What Is Energy Manipulation And How Can You Define It?

energy manipulation

If you actually listen to how people use the word ‘energy,’ you’ll see that it usually falls into one of two major categories. Either they’re speaking in an entirely scientific sense, or they’re speaking in a wholly spiritual sense. Now, when you talk about spiritual energy manipulation, many people give a skeptical reaction. 

When people talk about energy manipulation, the topic of spiritual or emotional energy frequently comes up. If you dig into this topic a little, you’ll see how closely connected scientific and spiritual energy is. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the definition of energy manipulation and how you can control it and manifest it with ritual spell kits.

What Is Energy Manipulation-Definition

The ability to generate, control, and manipulate diverse types of energy is referred to as energy manipulation. Energy can be used at many different levels, such as atomic, subatomic, molecular, etc. Energy is a tangible, animating life force that we can all relate to how we feel daily. 

We usually blame our low energy days on a lack of sleep or poor nutrition. But, according to therapist Aimee Falchuk, it’s a lot more nuanced than that. She believes that the physical, emotional, and cognitive obstacles we’ve picked up from childhood affect how we manipulate energy.

Falchuk used a Reichian theory of body-centered psychotherapy and spent her time assisting people in releasing blocked emotional energy so they could reach their full potential. It means she helped people in energy manipulation in turning their sluggish, over-tired selves into invincible ones. 

How To Feel Energy Manipulation?

We frequently make the word energy more complicated by attempting to define it in scientific or mystical terms. Yet, all we have to do is sit quietly and tune ourselves with our surroundings to understand energy. 

For example, when we feel present, our energy is grounded. But, when we feel repulsion or attraction, we may experience an energetic discharge. Even laughing out loud or crying are also examples of energy manipulation exercises. 

Our energy might be depleted by particular events or people. Alternatively, in situations where we do not feel adequate, we may cling to others and use their energy as our own. When we want to be isolated from everyone, we can bind our energy, and when we want to get closer to someone, we can allow our energy to flow freely.

On that note, always remember that you can’t generate or destroy energy, but you can manipulate energy. You can even accelerate it or slow it down. It can exist in either a closed system, where the energy is contained, or in an open system, where the energy flows. A system’s collapse can be caused by a lack of energy.

Energy, despite its immense power, is a neutral force. Its movement is guided by our consciousness. When we think of the human experience in terms of energy and consciousness, we can see that the more conscious we are, the more we direct our energy toward innovation, attachment, and transformation. The less awake we are, the more energy we devote to isolation, inaction, and even devastation.

Energy Manipulation Examples

Before we talk about energy manipulation examples, you must learn what Ergokinesis means. It refers to the ability to soak up, mold, and manipulate multiple sources of energy, like kinetic energy, radiant energy, gravitational energy, electric energy, and so on.

This ability is also known as energy control. Because there are so many types of energy, this is quite an intriguing power to master because it allows the possessor to choose which energy they want to use. For example, if you learn kinetic energy manipulation techniques, you can make holes in walls with a simple touch or make your target unable to move.

Another example of energy manipulation is a microwave that employs radiant radiation. If your microwave isn’t heating your food quickly enough, you can use energy manipulation techniques to speed up the process. By manipulating the energy waves that go through the microwave, you can either speed up or slow down the process.

When a lamp is plugged into an outlet, the electric current transmits energy to the light bulb, allowing the lamp to turn on the stored electric energy. Another example is a mobile phone battery. When inserted into a charger, the electric charge allows the stored energy to pass through the phone, supplying power to the device.

How To Manipulate Energy?

When you first start learning about energy manipulation, you’re taught to think about how your systems function together and against each other at other times. So don’t think you’ll have some kind of energy manipulation superpower at the initial stage because that’s not how it works.

The key to successful kinetic or cosmic energy manipulation is establishing strong cooperation between your reason, emotion, and will. 

  1. Your ability to think clearly and logically about what you’re doing is known as reason.
  2. Your feelings about what you’re aiming to achieve and maintaining a good mood are known as emotions.
  3. Finally, having the motivation to do what it takes to achieve your objectives is called the will.

The Steps

You have already found out how to channel energy. But, if you want to know how to manipulate energy step-by-step, follow this guide;

#Step 1: Recognize Energy Blocks

When our thinking is muddled, constrained, or unclear, we can’t channel our full energy potential. This state is known as cognitive blocks. Being open-minded and purposefully looking at many perspectives without being shackled to a single mindset is the way to break free from these mental blocks. 

You can’t even experience the energy manipulation superpower if you are worried about whether your partner loves you or not or if you are upset about something your best friend said the other day. This state is known as emotional blocks. You must practice meditation or energy healing exercises to harness the power of kinetic energy manipulation.

#Step 2: Connect Your Thoughts

Once you recognize the blocks and eliminate them, you have to consider your aim, then take a step back and examine how you’re approaching it. Finally, make a note of the words you’re using. Are they positive words, or are they negative words? Are they helping you to reduce your stress, or are they inducing it?

Knowing where you’re coming from can help you understand how you’re sabotaging your own energy manipulation superpower. So, if you can rectify it, you can channel your stored energy in more positive directions.

#Step 3: Take A Breath

Breathing is an essential energy manipulation exercise. Slow down every now and again and just sit for a few minutes, focusing solely on your breathing. You can even count your breaths because I personally have benefited from this approach.

Then, with your mind open to what you’re attempting to do, analyze your objectives and your strategies for achieving them. You’ll be able to communicate more clearly and from a more relaxed and stable position.

#4: Step 4: Speed Up

From time to time, pick up the pace. There’s nothing like jogging, working out, or even simply going for a quick stroll to solve a problem or plan something. Energy breeds energy and a shift in your external perspective can often shift your internal perspective as well.


1: What Is Cosmic Energy Manipulation?

Ans: The ability to absorb the cosmic power of planets, nebulas, voids, stars, and galaxies is called cosmic energy manipulation. To harness the power of cosmic energy manipulation, you must make your minds open and flexible and maintain your breathing in a deep and regular. Thus, you’ll possess a healthy balance between expansion and contraction, as well as activation and receptivity. 

2: What Is Blocked Energy?

Ans: Many people feel the power of blocked energy when their thinking is set in stone and limited. They feel certain muscles of their bodies are stiff or weak, and their respiration is paused, shallow, or irregular. They are ungrounded, over-bound, under-bound, or fractured energetically. However, they struggle to maintain a good balance of doing and being, giving and receiving when they feel energy blocks.

3: How Do You Absorb Cosmic Energy?

Ans: You have to allow reason, emotion, and will to collaborate with your chakras. If you believe in yourselves and the process, you’ll learn the cosmic energy manipulation techniques in no time. Meditation and breathing exercises are also helpful energy manipulation techniques. As cosmic energy enters your body through your mind, calm and composed is the first step.


Energy manipulation is possible for anyone to achieve within a few weeks. People who know how to meditate correctly also learn how to manipulate energy the right way. But, some people who are excessively rational, excessively emotional, or overly willful may not manipulate energy no matter how much they try. Stubbornness, perfectionism, procrastination, extreme individualism, compulsive thinking, or conformity are all the possible issues they face. So, if you want to know anything else about it, you can ask us in the comment box, and we will get back to you.

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