5 Facts About Google You Don’t Know


The 27th September 1998 was the day Google launched its first mission and who would have thought that this small tech startup would become a global name?

In this short article, we present a few amazing facts about Google.

Google was funded by university professors

While there’s no hard evidence, the two young undergrads, Page and Brin did ask their professors for some capital to create a new search engine, which they used wisely and the rest is history.

The first office was a converted garage–

The pair were careful with their capital and sought the cheapest venue possible in Menlo Park, California. Take Australia’s best SEO agency as an example, the firm was established by a young entrepreneur in 2014 and he used his spare room as the office.

Failed sell in 1999 –

Brin and Page tried to sell Google

Yes, it is true; Brin and Page tried to sell Google for less than 1 million dollars back in 1999, but the potential buyer, pulled out of the negotiations; imagine what might have happened if the sale went through!

Google has 200+ acquisitions –

The giant acquired many businesses over the years, with the total standing at 237 at the time of writing this article, with a worth of more than $26 billion. Google adopted the culture of acquiring services they need, as they need them, steadily expanding their influence in the tech industry.

There are a lot of millionaires who sold out to Google and are now living the good life in a tropical paradise. Of course, they only acquired businesses that can assist in their expansion and the price would be raised to a point where you can’t really say no!

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Google headhunts –

Such an organization does not wait for potential employees to come to them, they actively and aggressively pursue the people they want. High-flyers are approached and huge incentives are offered for key people.

In fact, Google is dead against any form of tradition and employees enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom and responsibility; they can come in whenever they want and pets and kids are welcome. When you look at the company’s performance, it is hard to argue with their methodologies.

Google is one of the biggest corporations on the planet and we all use their platforms and services and probably always will.

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