How To Cancel Amazon Music And Other Things!

How To Cancel Amazon Music

Are you looking to cut down on your streaming services, and amazon music is on your chopping block? Read this article to learn how to cancel amazon music with the most straightforward process. You can cancel the amazon subscription by using a mobile browser and desktop.

The platform of Amazon has a free subscription; however, it does not allow offline playback. Unlimited amazon music and Prime offer unlimited music skip and offline playback. The quality of the music is 3D and Ultra HD playback.

The subscription to the application creates an opportunity for users to follow artists. Amazon is often compared with Spotify because it is another popular live music streaming platform. Amazon Music has better sound quality as compared to Spotify.

The price deal of Amazon Music is better; however, in the end, personal preference is what matters.

How To Cancel Amazon Music And Other Things!

How To Cancel Amazon Music And Other Things!

Amazon Music is a popular music streaming service. However, you must know a few things before you terminate the platform. Once you terminate your subscription, you cannot access the previously downloaded content.

Remember the billing cycle and cancel the subscription; otherwise, you will waste money. Amazon music comes free with Prime if you are in luck. The application does entertain offline playback. An expert editor of Amazon curates the music.

Personalized music lists are available in the application of thousands of curated music. You can also access the live audio streams of Bundesliga soccer matches on amazon music. Users can use voice-activated devices such as Alexa to access Amazon music.

Lyrics, artists, decade, and mood of the music are used through voice-activated devices to search for music on Amazon. Amazon playlists are all available on voice-activated devices. They are high-quality streaming music with developed technology.

If you are wondering how to cancel amazon music on alexa, it can be answered by reading about how to cancel the subscription on a desktop browser.

What Is Amazon Music?

A music streaming platform, Amazon Music is an online music store with a collection of over 90 million songs. There are no advertisements on the music platform. The Amazon music platform allows offline listening.

The application has services such as unlimited skips, Spatial and HD audio, and several podcast episodes. If you have just an individual subscription to Amazon Music, it will cost $9.99 monthly. You will get multiple discount options to avail of the subscription.

Amazon Music is a part of PrimePrime. Therefore, if you are a Prime member, you can only access Amazon music by paying $7.99. The application also has a plan for students, which costs around $4.99. It only applies if you have proof of enrolling in a university or college.

How To Transfer The Playlists From Amazon Music?

When a user cancels the subscription, the playlists on Amazon music are lost. When questioning, how to cancel amazon music subscription? Therefore, to keep the playlists, you can transfer them from amazon music to Apple Music, Pandora, or another music streaming device.

Before you cancel the subscription, you should download FreeYourMusic and connect your Amazon Music account to it. Then you must pick a destination platform such as Spotify, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, and others.

Once the platform is selected, you must choose a playlist or playlist you want to transfer.

How To Cancel Amazon Music On A Desktop

To answer, how to cancel amazon music subscription is to use the desktop browser. To cancel the subscription, you can access the browser on Windows, Chromebook, Linux, and Mac. The steps that you can follow to cancel the subscription are as follows:

  • You have to open the browser you prefer
  • Then visit the Amazon website
  • You then have to sign in to your account
  • Accordingly, choose your accounts and lists
  • Then select the option Membership & Subscriptions
  • Press on cancel subscription which you can find next to Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Then choose to confirm the cancellation, and it’s done!

How To Cancel Amazon Music On Android

On how to cancel amazon music unlimited on an Android device, you need to access the unlimited subscription on your tablet or phone. The following steps need to be followed:

  • You have to open the Amazon app
  • Users can then choose the gear-shaped setting icon
  • Then select amazon music unlimited
  • You must then choose the Subscription Renewable section and press on Cancel subscription
  • Then you have to press confirm
  • The cancellation will be finalized

How To Cancel Amazon Music On iOS

Subscribers must use a mobile browser for an amazon music cancel subscription on iOS, as the iOS app will not work. To cancel the subscription, the following steps are taken.

  • Open the browser on your phone and visit
  • In the top right corner, there are three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) which are used to sign in to the account
  • You have to see Account Settings and then find the option of Memberships & Subscriptions
  • Then you select Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Click on Amazon Music Unlimited Settings
  • You have to tap on the Cancel Subscription
  • You have to choose a reason for cancellation and then click on Confirm

Further, you can cancel Amazon music through device settings if you subscribe through AppStore. You have to open the Settings app on the phone and tap the name displayed at the top of the screen.

  • You can then choose Subscriptions and find amazon music to tap it.
  • You then have to press confirm to cancel the subscription

Reasons To Rethink Balancing Amazon Music

  • The Amazon music platform brings people closer by featuring artists from different genres. Tracks include You Me At Six, Anne Marie, Royal Blood, Tom Grennan, and others.
  • The platform has a range of artists with live-streamed gigs, such as Central Cee and Kendrick Lamar.
  • The platform also has a high quality of millions of songs without any advertisements.
  • A part of Amazon Prime, amazon music is a live-streaming platform of music and audio podcasts. It is considered a prime benefit.
  • Besides music, PrimePrime offers other benefits to its users, such as Prime gaming, prime magazines, and books. You can link Amazon Music with amazon prime, which will benefit you.


Please read the article to learn how to cancel amazon music through desktop browsers, Android, and iOS devices. Information about the features of Amazon Music is present in the article and will be helpful in your decision. Comment below regarding the reason you are canceling the subscription.

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