskies, they do not come with blue eyes. Instead, you can see them with brown, black, and other color eyes. Occasionally, they come with blue eyes as well but not as common as the white huskies. 

7. White Husky 

White Husky

White Husky is a very popular breed that comes with many different unique features. It is the rarest breed and color of the huskies. The identical white huskies often come with blue eyes that make them look very beautiful. A common mistake is getting white huskies only because they are rare. 

However, they are more than just pretty dogs; they can offer many outstanding qualities like most of the different types of huskies. Get prepared for a lot of vacuuming and bruising as they tend to shed more than other types. 

8. Agouti Husky 

Agouti Husky

When looking through the husky names, one of the most common names that appear is the Agouti Husky. It is exactly the opposite of the white husky, comes with dark color, and the appearance is similar to wolves. So, if you are looking for a type of husky that resembles a wolf, then this is the best-suited one for you among the types of huskies

9. Sakhalin Husky 

Sakhalin Husky

Sakhalin Husky is an extinct breed of husky dog that originated from Japan. They are also very popular and called Karafuto Ken in different places. It is very unlikely that you will ever encounter a Sakhalin Husky as they are not available anymore. They were created by accident or unintentionally by the Japanese Researches during an expedition. 

10. Alaskan Husky 

Alaskan huskies are the brother of Siberian huskies. Although it is not recognized by AKC, this breed is achieved through a husky mix of different breeds. To make them superior, often Siberian huskies are crossed with dogs that have high speed and high endurance. 

Some of the common breeds that are used to create Alaskan Husky include Alaskan Malamute, German Shorthair Pointers, Greyhounds, and others. These types of huskies are not very good as a pet but are the perfect choice for backpacking and running. 

11. Akita Inu

It is one of the Japanese husky breeds that is not common nowadays. However, they have been used for a variety of works for a long time. The origin of this dog type goes back as far as the 1600s. 

From over guarding homes, dog fights to hunting bears, they are perfect for all tasks. If you are looking for a light brown husky or golden husky, then this is the perfect one that you can get for yourself. They can weigh around 75-125 pounds and reach upto 24-28 inches. 

12. Labrador Husky 

Labrador Husky

One of the most common and popular types of huskies that people look for is the Labrador Husky. This is the perfect example of “looks can be deceiving” Based on their look, many people believe that Labrador Husky is the mix of Labrador Retriever and a Siberian Husky. 

However, the real story behind the naming of this husky type is that they originated from a place called Labrador in Canada. Labrador Huskies are one of the large size husky dogs that can grow up to 100 pounds. They are friendly but require high exercise and possess the prey drive that makes them not suitable for families with small dogs or cats. 

13. Norwegian Elkhound  

Norwegian Elkhound

As the name suggests, this husky breed originated from Norway. These dogs are mostly used in hunting moose and other animals. Apart from that, these brave dogs can defend owners, guard properties, and do many other things. Before you find out the husky colors and husky size, you need to know that these are the best companion and family. 


Huskers are known to be a very good choice as both home guard and companion. There are plenty of huskers types available that you can choose from. Each of them comes with specific characteristics, likings, looks, colors, and sizes. 

If you want to get the best one for you, then you will need to go through all these different types mentioned below. Here are some of the different types given in detail that can help you to learn and choose one based on your requirements.

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